The name disposable vapes means that these cannot be refilled. However, users are quite innovative and they want to experience new things with their gadgets. Disposable vapes like the Orion vape have gained popularity because of the convenience which it provides for their users. These devices are prefilled with liquid and are not meant to be used again and again as they are built for a single use. But many of the users want to explore different ways through which they can reduce the wastage and make their vaping journey more cost effective. They can make it a reality if they learn how to refill their existing device which will extend its lifespan. In this comprehensive guide we will learn about the steps which can be followed to refill an Orion disposable vape. You will find tips, tools and the safety precautions that are required to ensure the process is smooth and seamless. Let’s read to know more about it! 

Understanding an Orion Vape

understanding an orion vape

Before you disassemble a device it’s important that you learn about it and about its compartments. Before delving into the refilling process, it’s important that you learn about the parts of an Orion disposable vape. It consists of a mouthpiece which is the starting part or the main part through which a user inhales the vapour, the second part is the e-liquid reservoir which is the container that holds the e-juice in it, there has to be a heating element to heat up the e-juice and it is the coil that vaporises it, the fourth part is the battery that provides the power for device, and the last or the fifth component is the air flow system that allows air to mix with the vapour. All these compartments come together and combine to complete an Orion vape. 

Equipments Required

equipments required

Refilling a disposable vape is not something which is preferred and it could be tricky that’s why users have to be cautious about it. You need certain tools to refill it and these include a small flattened screwdriver, e liquid, paper towel, a dropper, and gloves. 

Steps of Refilling Process

steps of refilling process

In order to refill up vape, you have to remove the mouthpiece and in order to do that, you can use the screwdriver to gently do it. You have to be careful while doing it and you do not have to apply too much force because it will end up damaging the device. After you have removed the mouth piece, now you will be able to see the coil and the liquid reservoir. 

Once the mouthpiece has been removed you can now easily access the e-liquid reservoir. Usually these reservoirs are sealed with the rubber plug or a silicon plug in order to prevent any leakages. You have to remove this plug using the same screwdriver but again you have to be cautious about the force that you are applying because it will damage the reservoir if you are too hard on it. 

Now you have to come to the e-liquid that you have chosen for refilling. It has to be of your choice, but you have to make sure it is the right type for your vape. Not all liquids go well with any vape. Some have a higher VG ratio, whereas others have a higher PG ratio. You can refill this liquid or transfer it into the reservoir by using the dropper. You have to make sure that you do not overfill the reservoir because it will cost potential risk for your device and you may face leakages. You only have to fill about 80 to 90% of the reservoir’s capacity and you have to leave some space for the silicon plug. 

After you have filled the reservoir and placed the rubber plug securely, you can now move to the reassembling process. Put each compartment where it was before you disassembled it. You have to leave the coil soaked in your e-liquid for a few minutes before you start vaping again. It’s a crucial step because if the coil is not properly saturated with the liquid it will lead to dry hits and it can also lead to damage where the coil is burnt out and give the burn taste in your mouth. 

Once a few minutes have passed, you can now test the device by taking a few gentle puffs. If you feel the taste or flavour is burnt then you need to give more time to your device for your coil to prime completely. However if the taste is normal then the refilling process has been successful and now you can use your device. 

Safety Precautions

safety precautions

As you refill the wave you have to follow certain safety precautions, and these include; a clean and safe space for your work so that the e-liquid that you are using is not contaminated. Secondly you have to use gloves so that the e-liquid does not touch your bare hands. Thirdly you have to avoid overfilling because it can lead to leakages and damage to devices. Once you have refilled your device you have to dispose of the remaining e-liquid that you prepared along with the e-liquid residue that you have attained from your reservoir.


Even though Orion disposable vapes are not designed for refilling, they can still be managed for reused which can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for many users. The process of doing so involves removing the mouthpiece, accessing and filling the e-liquid reservoir, and then reassembling the device again. There are many tools used for this and these include a small flathead screwdriver, syringe, and e-liquid. Users have to follow safety precautions, like working in a clean area and avoiding overfilling because it’s all essential. Even though it’s a great way of enjoying your vape for a longer time but it may void warranties and carries a risk of device damage.

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