People used to smoke because it was in trend, it still is but the trends change with time. The world has transformed and now people are moving towards healthier and cleaner alternatives. It does not just limit to the food they eat but also to what they inhale. Disposable vapes have revolutionized the vaping industry because they offer a convenient alternative for people who used to smoke traditional cigarettes.

As they are becoming more popular; people are now more interested in finding about how long to charge a disposable vape because they want to learn more about the specifics of using these devices. In this, we will learn different aspects of disposable vape and their charging. As the same might not apply to all, therefore it is important to learn about the basics which would give us an estimated answer to our problem. 

How Long to Charge a Disposable Vape; Understanding Disposable Vapes

how long to charge a disposable vape understanding disposable vapes

Disposable vapes have been designed and developed with the idea of being disposed off once they have been used. They are not developed to be recharged. They come pre-filled and pre-charged and are used for a single vaping session. As compared to the rechargeable vapes, the disposable ones have battery in them which is already charged. You do not have to charge them to use them.

However, as the models are advancing and the e-juice quantities are increasing in them, they are now being made to be recharged. It is because of the fact that sometimes the charging is not enough to be used for the e-juice inside, and in order to use it completely, you need more charge. Therefore, to make sure users are able to use all the e-juice inside their disposable vapes, companies are now building them with rechargeable feature.

Charging Times for Disposable Vapes

charging times for disposable vapes

Different factors decide the charging time which is required for the disposable vape to get fully charged. For instance, the battery capacity influences it. The ones with low capacity will get charged faster but they will be discharged much sooner too. The various factors such as battery capacity, the power source, and the charging cable which is used to charge them are all the things that alter the charging time which is required.

Battery Capacity

As explained earlier, when the battery capacity is low, it will take less time but they get used up real soon. When we talk about the disposable vapes, they have less battery capacities and they range comparatively low as compared to the reusable chargers that have the range of 200mAh to 1000mAh. When the battery capacity is high, they take more time to get charged. 

Power Source 

A stable and faster charge is provided by a wall adapter as compared to the charge it receives from USB port on a computer or car charger. Each vape has its charging requirements; therefore, you must ensure the power source you are using is compatible with it. 

Charging Cable

When a cable is provided with any device, it is specially made to charge it. When you use another cable, the charging and time will be affected. The quality and type of charging cable affects the charging time. Therefore you must always use the high quality ones. When you use the manufacturer’s recommended cable, it will ensure optimal charging speed and safety of your device.

Average Charging Time of Disposable Vapes

average charging time of disposable vapes

The charging time varies depending on the battery capacity of vapes, however a general estimate can be provided based on the battery capacity of each. For instance, if the disposable vape has 200mAh to 400mAh battery then it will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour to fully charge. On the other side, if it has 400mAh to 600mAh battery inside, then the charging time will range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Similarly, about 1 to 2 hours are required to charge the batteries of 600mAh to 1000mAh disposable vapes. However, its also important to consider that these are approximate times and it can vary based on the factors that affect charging time. 

Signs When Disposable Vape Needs Charging

signs when disposable vape needs charging

If you want to avoid running out of your vape’s battery at unexpected times then you need to understand when to charge your disposable vape. There are some common signs which indicate it and these include a decrease in vapour production. When you see that you vape but it is not producing enough vapour, then it is time to recharge it. When the LED indicator starts to blink or gets dim, the battery is low and you also experience a weak flavour of your e-juice when there is not enough battery. 


Disposable vapes are now becoming famous today but as their names suggest, they are no longer the ones that are disposed off if their batteries are low. They are now being built in such a way that now the users can recharge them and enjoy the remaining e-juice it has inside. To tell how long the vape would take to charge itself, you have to see the battery capacity as it all depends on it. If the battery capacity is high, it will take more time to recharge however, if its low, it will require less time to charge completely.

Usually the reusable vapes have higher battery capacities that take up to an hour to charge. There are certain signs like low vapour production, LED blinking and weak flavour that tells that it is time to recharge. The quality of your charging cable and the power source also influences the charging time. If these are not compatible then the time would automatically increase and the vape will take longer to charge completely. 

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