Do you have Orion vape with you or do you want to know how is battery life on Orion Lost vape before you buy it? If yes then this comprehensive guide is for you. It will guide you about what Orion vape has special in it along with the battery life it provides for its users. Even though there are many vapes available in the market today but users need customisable experience for them. They want to feel connected to their vape and want to enjoy their vaping journey. Some people need some basic features like their favourite flavour and a good battery life but what if they get everything in single way? Orion Lost vape is something like that. It has been made and designed considering the needs of their users who prefer to have advanced features along with all the basic features of a single vape. Let’s read to know more about its battery life!

How is Battery Life on Orion Lost Vape; A Brief Introduction of Orion Lost Vape

how is battery life on orion lost vape a brief introduction of orion lost vape

Lost Vape is the company that introduced Orion bar vape into the market. It’s a disposable vape that has two percent nicotine in it. It also provides up to 7500 puffs for users. It also has some advanced features like air flow control that can be used for MTL and also for restricted lung hits. The battery capacity is 650 mAh. It’s a great option for those who prefer to have long sessions. It also has many flavours to cater the needs of different users. Before you dive into the details of how Orion vape works and how much battery it provides for its users you should learn some basics about this one. 

Reasons of Popularity 

reasons of popularity

You should know what makes this vape so special for the users. It is there sleek design and advanced features which they offer. It also gives a customizable experience for the user as it gives them control over wattage and power settings. They can control the vapour production as per their choice. So when they use Orion vape, they feel as if it has been designed especially for their needs. That is what every user of any product needs. 

They need to feel their product has been made for them and for their specific needs. That is what Orion vape is famous for. If you do not know the features and specialities of any product how would you be able to decide whether you need it or not. When you think of customisable experience, Orion vape would be a good choice for you because it has everything a user needs in their vape. 

Understanding Battery Capacities and Types

understanding battery capacities and types

In order to tell the battery timing of any device especially the e-cigarettes we have to consider the capacity and the type of battery which is being used in them. For instance in the Orion lost vape, the company uses built in lithium polymer batteries. These are known for their light weight and high energy density which makes them the perfect battery type for a long lasting vaping device. The standard capacity for these devices such as Lost Orion vape is 650 mAh. In order to understand the battery timing, you have to understand the concept of mAh. It’s a unit that measures electric power over time. When the mAh of any battery type is high then the battery timing is considered to be high. 

Lost Orion Vape Battery Timing 

lost orion vape battery timing

As the Lost Orion vape has 650 mAh battery in it, and therefore it offers at decent battery timing for its users. It has 18 ml pre filled juice in it, and when it is fully charged it will last about 5 to 7 days of usage. The battery is enough for this amount of e-juice and it will deplete only when the e-juice has been emptied. The total vaping time which it offers is more than 75 hours. When it is empty then it takes about 45 to 1 hour for a complete charge. 

Factors Affecting Battery Timing 

The battery timing of Orion Lost Vape depends upon many factors and these include the power settings, frequency of use, pod resistance, and user habits. As this vape offers customisable settings and users can change it as per their need therefore the wattage settings range from 10 watt to 40 watt. If the user is using a higher wattage, the battery will drain more quickly. The frequency with which the users vape also matters, if they use it frequently the battery will not last much. Some of the habits such as longer puffs and the frequency of puff also affect the battery life. If they take frequent puffs and longer ones, the battery will drain drastically. 


Orion Lost Vape offers many benefits for its users. It has advanced features that give customizable feeling to the users. They can control some of the settings such as wattage. It also comes in different flavors to cater the needs of different users. If we talk about the battery timing of it, we have to consider the mAh which is the unit of electric power. The mAh which this vape offers is 650. Although it might not sound so much but it is enough for the 18 ml e-juice that comes pre-filled in it. It lasts for about 5 to 7 days and has a battery timing that goes above 75 hours. If you talk about how much it takes to get completely charged then it is 45 to 1 hour. If someone is interested in buying a vape that has all the advanced features along with good battery timing then Orion vape is a good choice.

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