Even though Orion vape offers many nicotine levels but to know how much nicotine in Orion vape is present, you have to learn about their classifications. They offer many varieties and you have to choose yours wisely. This guide will make the task easier for you. Let’s read to learn more about it!

How Much Nicotine in Orion Vape; Do All Contain Nicotine?

how much nicotine in orion vape do all contain nicotine

Not all vapes have nicotine in them. People vape for various reasons; sometimes they shift to vaping because they want to stop their smoking habit. Therefore, vapes provide a smooth transition and a less harmful way of satisfying their nicotine cravings. It can also be a choice for those who are inspired by new trends and they want to experience how vaping feels like. Therefore, they start vaping. Some people just enjoy certain flavors in their mouth and the way smoke feels, so they vape. Users also opt for nicotine free flavors because they want to enjoy vaping without exposing them to the health hazards associated with nicotine consumption. 

Nicotine Levels in Vapes

nicotine levels in vapes

The nicotine levels range from 0 (nicotine free) to 50 mg in vapes. The ones who are interested in just vaping and have never smoked in their lives choose the 0 nicotine level. It’s used only for flavor and relaxation. The ones who are moderately interested in nicotine choose 3 to 6 mg level. The smokers who are interested in lowering their nicotine intake choose this category. It’s also a popular choice among those who vape as a pastime. When people are quitting smoking, they are transitioning from traditional cigarettes and therefore choose vaping.

As they are moderate to heavy smokers, therefore they typically opt for the 12mg/mL to 18mg/mL range which gives them more satisfying nicotine hit. On the other hand, some heavy smokers who cannot feel the nicotine hits at 18 mg and need a stronger nicotine dose choose 24mg/mL or even go higher like going for 50 mg in their e-juices. These high levels are popular when it comes to nicotine salt products which are specifically designed for their efficient delivery of nicotine. These are also preferred by ex-smokers who are seeking a cigarette-like experience in vaping.

Nicotine Levels in Orion Vape

nicotine levels in orion vape

Just like any other vaping device, Vape Orion Bar disposable vape also offers nicotine levels for users. It comes in different nicotine strengths like 50mg nicotine salt, 20mg nicotine salt, and even provides a nicotine-free base of 0mg nicotine for those looking for just flavors. The 50mg strength is used for those who are looking for nicotine intensity especially in the Orion device where this range delivers a stronger hit compared to other devices like the JUUL. People usually start with a lower strength of 20-35mg and when they think they can handle more they adjust as necessary. The Orion Bar range like the Orion Bar 7500 model offers 5 nicotine salt for users. It offers varying nicotine strengths ranging from no nicotine at all (0mg) to highest being 50mg. Some prefer high doses but for some, the the highest strength is too potent for their use. 

Effects of Nicotine on Body

effects of nicotine on body

When you consume nicotine, do you think it won’t have much effect on your body? Well, you need to learn the side effects so that you can consider and ponder upon your nicotine consumption. People think vaping is a safe alternative to smoking but in reality, where you were intoxicating yourself with nicotine and tar through cigarettes, you have replaced it with pure nicotine. Even though the other toxins are not there but still vapes do have nicotine in them along with other additives like flavouring and base.

Where do these things go if not absorbed in your body? Once they enter your body, they disrupt many functions and adversely affect your organs. Cardiovascular system gets affected as the blood vessels are contracted and hence the blood flow reduces which in turn leads to high blood pressure issues. It also exposes and increases the risk of strokes and heart failure. It also has an effect on respiratory system where it negatively affects the function and capacity of lungs overtime. People even report issues with their gastrointestinal track where they face irritation, pain and diarrhea. 

The nervous system is also influenced by nicotine intake where the brain takes it and then releases dopamine. It induces a sense of pleasure and reward for users which they certainly enjoy. But, it leads to addiction. It also leads to withdrawal symptoms when they do not get the dose. Additionally, it also destroys the immune system, reproductive health, and cell growth which exposes users and increases their chances of developing different forms of cancer. When users take excessive amounts, it leads to even more serious complications like confusion, fast heart rate, breathing difficulties, and seizures. Even though the intake causes potential short-term cognitive advantages but the long-term health hazards associated with it overshadow any possible benefits.


Orion vape offers nicotine levels from zero to 50 mg for users but to understand the level in vape is important for users as it allows them to make informed decisions regarding their consumption. Each strength is being offered to cater different user needs. Those who seek a mild hit can choose the low level whereas others who need higher doses can opt for 50 mg straight.

It is not a safe alternative because nicotine has its own side effects on health. Its intake poses risks which affects body negatively. From cardiovascular issues to respiratory problems, it also leads to addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, while indulging in vaping, it’s imperative for users to be mindful of their nicotine intake and should always prioritize their health first before anything else.

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