When you have a budget to buy your favorite vape but you are worried about the counterfeit products available in the market, learning about how to spot a fake Geek Bar becomes a necessity. No one is willing to waste their hard earned money and expose them to a risk of developing health diseases. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about the key differences between a fake Geek Bar and an original Geek Bar. They look alike but still the fake ones cannot overtake the original ones in authenticity. Let’s learn about them in detail to make sure you do not end up buying a fake one in future!

How To Spot A Fake Geek Bar; Understanding Importance of Authenticity

how to spot a fake geek bar understanding importance of authenticity

Sometimes people do not pay attention to the originality of their products. They think that fake or an original one wouldn’t be much of any different. However, its wrong because a fake product can lead to many harmful effects. A fake vape for instance can cause mouth and respiratory illnesses because of the bad quality of e-juice and material being used. Therefore, the first step towards spotting a fake Geek Bar is to understand the importance of authenticity. 

When someone has a thought of a product being fake, they buy everything with a different perspective. They give attention to the details that didn’t matter before. The understanding of this concept is crucial for your safety and satisfaction. A fake Geek Bar may contain substances that can expose you to various health complications or it may fail to deliver the intended experience potentially putting your health at risk.

Packaging and Branding

packaging and branding

Although the fake products are developed with much care, there are certain key points which can be considered to spot a fake Geek Bar from an original one. For instance, by looking at the packaging you can tell whether a product is an original or not. The original Geek Bar vape packaging has a lamination over it. The lamination can be seen by just looking at it and if its not present, the product is fake. The second most important element is the bar code present over the box. 

The bar code present can be used as an identification of product in a store. These bar codes help in tracking the inventory and assist in accounting. The packaging of Geek Bar has been changed as the older one had three barcodes on one side. A fake Geek Bar didn’t change with the newer version and it still has the EAN barcode on one side. The major thing which shows its fake is the absence of expiry and serial number barcodes. 

Usually the fake product has a fake representation of a barcode which seems like one but isn’t real. Another thing to be noticed is the zigzag line on packaging from where it can be torn and opened. The sealing design is different in counterfeit products. Apart from the barcodes, a hologram is also an indicator of originality. While purchasing, you should look for a holographic sticker with a prominent hologram of the word “G” as an authenticity indicator

Product Quality

product quality

The quality of the bag in which the Geek Bar comes differ among an original and a counterfeit. For instance, the counterfeit products have a darker shade. An inspection of the bag tells about the originality because the authentic one also an informational insert about terms, conditions, and regulations inside it. The product itself is of low quality and therefore the fake one is prone to leakages. They leak vape juice and also lead to malfunctioning quite often which exposes people to health risks. 

Security Code Verification

security code verification

An original Geek Bar has a security code in its packaging. The security code can be revealed by scratching it off. Once it has been scratched, the code can be entered into the Geek Bar website. It will let you know whether the product you purchased is legal and genuine or not. 

If the security code is missing or the one you have received does not end up showing the required results on website, its for sure a fake counterfeit product and not an original Geek Bar. These security bars have been created make sure the customers are supplied with the original products and if they receive a fake one, they would be able to tell the difference and report the seller right away. 

Pricing and Deals: Identifying Suspiciously Low Prices

pricing and deals identifying suspiciously low prices

When something is priced extremely low, the quality is surely compromised. The low price is usually tempting and people fall for the trap as they think its affordable or fits way better into their budget. They do not purchase a fake product intentionally but not having the knowledge to tell the difference between two could be dangerous. It poses great threats to the overall health. 

However, the extremely cheap prices should be avoided. It’s advised to purchase Geek Bar only from reputable sources. It’s important that a user avoids an unknown selling source. Its safer to buy from reputable and trustworthy retailers that are selling at comparatively higher rates with a proven track record of selling genuine products. 


When something good comes into the market, people always develop a fake product to take advantage of its name and reputation. Geek Bar is a great vape but also has counterfeit products in the market. In order to identify one is to look for the bar codes which will be present on it along with the security bar code.

The security code can be used to verify if its original or not by scratching it and entering into the website. The packaging of a fake one doesn’t has lamination over it and the original one has a zigzag line which shows the package can be torn from here and the design isn’t same in a fake product. Major key differences are present which can be used for identification and the decision should always be made by considering them.

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