In today’s market, so many varieties of vaping devices are available. All of these have different features and designs. However, the features that a user can find in one would attract them the most. Esco Bar is such an example. It has all the great features that are needed for a vaping enthusiast. However, not all people know how much does an Escobar cost. The price varies from one type to another. Just like any other vaping series, the cost of each depends on the specifications they provide. Let’s learn some more details about them!

How Much Does An Escobar Cost; Is There a Fixed Price?

how much does an escobar cost is there a fixed price

The price of an Escobar is fixed but only for one product. For instance, all the Esco Bar 2500 will be priced at $14.49. But as the features enhance and the model advances, the price will increase. There are different models available for an Escobar, and their prices vary as well. Customers pay for the value that it provides. The Escobar 2500 costs around $14.49, but the Escobar 4000 is priced at $16.99. 

How Much Does An Escobar Cost; The reason for this price difference depends on the value that the Esco Bar 4000 provides. It provides more e-liquid inside for a longer vaping session. Esco Bar Mega costs around $17.49, and Esco Bar 6000 costs $18.99. They both provide more value in terms of not just the e-liquid but also their battery capacities. Both of these come with rechargeable batteries, and so they have been priced comparatively higher than the remaining two models.  

How Many Variants of An Esco Bar Are There?

how many variants of an esco bar are there

Esco Bar is available in different models, like the Esco Bar 2500, Esco Bar 4000, Escobar Mega, and Escobar 6000. Many other variants are also being introduced with advancements and increased customer demand. Companies have to meet the requirements of their customers and thus they evolve with time. They make the best use of technological advances for innovation. 

Reasons Behind Esco Bar Variants

reasons behind esco bar variants

How Much Does An Escobar Cost; A company that doesn’t work towards innovation, cannot survive in the market because they will not be updating their products as per the requirements of current times. Esco Bar knew how the market works, and they were introduced to dealing with all these challenges. They have all sorts of different varieties to cater to the needs of all users. The reason to introduce so many variants is to make sure all users are able to find what they are looking for. 

For instance, some people are new to vaping. They are beginners, and they are looking for something they can try and then decide whether they want to make a big investment or not. They want to save their money. Because the vapes that require regular maintenance are costly and can be good only for constant vapers. For those people who wants to try vaping for the first time, Esco Bar 2500 will be a good option. However, those who enjoy a single flavor for longer sessions, they can buy the Escobar 6000 which would serve their cravings for a longer period of time. 

How To Choose The Best Variant For Yourself?

how to choose the best variant for yourself

Before going for a random option, its better to consider your needs first. The reason you are looking for a vape will be your answer. If you are a beginner, then you need to see what your budget is and what could suit you. For instance, if you think investing 20 dollars wouldn’t be a problem and you won’t mind a single flavor, you can buy the Escobar Mega. However, if you are on a low budget and you want to try something new, Escobar 2500 is a good option. 

How Much Does An Escobar Cost; The needs determine the best variant for you. If you want to see which flavor would fit you and you have to try a few before picking one, it’s better to invest in the basics. But if you are a transitional smoker and you are looking for a healthier option for your nicotine cravings, choosing the Esco Bar with a higher nicotine content will be the best choice. The higher nicotine content will curb your cravings to smoke, but in a healthier way because, through a vape, you are not inhaling the toxins you do through cigarettes.

Factors To Foresee Before Purchasing

factors to foresee before purchasing

Factors that determine the best option vary because something that suits one person wouldn’t be what others are looking forward to. It’s always best to consider your own needs instead of buying what you see in someone’s hand. That is exactly why it’s important to think before buying impulsively. It’s not the case that you do not find the one you need, but rather the case you do not choose the one that is best for you. Once you do, you will enjoy the entire vaping journey. 


Escobar is a great choice, but it’s available in different variants at different prices. It comes in Esco Bar 2500, Esco Bar 4000, Escobar Mega, and Escobar 6000. Other models and variations are also available. If a transitional smoker is moving towards vaping, they need to start with a higher nicotine content.

Escobar Mega and Escobar 6000 are good choices for those who want to enjoy long vaping sessions, but if you are a beginner and you want to try different flavors, you can buy the less costly Escobar 2500. The price range starts at $14.49 for the Escobar 2500. The decision to choose the perfect one will depend on your requirements or what you are looking for. Why you need a vape will determine the best one for you and therefore it’s important to see what your requirements are before buying anything. 

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