People have different preferences. Some people want simple classical taste whereas others require a twist. They need sweet flavors while they get the nicotine hits. For them, even the fruity flavors aren’t sweet enough. Because the naturally made e-juices have natural extracts that make them sweet but not too much. For those who crave a bit more sweetness, they often wonder how to sweeten e-juice. In this comprehensive guide, people can find different ways how to do it the easier way. You can do it by changing the PG and VG ratios or you can add additional sweeteners. Let’s learn all about them!

How To Sweeten E-juice; What Makes An E-juice Sweet?

how to sweeten e juice what makes an e juice sweet

An e-juice has many components and is made up of base ingredients like VG which is vegetable glycerin and PG which is propylene glycol. The base ingredients are also responsible for giving the e-juice a sweet flavor. When the ratio of PG is increased, it alter the flavor intensity and therefore also enhances the sweet flavor but it’s actually the VG which imparts sweetness to the e-juice. It works like a sweetener. When their quantity is increased, they not only increase the sweetness but also gives the smoother experience for the vapers. 

Many e-juices have an additional sweetener. They usually contain sucralose and ethyl maltose. When these are added, they provide an extra sweetness to the flavor. People sometimes want a dessert based e-juice and when they inhale it, they also want the sweetness in their vapor. In order to cater these types of preferences, an additional sweetener is required and these can serve the purpose. Sucralose has no calories in it and adds a sweetness similar to the table sugar. However, ethyl maltose has a cotton like taste to it. 

It’s not just these components that impart sweetness, but many other substances like the flavoring and the nicotine also determines it. When flavorings which are either fruit or dessert based are added, they can be artificial or natural that contributes to the sweet flavor. When a fruit extract is added, they are natural, therefore they also have sweetness in them. When they are added, they add sweetness to the e-juice. Dessert based flavors like caramel and vanilla also add rich sweetness to it. 

It’s quite strange that the nicotine itself isn’t sweet but when it is added, it alters the flavor as the perceived taste gets sweeter due to its presence. It is often reported by vapers that when they used an e-juice which had nicotine in it, there was a subtle sweetness to the overall flavor profile which they experienced. If someone likes a subtle sweetness, they can simply go for a fruit based e-juice which has no added sweeteners in them because they will still give the same effect. 

Ways To Increase Sweetness

ways to increase sweetness

Many ways can be adopted to impart sweetness to your e-juice. Although the base ingredients play significant role in the sweetness of an e-juice but an additional sweetener like sucralose and ethyl maltose can be added to impart an extra sweetness to it. These are added in small quantities with an aim to serve the purpose without overpowering the flavors. As natural flavorings have their own sweetness, for instance, if a strawberry extract is being used, then it will have its own sweetness in it. 

When it is added to the e-juice, it will impart sweetness to the overall flavor profile. So, if the flavor concentrations are altered then it can help in amplifying the sweet taste. It has been mentioned earlier that VG content works as a natural sweetener in e-juice. When the ratio of PG and VG are adjusted with an increased level of VG in it, the sweetness will increase. It also leads to a smoother experience. If someone wants a sweet e-juice, they should opt for the sweeter flavors like fruit flavors. Nicotine when adjusted properly also enhances the sweetness, when a high nic salt or a higher nicotine e-juice is used, it will make the puffs more sweeter in taste. 

How Sweetness Affects E-juice Efficiency

how sweetness affects e juice efficiency

Sweet e-juices taste delicious but they affect the efficiency of a vaping device. When additional sweeteners are added, they usually caramelized when the coil is heated. They buildup on the coil and hence makes the coil wear out faster than expected. The gunk reduces the capacity of vaping device to produce dense vapors. It reduces the overall vapor production too. When such buildup is created, it leads to replacement issues and additional costs. The wick needs to be saturated in e-juice but oversaturation and under saturation can cause problems. Sweeteners make the e-juice thick and hence lead to wicking problems. When the vaping device isn’t properly wicked, it can lead to dry hits which cause throat irritation. 

DIY Sweet E-juice Method

diy sweet e juice method


Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene Glycol


Usually, the ratio of PG to VG is 70 to 30 percent, but it can be adjusted to enhance the flavor. As we need a sweeter e-juice and VG is responsible for being the sweetener, we can increase its ratio from 30 to 40 percent. The rest of the ingredients will be added accordingly. For instance, if someone prefers nicotine and flavorings, they will measure it and add as per their requirements.  


Vape e-juices are not always sweet in taste. It depends on the flavor and the amount of VG present in them. You can increase the sweetness of your e-juice by adjusting the ratio of ingredients. For instance, when VG is increased, it also increases the sweetness. Apart from that, artificial sweeteners like sucralose and ethyl maltose can be added. Even a higher nicotine content contributes to the sweetness. If natural fruit or dessert extracts are used, they also add sweet touch. If someone wants to increase.the sweetness, they can increase the normal VG ratio from 30 to 40 percent. 

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