The issue of auto-firing is specific to disposable vape devices. If you enjoy the ease and portability of disposable vaporizers, you must learn how to dispose of auto firing vape. You need to be aware of the possibilities because many different situations can trigger your device to turn on by themselves.You’ll understand how to defend yourself from an auto-firing vape pen when you finish reading this article.

Just purchased a brand-new disposable vaporizer, but it won’t operate. What you can do is as follows.

What is Auto Firing?

what is auto firing

The phrase “auto-firing” is somewhat ambiguous.

When you press the device’s fire button, manual firing occurs. Soon after the internal systems become active as a result of this, you’ll experience a mouthful of vapor.

Inhaling causes the gadget to start firing automatically. Every time you desire to vape, a draw-activated gadget will activate.

There is yet another way to define the phrase. Auto-firing, as used in this article, is when the vape activates itself without your input. This implies that it might set off a fire anywhere in your house or in your pocket or handbag.

Why Is Auto-Firing of Disposable Vapes a Problem?

why is auto firing of disposable vapes a problem

Your device wastes priceless e-liquid when it auto-fires. Those who purchase disposable items that cannot be filled again may find this extremely annoying.

Wasted e-liquid is not the only issue. Moreover, auto-firing does the following:

  • The coils in your disposable vaporizer are harmed.
  • Increases the possibility of unintentional fires by igniting your clothing, pocket, or anything else the disposable vaporizer comes into touch with.

What exactly is wrong with your auto-firing vape device, then? And how to dispose of auto firing vape? You’ll find out soon…

Reasons of Auto Firing

reasons of auto firing

We highlight six typical reasons for the query of how to dispose of auto firing vape. The most frequent causes include batteries, e-liquid, connections, overheating, flaws, and the firing button.

Let’s look more closely.

1. Faulty Battery

Unbelievably, a faulty battery is frequently to blame for a disposable vaporizer auto-firing.

A chip, also referred to as a chipset, is found inside each vape battery. Your device’s chipset serves as its brain. They contain several protective features and frequently track the minimum and maximum outputs for temperature, power, and various other variables.

There are numerous ways in which chipsets might go wrong. The chipset on your device is easily destroyed if you drop it on concrete or into water. No matter how you do it, a faulty chip might be disastrous for your disposable vaporizer.

A faulty chip will instruct it to ignite even if you are not using the device!

2. E-Liquid Flooded the Battery

How to dispose of auto firing vape; This time, the battery-related problem involves e-liquid.

Your disposable vape may leak e-liquid into the battery if you keep it on its side. The tool will now automatically fire.

Never keep your disposable vape pen on its side to avoid this problem. Instead, keep it upright always and take care not to overfill the tank or pod.

3. Poor Connection

A faulty connection between your device’s internal components may cause auto-firing.

You must clean every component within the gadget and reassemble it to fix this issue. 

This should enable a stronger connection between the various technological components.

4. Stuck Firing Button

Sometimes, a stuck fire button will cause your vaporizer to fire automatically.

By pressing the button, tapping it, or gently shaking your device, you might be able to unstick it. We advise disposing of the device and purchasing a new one if none work.

Of course, you can provide proof to the manufacturer and request a refund if your disposable vape pen has a stuck button straight away.

5. Overheating

Extreme temperatures can significantly impact pod systems and other disposables. Your device may overheat and start to fire automatically in direct sunshine or in simply warm settings.

Always keep your equipment in a cool location.

6. Defects in Manufacturing

Unfortunately, there is a very significant risk of production flaws. Although most manufacturers have policies and procedures to spot flaws, certain gadgets nevertheless pass the assessment process.

Your disposable vaporizer can have a manufacturing flaw if it starts firing automatically right out of the box. A defective item should never be attempted to be fixed. Instead, get in touch with the shop that gave you the gadget. They ought to issue you a refund and evaluate their screening procedures.

How to Dispose of Auto Firing Vape

how to dispose of auto firing vape

Now, let’s come to how to dispose of auto firing vape. Follow the instructions listed below!

  • Turn off the vape if possible.
  • Remove the battery carefully.
  • Place the vape in a non-flammable container.
  • Take it to a local e-waste or hazardous waste disposal site.
  • Don’t throw it in regular trash.

Always handle with care and keep away from flammable items. If unsure, ask local waste authorities for guidance.

Alternate Ways to Dispose of Auto Firing Vape

You can use these alternate strategies to get rid of an auto-firing vape and do it yourself.

Collecting Facility

You can recycle used vaping equipment online or through businesses like Home Depot and Best Buy that recycle electronic waste or sell or give it. There could be business outlets or even individual collectors who would do well with such an electric vaporizer.

Invest in a Science Project

Vaping devices that automatically fire are made up of many electrical parts. Even while a broken vaporizer may appear worthless to you, its various components can be used to create something amazing. 

For instance, it will be challenging for the pupils to find an atomizer directly. But think about giving it to the authority’s control to prevent

You May Sell or Trade 

You can either sell it to anyone you know or advertise it online. Many people will still search for such a vape even if it is defective.

Final Words

Auto-firing isn’t just an inconvenience; it poses serious safety risks, including potential unintended fires. 

While there are numerous causes, such as faulty batteries, e-liquid flooding, poor connections, stuck buttons, overheating, and manufacturing defects, the focus is on safe disposal. 

If you find yourself with a malfunctioning vape, don’t panic. Simply switch it off, remove the battery, place it in a safe container, and take it to a designated disposal site. Never toss it in your everyday trash. 

Safety first – always consult with local waste experts if you’re unsure. Stay safe and vape responsibly!

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