Why is my geek bar flashing? How do I stop my geek bar from auto-firing? How can I fix my geek bar? These are some common questions that arise in vapers’ minds. Although vaping is becoming more popular day by day, the geek bar is everyone’s favorite because of its sleek and user-friendly design. These devices are common favorites among new and old vapers.

Almost every vaper faces a situation when he is enjoying his vaping session and suddenly your geek bar stops hitting and its LED indicator light starts to flash. Like other electronic gadgets, Geek Bar encounters issues like flashing lights and more. In this article, we will go through all the important aspects related to the flashing lights of geek bars.Why is My Geek Bar Flashing?

why is my geek bar flashing

Why is my geek bar flashing? This is a common problem and there is no need to be worried about it. Sometimes the geek bar flashes red and stops hitting, which means the geek bar’s battery has come to an end and it is time to recharge your device. If it doesn’t stop flashing even after recharging, then it indicates some other problem with your device, such as a depleted battery or the end of the e-juice.

Except for this, it can also indicate that your geek bar’s battery doesn’t have a connection with heating elements. In the latest geek bar devices that are designed and manufactured with the latest technology, it happens rarely.

What are the Causes of a Geek Bar Auto Firing or Flashing?

what are the causes of a geek bar auto firing or flashing

It was a prevalent situation to get fired in vaping devices at the beginning when disposable vapes and pods were introduced initially. Gradually, these vaping devices have improved, and now for a geek bar to catch fire is very rare. There are several reasons for a geek bar to catch fire; for example, it can be fired due to overheating, debris on the battery or airflow vents, poor connection between the battery and cartridge, faulty chips, damages, a faulty device, and more.

The best way to avoid this critical situation Keep your geek bar in the straight-up right position to avoid any leakage or heat in your vaping device. Turn off the battery of your geek bar when not using it. Avoid keeping your vaping device in direct sunlight or at extremely cool temperatures. One more important thing you can do to avoid the critical situation of firing a geek bar is to do some maintenance.

But if you have tried all the tips and there is no progress in your geek bar performance, you should think about a replacement.

How do I Stop my Geek Bar from Auto Firing?

how do i stop my geek bar from auto firing

Why is my geek bar flashing? Why is my geek bar auto-firing and how can I prevent this frustrating situation? Most commonly asked questions. To prevent a device from auto-firing, you can follow some simple tips and tricks.

  • Make sure to turn off your geek bar when not using it. When a geek bar is switched off, it does not get any power for firing into it. If you’re unable to do that by yourself, you may separate the pod from the device. 
  • Keep your geek bar device in the upright position to avoid any leakage that can cause any problems to the device, including auto-firing. 
  • Always keep your geek bar device at a normal temperature. Avoid putting it in an extremely hot area, like direct sunlight, or in a too cold place. 
  • With regular inhalation, don’t draw long and deep puffs. In this way, you can prevent your device’s atomizer or battery from auto-firing.

How Can I Fix a Geek Bar?

how can i fix a geek bar

Geek Bar is an innovative product of the time and very rarely does it happen that a geek bar gets fire. If your geek bar starts auto-firing you can do some simple inspection and solve the problem.

Step 1. 

Turn off the geek bar immediately and let it cool. If it burns your hands, you can hold it with a cloth to avoid burning your hands. 

Step 2. 

When it gets cool, open it and see if there is any dust, debris, residue, or leakage present. Simply remove it with some cotton buds or a piece of clothing and let it rest for a while. This simple step can resolve your issue.

Step 3. 

If the geek bar device indicates the same problem, you can check the device to see if the coils are burned, and you should change them if you can. This step will prove helpful in fixing the issue.

Step 4. 

If the problem isn’t solved with this, inspect the device’s battery connection to the heating elements. If there is an issue, try to fix it.

Step 5. 

If you are not able to find any obvious problem with the device, it can be a faulty chip or some serious issue. In this case, you need to ask a professional to help you. Or you may replace your geek bar device with a new one.

Vaping sessions at a geek bar can be a great journey for many vapers but encountering flashing lights or auto-firing can be frustrating for users. Why is my geek bar flashing and how can I prevent this annoying situation, etc. are some common questions that arise among users.

Flashing lights or auto-firing are mostly easily manageable problems. If your geek bar is flashing red, that indicates that your geek bar is out of recharge or e-liquid depleted. However, if the situation remains the same after recharging or refilling, it indicates that something is wrong with the coils or battery of the Geek Bar vape device. 

All you need to do is protect your device from extreme heat and direct sunlight. Moreover, regular maintenance can also reduce the risk of flashing in your geek bar. You should clean and remove the debris, dust, and any residue present in your geek bar. Except for this, a faulty chip can also be a reason for flashing lights. By following some simple steps, you can continue to get your geek bar to work efficiently. 

If, after following all these steps, you don’t find them helpful in your case, you should consult a professional assistant or consider a replacement of the device. Always shop at an authentic store to avoid any scams. By following these simple tips and staying careful, vapers can ensure a smooth, safer, and hassle-free vaping experience.

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