Do you require a reset for your Voopoo Argus because it is malfunctioning? We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to reset Voopoo Argus. In this detailed guide, we will coach you through the straightforward steps to reset your Voopoo Argus gadget. 

Whether you’re an experienced vaper or a beginner, our simple instructions will make it simple to return your device to its default settings.

How to Reset Voopoo Argus – Complete Steps to Follow

how to reset voopoo argus complete steps to follow

How to Reset Voopoo Argus; The Voopoo Argus is a well-liked vaping product renowned for its elegant look and superior performance. However, it could experience problems that call for a reset, just like any other gadget. 

Resetting your Voopoo Argus might be a simple fix for connectivity issues, software bugs, or just wanting to start over. We’ll look at how to reset Voopoo Argus safely in the steps mentioned below:


1. Turn the Device Off

Making sure your Voopoo Argus is off is the first step. To turn it off if it’s on, quickly push the power button five times.

2. Dispose of the battery

Carefully remove the external battery from your Voopoo Argus if it has one. Move on to the following step if the gadget has an internal battery.

3. Push and hold the fire button.

Press the fire button and hold it for approximately 10 seconds while the battery is out or the gadget is not powered. This will assist in releasing any remaining power from the gadget.

4. Reassemble and switch on.

Reinstall the battery if you previously took it out of the gadget. Next, quickly push the power button five times to switch on your Voopoo Argus.

5. Verify any resets

You should now be able to restore your Voopoo Argus to its default settings. Checking whether any prior issues have been resolved will allow you to confirm this.

Some Troubleshooting Tips

some troubleshooting tips

Here are some troubleshooting hints to assist you in resolving specific difficulties with your Voopoo Argus in addition to the standard reset procedure:

1. Connection Problems

Consider the following if your Voopoo Argus is having connectivity issues:

  • If you’re not using Bluetooth, make sure it is switched off.
  • To ensure a proper connection, clean the 510 connector and the pod connectors.
  • On the Voopoo website, look for any firmware changes because they can enhance connectivity.

2. No Charge for the Device

How to Reset Voopoo Argus; Try the following if your Voopoo Argus isn’t charging:

  • Try a new charging cord and adapter to rule out problems with the charging equipment.
  • Clean the charging port on the smartphone and charger to get rid of any dirt or debris.
  • Check for firmware updates because these might fix charging problems.

3. Overheating of a device

In vaping devices, overheating can be a regular problem. To avoid it:

  • Avoid chain vaping, which might lead to an overheated device.
  • By not covering air intake vents, you can guarantee proper airflow.
  • Use the gadget within the coil’s suggested wattage range.

4. The Device Is Not Turning On

Try these methods if your Voopoo Argus won’t turn on:

  • Check to see if the battery is charged.
  • Examine the battery and the gadget for any indications of damage.
  • If all else fails, contact Voopoo customer service for more help.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Resetting Voopoo Argus

common mistakes to avoid when resetting voopoo argus

Here are some frequent blunders to avoid while resetting your Voopoo Argus so that you don’t have to worry afterward.

1. Not properly turning off the device

Resets attempted without first turning the device off may be partial or unsuccessful. Always make sure the device is completely turned off.

2. Leaving the Battery in Place (If Necessary) 

If your Voopoo Argus has an external battery, failing to take it out before resetting may cause the reset to be unsuccessful. Make sure you’ve taken all the required actions.

3. Unsuitable Discharge 

How to Reset Voopoo Argus; If the fire button is not held down for a sufficient amount of time during the reset procedure, the device may have residual power, which could cause problems after the reset. Don’t forget to discharge the device according to directions.

4. The Incorrect Reset Method

Reset procedures for vaping equipment can vary. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s directions and apply the proper technique. The incorrect technique has the potential to harm your device.

5. Failure to make a setting backup

If you don’t back up your Voopoo Argus’ customized settings before resetting, you might have to start again with the configurations. Always make a backup of your settings.

skipping upkeep after a reset

It’s crucial to perform routine maintenance after resetting your device to avoid problems reappearing. Some people might believe the reset is adequate on its own.

6. Failure to Adhere to Safety Precautions

Safety should always come first when using electrical equipment. Accidents can occur if safety steps like thorough equipment cleaning or examination for broken parts are skipped.



Asking how to reset Voopoo Argus is no longer necessary because doing so frequently fixes typical problems and gives your vaping experience a new start. You may fix issues and have a nicer vaping experience with your device by adhering to these easy steps and troubleshooting advice.

Although device resets are a useful tool for maintenance, it’s also important to take preventative steps. Your Voopoo Argus can run smoothly and last longer if cleaned frequently, stored correctly, and used responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will my saved settings on my Voopoo Argus be lost if I reset it?

Your saved settings won’t be erased if you reset your Voopoo Argus. Only the device’s factory defaults will be restored. After the reset, you can retrieve your saved settings.

Q2. How often should my Voopoo Argus be reset?

Only in cases where other troubleshooting techniques fail to solve a problem should you reset your Voopoo Argus. It doesn’t need to be reset every day.

Q3. If my Voopoo Argus is still covered by warranty, can I reset it?

Yes, even if a warranty covers your Voopoo Argus, you can reset it. However, be sure to review the warranty terms and conditions the manufacturer provides for any additional guidelines or restrictions.

Q4. Does resetting my smartphone come with any risks?

Resetting your Voopoo Argus is often risk-free and shouldn’t present any major problems. To avoid any potential problems, it’s crucial to follow the instructions precisely.

Q5. What should I do if rebooting my device doesn’t fix the issue?

Consider contacting Voopoo customer care or asking a qualified vape technician for help if resetting your Voopoo Argus does not fix the problem. More complicated issues may need expert diagnosis and correction.

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