People who vape constantly do not have to worry about the expiry of their e-juice. However, there are people, who vape occasionally. For them, the expiration date of their vape e-liquid matters a lot. If they have vaped for once and now they want to keep their device aside, they might wonder how long is e-juice good for use. The answer isn’t so simple as it involves many factors which needs to be considered to decide whether the e-juice is useable or not. Let’s learn from the basics to the tips to increase its longevity!

How Long is E-juice Good For; What is an e-juice?

how long is e juice good for what is an e juice

In a cigarette, there’s a dry content which is tightly packed inside. It has various substances but all are burned down to produce the smoke which is inhaled by users. However, the scenario with vaping devices is different. It doesn’t burn the content inside but rather heats it up. It’s not in dried up form, it’s the liquid which is preferred as the e-juice or the e-liquid. It has various components just like a cigarette. 

For instance, it has nicotine, flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. All these differ in ratios but the ingredients list is usually the same in all. When these substances are heated, they function just like any other liquid and evaporate to form vapor. These are inhaled by users. The harmful effects aren’t the same because unlike cigarettes, the vape e-juice doesn’t burn and doesn’t have the toxins which act as carcinogens. 

Types of E-juice

types of e juice

Many different variations of e-juice are available in the market however, there are few major categories. These include freebase Nicotine e-juice which has nicotine in its pure form. It’s the most common type used by people and has the capacity to offer great nicotine hits. The next one is the Nicotine salt e-juice which has high nicotine content but gives a smooth vaping experience. 

It doesn’t produce throat hits and is a popular option among people who use vaping devices. CBD e-juice has cannabidiol which is a plant extract. It is known to have potential health benefits and also provides a feeling of relaxation. The fourth type is the flavored e-juice, as people do not prefer simple or classic flavors, they need something more. Therefore, many different flavors have been introduced in the e-juice which include fruit, beverage, dessert and combination of these. It has been introduced to make sure everyone gets something of their choice and it caters their preferences. 

Expiry of an E-juice

expiry of an e juice

Like everything, an e-juice cannot be bought and stored to be use for long periods of time. In simple words, when it has been purchased, it should be used within 2 years time. Different factors are involved in deciding the expiry date and these include the nicotine content, flavor, base ingredients, and storage conditions. All these factors influence the shelf life and if any of these are disturbed, they will surely degrade the e-juice contents. 

If your e-juice has nicotine, as some e-juices do not have it, then it will degrade over time. It oxidizes and have a shelf life of 2 years, only if it is stored in proper conditions. Many other things also change, for instance, the flavoring inside will lose its taste and will eventually become unpleasant if it is stored more than 2 years or it is exposed to sunlight and moisture. 

The major ingredients like the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin lose their integrity if the conditions aren’t good but when they are appropriate, they will last for indefinite periods of time. It is advised that the e-juice should always be stored in optimum conditions like they should not be exposed to any heat source like sunlight. Heat, sunlight, and air or moisture, all these things reduce the shelf life and accelerate the process of degradation. 

Side Effects of Using Expired E-juice

side effects of using expired e juice

As any ingredient can expire overtime due to many unexpected reasons, and if the e-juice is used then it can lead to various potential side effects. As the flavoring and nicotine expires, it can lead to an altered flavor in mouth. It becomes unpleasant and unusable. Just like cigarettes, when the cigarettes are stored for longer periods of time, they lose their nicotine effectiveness, similar thing happens to e-juices. They lose their nicotine potency and doesn’t satisfy the cravings. 

When the vaping is performed with an expired e-juice, it often leads to throat hits and causes discomfort for the users. In worse scenarios, when the substances are oxidized, they become potential health risks as they can lead to allergic reactions and irritations. When the base ingredients are destroyed, the efficiency of an e-juice to create vapors is lost too. It leads to reduction in vapor production and hence the density of each puff is gone. It doesn’t satisfy users. 

Tips To Increase E-juice Shelf Life

e juice quality thin vs thick consistency

If a user keeps various factors in check, they can surely increase the longevity of their e-juice. It is advised that they keep their e-juice bottles in a cool and dark place. The containers should be airtight so they aren’t exposed to air and the temperature should remain between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. When a bottle has a bigger headspace, it increases its oxygen carrying capacity. The headspace should be be less so that the oxygen exposure can be minimized. 


Sometimes people buy expensive vaping e-juices and they also do not vape constantly. They are the occasional vapers and hence worry about their e-juice losing its efficiency. They wonder how long is their e-juice good for use and in order to explain that, it’s important many factors are considered. Usually the e-juice is good for 2 years if stored properly but if they are exposed to moisture, air, heat, sunlight and extreme temperatures then the components inside like the base ingredients, nicotine and flavorings will lose their integrity. Proper storage can increase the longevity.

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