No matter whether a person is a vaper or not, sometimes a curiosity arises where they want to know what is inside a vape. They want to learn about the compartment and the components within. They want to know how it all comes together to make it function at the end. Among the many brands that are available in the market Orion wave stands out among them as the most popular one. The reason is its advanced technology, sleek design and user friendly system that offer customizable settings for them. It’s a great option for those that want to enjoy a personal touch to their vaping journey. In this comprehensive guide we will delve into what is inside an Orion vape and we will examine its components along with the ingredients that are usually present in its liquid. We will explore the technology behind it and also the potential health implications which it causes for its users. All these factors need to be considered by people, especially the users in order to make them understand the implications and consequences associated with it. It will help them in making an informed decision about things that are directly influencing and impacting their overall health. 

A Brief Introduction to Orion Vapes

a brief introduction to orion vapes

Orion vape was developed by Lost Vape Company. They are known for their innovation in the vaping industry. When it comes to the Orion vape, they launched a series where different models have been introduced such as the Orion DNA go, Orion Q and Orion Plus. All these models have been designed to cater different preferences of users. Some need to enjoy their favourite flavour efficiently and they would go with a normal Orion Q that has preset power settings. But there are users who want to feel a touch of their personal preference when it comes to their vaping journey and for them models such as Orion DNA Go has been introduced. These devices are portable, and compact that helps in enhancing the user experience because they are efficient. 

Components of Orion Vapes

components of orion vapes

And Orion vape has a pod cartridge, a coil, a battery, a chipset, and a dip tip in it. All these components combine to make a complete device and each component has its own function. For instance the cartridge is actually the tank that stores the liquid in it. It’s a crucial component because without it the e-juice would have nowhere to go and the vape cannot function. Orion vapes are refillable because they are the pod systems and they also have different resistance options. It allows the user to choose between a DTL and MTL vaping style. The e-juice alone cannot produce the vapour and it needs to be heated up which comes from the coil.  Coil is the heating element that turns the e-juice into a vapour that can be inhaled by the user. Orion vapes use high quality coils that are usually made from good quality raw materials such as stainless steel and kanthal. The coil needs a battery for it to start the heating process and that energy comes from the inbuilt rechargeable battery.  Orion vapes have batteries that range from 950 mAh and above. 

Different models like Orion DNA Go and Orion Plus has DNA Go chipset in them. They are popular for it because it’s an advanced chipset system that allows customizable setting such as precise control over power settings and temperature regulations. The chipset is also important for safety and protection purposes as it helps in preventing over charge and short circuits. The fifth and an important component of the Orion vape is the drip tip which is also known as the mouthpiece. It is from where the user inhales the vapour which is produced within. 

Orion Vape and E-liquid 

An Orion vape no matter how great the quality is cannot function unless and until it has an e-liquid inside. The e-liquid is made up of many ingredients and the most important 4 main components of an e-juice includes; PG which is also known as Propylene Glycol. It’s a colourless and odourless component in liquid form which functions as the carrier for nicotine and flavouring. In comparison to PG another component which is called the vegetable glycerine or VG is a thicker and sweeter liquid. It gives the density to an e-juice and is responsible for the clouds or vapour that are produced while vaping. Nicotine is an optional ingredient. Some people are addicted whereas others skip it and just vape to enjoy the flavouring. 

The fourth and the most important ingredient of an e-juice is the flavouring. These are actually the food grade additives that are used in the e-juice. Some people like to keep it simple like menthol or tobacco whereas others need more complex flavour such as a combination of fruit, desert or beverages. Orion vape offers a wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from. 



There are many features in an Orion vape that makes it compelling and one of them is the replay mode. It allows user to capture and replicate their favourite puff where this mode ensures that they receive a consistent performance throughout their vaping session. Boost mode is another feature that allows the user to increase the initial power output where the coil is heated faster and more vapour is produced. The DNA go chipset provides security features where the devices is not overheated and is protected against short circuits. These devices are popular for their customisable settings that offer a personal touch for users. 


Orion Vape is a renowned vaping devices series that are popular for their advanced technology, sleek design, and customizable settings. They have components in them and these include include the pod cartridge, coil, battery, chipset, and drip tip. All these are essential for its operation. The e-liquid in them have many components as well and it typically contains propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavourings. The DNA GO chipset is what gives it the unique touch and provides features like Replay Mode, Boost Mode, and safety protections. While vaping is generally less harmful than smoking, it still poses risks such as nicotine addiction and potential respiratory issues. It is important to keep them in mind while vaping.

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