The Esco Bar is a great vaping device, but only when it hits the right. The device can only provide optimum performance when it’s taken care of. If a user wonders why is my Esco Bar not hitting up, then there are many reasons that could be responsible for it. Users can look for them one after the other which will help them find the real cause. Let’s learn more about these!

Why is My Esco Bar Not Hitting; What’s Happening?

why is my esco bar not hitting whats happening

When a user complains that their Esco Bar isn’t hitting up, it means that when they inhale through their device, it does not produce vapor. When a device is activated and when we use it, it produces vapors that are inhaled by us. 

But if the Esco Bar is not activated, it will not produce the required vapors. This is what is referred to as the “not hitting up”. There are multiple reasons why this happens and a close inspection could help us find the real cause. 

Does it Happen To All Esco Bar Models?

does it happen to all esco bar models

Such issues can actually happen to any vaping device. It’s not limited to just an Esco Bar. However, it does happen to be true that some brands and series are more prevalent in it as compared to others. Some models face this issue more often than others. However, the occurrence varies among individual devices. 

In Esco Bar, it happens just like any other vaping device, and many reasons are responsible for it. It usually happens because of a user error. Some people report this issue with their Esco Bar whereas others are fine with their devices. They do not encounter such issues. It is different for all users and hence varies as per the user experience. It depends a lot on how a person uses their device and how well they are aware of the correct usage.

Reasons Behind It

reasons behind it

Checking The Basics

checking the basics

Before a user complains to the manufacturer or customer service, some steps must be taken that can help resolve this issue. For instance, the basics must be inspected first. 

A user should check the battery of their Esco Bar to see if it’s charged or not. If it has less battery, the problem might be due to this. Charging it will resolve the issue. However, if the battery is worn out and cannot be charged, it needs a replacement. 

Lose Connections

Another thing that might be the cause is poor connection. The connections between tank, coil, and battery might be lost, which is leading to this problem. 

Worn Out Coil

worn out coil

Once both of these factors are in check, the next step is to look for the coil. A faulty coil can have a significant impact on the overall performance of an Esco Bar. If the coil is lose, you need to make a proper connection. But if the connections are worn out, meaning the loosening cannot be corrected, it’s time to get a new coil. 

Another reason could be the coil being burnt out. You have to see if your coil is in normal condition or not because if the coil is burnt, it leads to a reduction in vapor production. The taste of the e-liquid changes too where it becomes unpleasant or darkens in color.

E-liquid Quality and Quantity

The e-liquid inside your Esco Bar can alter the vapor production and, hence, lead to your Esco Bar not hitting up. For instance, if the quantity of e-liquid is low, it can be the reason because if the liquid isn’t sufficient, it can create problems. If the e-liquid’s quality is affected, it can influence its performance too. For example, if the E-liquid is expired or it is of low quality, it can ultimately lead to a vape that doesn’t hit up. 

Blocked Airflow

If the airflow of an Esco Bar is blocked, it can lead to many problems. It can make a user draw hard on their vape. It also leads to unpleasant taste, gurgling sounds, and diminished vapor production. Cleaning the airflow vents can solve this issue. 

Ways To Avoid It; Prevention

ways to avoid it prevention

Some tips can help in maintaining the proper performance of your Esco Bar. If you maintain regular cleaning, it can help prevent such unfortunate events from happening. The coil, vents and tank must be regularly cleaned to avoid build-up. The vape should also be stored in a proper place free from moisture and sun exposure. It helps maintain the integrity of the device. 

Ensure the e-liquid is always adequate by refilling your tank again. It’s also important that you use a high-quality e-liquid. The most important thing that can help prevent dry hits and a vape not hitting up is proper priming. The wick should be properly submerged and saturated in the e-liquid. Apart from that, it’s also important that you should follow the manual guidelines which are provided with the device.


Esco Bar sometimes cannot hit up and it can be due to various reasons. It can be due to loose connection, a burnt coil, low battery, low quality or quantity of e-liquid and blocked airflow. A user has to look for all these things and they will surely find the reason which is causing the problem. All these can be resolved with the right strategy. However, there are certain things which can be done to avoid it. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help. Take care of your device to make sure it lasts longer than an average vaping device. Things last when you take care of them!

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