Cannabis is used in today’s world because of its convenience, discretion and efficiency. It’s becoming popular among vapers however, it has some cons as well. When users vape, they report a common issue which is a clogged vape pen. If someone has just started their vaping journey or they are into it for years, irrespective of that, when they face a clogged vape, they feel frustrated which is normal. But, how to unclog a weed vape is what you can learn to make this issue go away. In this comprehensive guide, you will explore the reasons that lead to such issues and how to resolve them. You will also learn the tips through which you can prevent this from happening with your vape in future. Let’s read!

How To Unclog A Weed Vape; Reasons that lead to Clogged Weed Vape

how to unclog a weed vape reasons that lead to clogged weed vape

With use, residue gets built up over time. The oil or wax which is used in this vape leaves a residue within the vape. It builds up slowly and clogs the vape in the end. When this happens, the oils keep on adding the layers and they accumulate where it hardens with time. It causes blockages in the airflow pathway. 

Sometimes, storing it in an improper way also leads to a clogged vape. When it is put at extreme temperatures, the oil inside them hardens with time that leads to such clogs. If users overuse their vape and do not pay attention to its cleaning, it also leads to clogging. The more a person uses it, the more residues gets built up. You have to clean it otherwise you will face such issues with your vape. You also have to use high quality oils in your because if you use low quality of these then the impurities which they contain leads to clogging of vape. 

Tools To Unclog Vape

Before you move towards unclogging procedure, you first have to make sure that you have all the equipments you need for cleaning. You need isopropyl alcohol, cotton swab, needle or pin, brush, paper towels, luke warm water and a soft cloth. 

Steps To Unclog Vape

steps to unclog vape

Disassembling and Cleaning Mouthpiece 

The first step is to disassemble your vape into its compartments. You have to get the mouthpiece out and the rest of the pieces that are detachable.  You have to make sure that you follow the instructions that are provided in the manual guidelines. It has clear instructions about all the pieces or compartments that can be detached from the vape. You have to be gentle while you are doing the disassembling part. Once you are done with the first step the second step is to clean the mouthpiece. You have to keep in mind that it is usually the mouthpiece that gets clogged in this case. To clean the mouthpiece you have to take the isopropyl alcohol and dip the cotton swabs in it. You have to use these swaps to clean the inside of the mouthpiece. If build up is too much then you may need to use the needle or pin to scrap them out. Be gentle otherwise you may harm the insights of the vape. 

Cleaning Cartridge 

cleaning cartridge

Once you have cleaned the mouthpiece, the next step is to clean the cartridge. Usually the cartridges are refillable so you have to empty them before cleaning. Just the way you have cleaned the mouthpiece you can do the same with the cartridge. Use the cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the cartridge. If the cartridge is not refillable you have to replace it with the new one. 

Cleaning Atomizer 

cleaning atomizer

The third compartment which you need to clean is the atomizer. You can dip the cotton swabs in alcohol and rub the atomizer with these swabs to clean them. Or if the residual build up is too much then you can dip it or submerge the atomizer in warm water before cleaning it. However you have to keep this in mind at each step that you have to pat dry every compartment you have cleaned before you place it back into the vape. 

Cleaning Airflow Pathway 

Sometimes the air flow pathway gets blocked so you need to inspect before cleaning it. If you see any residual build up then you may need to scrap at using the brush. The gentle otherwise you can damage the air flow pathway. 


After cleaning each compartment you have to put it back into its original place to use the vape again. You have to turn it on and see if it works properly now or not. If you think the vapour production or the flavour is still affected you may need to repeat that cleaning process again. However if the test goes perfect your weight is now ready to be used and you can enjoy your vaping journey again. 


Sometimes the weed vape that’s clogged with time. There may be many reasons behind it. Sometimes it is the air flow pathway which is blocked and in other cases many other compartments such as atomizer, mouth piece, and cartridge could be clogged. In order to clean them you have to use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs dipped in it. If the residual build up is too strong you can use pins or brush to scrap them out. Once you are done cleaning you have to reassemble your vape into its original shape before you test whether it is working fine or not. As you are now happy with the results you can now enjoy the vaping journey as you used to before your vape got clogged. You have to make sure that your  vape is always clean and there are no oil residues inside to make sure you have a working vape all the time. A good cleaning routine will prevent clogging of the vape.

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