Disposable vapes are popular and as time passes people are now moving towards DIYs related to them. If you are running out of e-juice, you can refill it but you have to follow some basic steps. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to refill a disposable vape at the comfort of your home. Let’s read!

How To Refill A Disposable Vape; is it possible?

how to refill a disposable vape is it possible

When you buy a vape and you have known the vape to be disposable, you are forced to think that it cannot be refilled and you have to discard it once it gets empty. But that’s not the case in many vapes. Sometimes, the disposable vapes are built to be refilled and reused. You can surely use the ones again and again if they have been designed and developed in such a way. 

However, you must know that not every disposable vape can be refilled but there are some infact many that can be. You can save your money by doing that but you need some patience too. You have to follow the right technique. 

Equipment You Need 

equipment you need

If you want to refill your disposable vape, you can only do that when you have the right equipments. You need to gather some like the e-juice which you need your disposable vape to be filled with along with tweezers or a screwdriver to open up your disposable vape. You also need some paper towels to clean the spillage which might occur during the process and fot precise filling, you need a syringe or a dropper. 

Safety First 

safety first

You might be too excited for your disposable vape to be refilled by you but you cannot overlook the risks associated with it. As its an electronic device you have to be careful when you are disassembling and reassembling it. If you do it the wrong way, the whole device might explode and it could be highly dangerous for you. Therefore, as the battery is involved, you have to consider safety first. You have to make sure you approach the device with clean and dry hands. It also helps in preventing the contamination of e-juice which might occur otherwise. 

Step by Step Guide

step by step guide


When you have to refill a vape, you cannot do so unless you have disassembled it into its initial and separate compartments. As we are refiling a disposable vape which isn’t designed to be refilled, we have to use the tweezer or the screwdriver to get the mouthpiece off of it. You have to carefully remove the mouthpiece and you have to be gentle while doing so that you do not end up damaging any compartment. When you remove the mouthpiece, you will be able to find the cotton along with the coil inside of it. This coil is what heats up the e-juice and produces the vapor. 

Cotton Removal

The cotton that you see inside has to be removed. You have to be careful and gentle with each step because a single mistake can damage the insides of vape. You have to use the tweezer to get the cotton out of it. Once you have removed it, you will be able to see the liquid chamber inside. This is the place which you can use to fill you e-juice with. You have to be careful with the cotton removal because the coil is involved and it can get damaged. If it does, the whole disposable vape will become useless. 

E-juice Filling 

The chamber you see has to be filled with the e-juice of your choice. You cannot pour the e-juice directly over the chamber. Instead you will have to use the syringe or the dropper to carefully shift the e-juice from the bottle into the chamber. You have to fill it slowly to avoid spillage and overfilling. If you are planning on overfilling it to make sure it lasts longer, you have to think again because its not the right decision. If you overfill it, you won’t be able to get the right flavor because it will be poor performance with leakages. Usually, if you fill it up to 1 to 2 ml, it will be more than enough. 


Once you are satisfied with the filling, you can now reassemble the parts back into their place to make it one whole piece again. You have to carefully place the cotton wick in its place. While doing so, you have to make sure that the cotton wick is properly aligned and it completely covers the chamber as it did in its original place before it was taken out. You can now cover the mouthpiece again and it will be ready to go. 


When the coil is dry and isn’t saturated in e-juice, it leads to dry hits that are irritating for users. In order to avoid that, you have to prime your coil. For that, you need to let the coil saturate in the e-juice. You have to give some time to vape for the e-juice to completely cover the coil and merge into it. If you don’t do that, the first experience with your refilled vape will be bad. 


The final step is to test and see whether your vape is working fine or not. You have to take a few puffs to decide and to answer that question. If you think that there isn’t enough vapor production or the flavor you are experiencing is quite off, you have to disassemble the vape once again. It’s done to inspect the insides and to see if the coil is saturated and the cotton wick is in place. 


You have the disposable vape with you but you are now running out of e-juice. Can you refill it? Yes you can because some are made to be refilled. You need to use a screwdriver to open the mouthpiece and then you have to take out the cotton wick to fill the e-juice in chamber with a dropper. Be slow and ne patient with the process because if you don’t, you would not be able to receive the desired results. You cannot refill the disposable vape again and again that has not be designed in that way because once their battery is gone, you cannot recharge it. 

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