If you keep on using your vape without worrying about your coil and its hygiene, what will happen? Yes! You are thinking the right thing. It will not only wear out your coil but can also lead to many health issues. Cleaning your vape coil is necessary for many reasons. In most of the cases it is shown that not cleaning vape coils arises issues like a different and burnt taste and flavour of vape. On the other hand, cleaning your coil at least once a month is necessary to make sure there aren’t any residual build-ups inside. If you are a heavy vape user, it is highly suggested that you should make sure to clean it once a week and check it daily if it needs any further or frequent cleaning. If you do not care about its cleaning, it may lead to hygienic problems and your device might face issues too. It can burn your coil and you will have to get a new replacement. But many people do not know how to clean your vape coil and they require guidance, in this comprehensive guide, you will learn all that you need to make sure your vape coil is clean. Let’s read!

How To Clean Your Vape Coil; Deep Cleansing with Alcohol 

how to clean your vape coil deep cleansing with alcohol

In some cases, like the vape devices that are frequently used for longer sessions, their coils need deep cleaning as it has been mentioned earlier. For such purposes rubbing alcohol is used. You have to submerge your coil in vinegar or rubbing alcohol. You have to leave it for sometime so that it starts to degrade its residues. After soaking for hours, you will observe that your coil is now clean. You have to make sure it’s completely dried before you place it back into your vape. Not drying your coil completely will result in serious incidents as it was dipped in alcohol and is a fire catching substance. You need to make sure coil is dried completely for your safety. As we talk of safety, a wet coil may lead to explosion too. It can also face malfunctioning. Besides that, a wet coil may end up in corrosion as it had moisture in it which was not dried up. The moisture will react and lead to corrosion on coil and other parts eventually. It will reduce the longevity of device. 

Dry Burning

dry burning

What if you are out of alcohol? Some users are allergic to alcohol as well. For such people dry burning is a very effective method which they can use to clean their vape coil. Dry burning is what helps to clean the coil completely. First, you have to heat your coil at a high temperature. Make sure it turns completely red. This will help in burning of residues on the coil. Once you think the junk and dirt has left the coil you can top the fire on the device. Now you have to wait for it to return to normal temperature before you can gently place the coil back from where it was removed. Beware not to heat coil for way too long. Heating coil for too long may damage the coil. It will lose its structure and may not work properly. If you heat it that way and put it back in device, it will end up not giving best results.

Ultrasonic Vape Coil Cleaner 

ultrasonic vape coil cleaner

In stores, there are many devices available for cleaning the coils of vape. Ultrasonic cleaner is a device used for that purpose. These devices come with vape solutions specifically designed for such jobs. You have to start off with removing parts of vape, you have to make sure to be gentle. Do not damage any part of it. First, rinse coil normally with running water. Now, fill the ultrasonic device with the liquid that is specifically made for this purpose. A small amount of dish wash soap liquid can be added too. This will help in better cleaning and enhance the process. Now place the coil in that device and leave it there for it to clean. The ultrasonic waves may make some bubbles in liquid. It is a sign that the coil is being cleaned. After completing this cycle make sure to rinse again. Now dry with soft cloth and be careful because it can also damage the coil if it’s done so fast. Make sure to rinse the container too and remove leftover residue from it. Place the coil back into the vape. 

Benefits of Coil Cleaning

benefits of coil cleaning

You can enjoy many benefits by cleaning your vape coil such as having an enhanced flavour. A dirty coil fills up with dirt and doesn’t let the flavour feel the same way as it used to be. With cleaning your coil, you won’t need coil replacements on monthly basis. Cleaning your vape coils increases their life span accordingly. You might skip a day or a week without cleaning and you won’t face a problem. There won’t be any build-up gunk problems. There will be enhanced battery life. It won’t take much effort for puffs and less battery will be used. Clean coils run smoothly, and give excellent vaping experience. There are people who have faced issues of device heating up mainly because of not cleaning coils. 

Disadvantages of Not Cleaning Vape Coil

disadvantages of not cleaning vape coil

Not cleaning your vape coil from time to time may end up in harsh throat hits and may also lead to damage of your lungs. The coils are filled with gunk that leads to an increase in its maintenance. Dirty coils also cause impaired airflows and affect the flavour. This might end up in serious malfunctioning of device along with health issues. It can also damage your device and it might catch fire eventually. You will face difficulty in tasting e-juice present in your device as all you will receive is a burn taste in mouth. 


In conclusion, there are many ways to clean your coils such as dry burning and alcohol soaking etc. These methods are essential for deep cleaning of coils and also give a longer battery life as well as device life. There is less risk of malfunctioning with regular cleaning. It helps in saving money by avoiding coil replacements. There are devices present for cleaning purposes too like ultrasonic cleaners. Cleaning method depends varies from person to person and from device to device. If someone is heavy vape user, they might need more cleaning than others. Cleaning coils improves everything about vape device and also gives a huge financial benefit to user as well.

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