In the past decades people were interested and enthusiastic about smoking traditional cigarettes. But with time and advancements, people became aware of the hazards associated with traditional smoking. With that their mindsets changed and they began to search for healthy alternatives. Vape became a popular alternative to it. There are many devices available which have been created to suit different preferences of users. Not everyone is interested in flavour and not all are looking for alternatives. Some just want to enjoy the vaping experience itself. When it comes to vaping devices there are many options available in the market and among them Orion is a well known brand which is popular for its innovative designs and reliable performance. But when users look towards it for usage, they often think about a simple question which is how many hits will they get from an Orion vape. In order to answer it there are many factors that need to be considered. Some of these factors include the specific model of the vape along with the e-liquid which is being used and the vaping habits of a user. In this comprehensive guide all these factors will be discussed to make sure you have your answer, let’s read!

Understanding Orion Vape

understanding orion vape

Lost vape is the company that produced Orion vapes. These vapes are popular for their advanced technology and their specific sleek design. They launched many models but the most popular ones are the Orion DNA Go and the Orion Q. Vapes are of different kinds depending on the systems which are being used within them. These two vapes are the pod systems which mean that they have e-liquid filled replaceable pods within them. But when it comes to the number of hits which they provide, the difference in technology and functionality between these models influences it. 

Orion DNA Go 

orion dna go

The Orion DNA Go is a model that has been equipped with a DNA go chipset, due to this it allows the user to customise their settings by using the Escribe software. Among the settings which can be controlled includes the wattage settings, temperature control and the number of puffs that a user can get within a certain limit. When a person is able to control the number of puff which they can receive, then the number of hits that an Orion vape gives to each user will vary accordingly. It’s a highly efficient model that has been developed by Lost Vape Company and it can provide a consistent vaping experience for users. 

Orion Q

orion q

Orion Q is another model that has been developed and is considered as a more straight forward model compared to the previous one which is DNA Go. It does not provide customizable settings for the users and that is why they offer a consistent power output where the number of hits per device is more predictable as compared to other models. 

Factors Affecting Number of Puffs

There are many factors that affect the number of puffs that a user can get from any device and these include pod capacity, consumption of e liquid, power settings, habit of vaper, and the type of e liquid which is being used in it. When it comes to the pod capacity and then e liquid consumption, it must be kept in mind that both of these models have a pod with 2 ML capacity. On average that level of e liquid provides up to 300 to 400 hits per device. But this is not an actual number because it varies depending on the habits of a user. Because when it comes to DNA Go the settings are customisable and people can get longer hits which lead to gradual decrease in the e liquid capacity leading to fewer puffs per device. It depends on the consumption rate of e liquid which is directly dependent on the power settings and the type of e liquid which is being used. 

If a person has Orion DNA Go, it will use more e-juice as compared to other models because of the higher power settings which reduces the number of hits a person can get from that device. In comparison to that when a lower power setting is used by a user it will conserve the liquid and the number of puffs will be increased. The Orion Q has a fixed power output where the consumption rate is not dependent on the power setting and it makes it quite easier for a user to predict about the hits which they can get from it.

The way you use your device changes everything for instance when it comes to the vaping habits of a person, if they are used to taking longer and more frequent puffs then the e liquid will be depleted faster. Another factor that influences it includes the vegetable glycerine and PG ratio of the liquid. When the VG content is higher in any liquid then the hits that are produced will have more density but the number of them will be reduced. Less vapour can be produced with a higher PG content e juice but there will be more hits per device. 

Estimating Hits per Device 

As these Orion vape models have a 2 ML pod capacity, the average puff consumption of the e-juice will be 0.006 ml. By that we can estimate that we will get around 333 hits for the device. A user can maximise the number of hits by adjusting their power settings and monitoring the e liquid levels. They should also focus on cleaning and maintaining their device along with choosing the right e liquid and also paying attention to their vaping habits.


In conclusion, we can say that determining how many hits an Orion vape provides depends on many factors and these include the specific model, vaping habits of a person, and the type of e-liquid which is being used. The Orion DNA Go and Orion Q are among the popular models from Lost Vape and offer unique features. The DNA Go offers customizable settings which affects the number of puffs because it is directly associated with e-liquid consumption, while the Orion Q provides a more consistent output. On average we can say that both of these have a 2 ML pod capacity which typically offer around 300 to 400 hits per device. However, this number can vary based on power settings, the VG/PG ratio of the e-liquid and individual usage patterns.

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