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When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal? Complete Guide

Do your wisdom teeth now cause you discomfort? Is it time to have them taken out? Although removing wisdom teeth is a relatively simple procedure, recovering from it can be difficult for vapers. Yes, it can be tempting to vape after removing your wisdom teeth. However, you should be aware that doing so puts you at risk of developing the painful condition known as dry socket. So, In this article, we will answer, “When can I vape after wisdom teeth removal?”

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure

When can I vape after wisdom teeth removal? Well, a wisdom tooth extraction differs slightly from a routine tooth extraction. So, It may take a while. Wisdom teeth are found in the back of the mouth, where accessing the tooth is much more challenging. A wisdom tooth extraction resembles surgery more than a routine extraction. Your dentist will make a small incision along the gum line, carefully remove the tooth, and then suture the wound.

Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Extraction

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth were necessary to help us chew more complex foods in the past. But the space for wisdom teeth to erupt has shrunk because our mouths adapt to this lessening need over the course of evolution, and the space is frequently insufficient to receive the teeth.

Crowding may become a problem for patients who have limited space. Crowding can cause uncomfortable and unsightly alignment issues in addition to being extremely painful. When wisdom teeth are painful or if there isn’t enough room to erupt, most dentists advise patients to have them removed.

Why You Shouldn’t Vape After a Tooth Extraction?


A gaping, painful wound remains in your mouth after having your front teeth extracted—not your molars or wisdom teeth.

Vaping while the wound is still open and bleeding increases the possibility of complications, slows the healing process, and delays your return to normal activities.

How you may ask?

Although vaping nicotine-containing e-juices is unquestionably much better than smoking cigarettes, it still exposes you to chemicals and nicotine. Some of these chemicals may slow down the healing process. Because nicotine, in particular, slows down blood flow. Hence, the extraction site doesn’t receive the oxygen it needs to heal properly.

Therefore, if possible, try to abstain from using electronic cigarettes for the first 72 hours following a simple extraction procedure. You will be able to reduce your recovery time from weeks to just a few days and prevent infection and inflammation.

Aside from that, vaping isn’t the only issue at hand. Along with improving your oral hygiene, you should avoid touching the extraction wound with your hands and make sure it doesn’t come in contact with any food. You don’t want to subject it to dirt and bacteria that could lead to more problems.

The extraction site ought to be shut down after a couple of days. Although vaping is now safe, be careful to avoid extreme suction because it could create enough negative pressure to reopen the wound.

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Even though we strongly advise patients not to smoke, we know how challenging it can be for most smokers to give up. So, When can I vape after wisdom teeth removal? Well, after removing your wisdom teeth, we strongly advise you to wait at least 72 hours before smoking again. This will lessen your risk of complications and allow the socket to heal somewhat. Since vaping can be painful, we’ve discovered that many patients don’t want to smoke immediately after the procedure.

What Is A Dry Socket?

dry socket

A blood clot that forms inside a tooth extraction site breaks loose, causing a painful condition called a wisdom tooth dry socket (also known as alveolar osteitis). When that occurs, there is a higher risk of bacterial infection and excruciating pain because the delicate nerve endings and bone tissue are exposed.

The following symptoms of a dry socket are to be on the lookout for if you recently had your wisdom tooth extracted:

  • Severe discomfort when sucking on a straw, smoking, or vaping.
  • Severe pain that extends up your ear and eye from your jaw
  • Your tongue cannot detect the formation of a blood clot at the extraction site.
  • Even after several days, the wound still leaks blood more heavily.
  • Something white [the bone] can be seen sticking out of the wound.

You can see why using an electric cigarette, or even a straw puts you at a higher risk of developing a dry socket and causing additional damage. At the same time, the wound is healing since the blood clot that protects the wound is fairly brittle.

But it isn’t impossible!

Here’s how to accomplish it without running the risk of getting a dry socket.

Safe Vaping Following Wisdom Tooth Removal

Okay, so you plan to sneak in a few e-cigarette drags before the time allotted by the dentist to wait has passed.

To cut your risk to the barest minimum, you should adhere to the following “vape after wisdom tooth removal” procedure:

  • Don’t vape for AT LEAST 24 hours. The blood clot is so small that it can be dislodged by the tiniest sucking motion, which delays the wound’s ability to heal.
  • Wet a piece of gauze over the tooth extraction site, covering the soft tissue and the hole as best you can. Vape with the gauze over the wound.
  • Breathe quickly and slowly while keeping your mouth slightly open; you want to avoid creating too much suction and negative pressure, so leave a space beside the drip tip open.

Even though it’s not safe, this is a safer method of vaping than the alternative of just winging it. As we previously stated, if you can wait longer, the better your chances are of not inducing a dry socket while vaping. So, we believe you got your answer on, When can I vape after wisdom teeth removal?

Patience is a virtue

First things first — you can vape and not get a dry socket, yes. However, vaping poses a risk. Additionally, it may lengthen the time it takes you to recover from oral surgery or tooth extraction.

So why not just refrain from it for a day or two and be a good little patient?

It will be a good idea to stock up on nicotine patches if you find it difficult to follow your oral surgeon’s advice in this case. In this way, you can still satisfy your nicotine craving without running the risk of infection, inflammation, or worse. While vaping poses none of the risks associated with cigarette smoking, you should still avoid it if you have an open sore in your mouth.

We hope you liked our when can I vape after wisdom teeth removal guide, let us know in the comments!