Dabbers are concerned about getting their hands on dab rigs under $50. It’s because they want to enjoy their experience but needs it to be cost-effective too. The wax rigs are known as dab rigs or oil rigs. These are water pipes that are particularly built for the dabs either based on waxes or oils. There are multiple dab rigs available in the market for use but here we are focusing on listing some best dab rigs under $50. The design of these water pipes or dab rigs is made in such a way that diffuses heat with an easy pull and the flavour is maximized. Let’s find out more about them!

Dab Rigs under $50; A Brief Introduction to Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are used for dabbing. It’s a process where a strongly heated oil rig surface is used to press an essential oil extract. The extract is the concentrate of flavors that users select as per their choice. The resulting smoke is inhaled by the user. It’s a recent trend that is being adopted by this generation. It provides a much smoother vapor for those who need to experience it. Initially, the dabbers simply used to use huge water pipes for putting their heating elements.

However, with the advancements that occurred over time, the dabbing components have drastically changed as compared to their traditional looks. Now, beaker-shaped bongs and straight tubes that come in comparatively smaller sizes have entered the mainstream. These are built to keep a constant movement of water within them. When water and vapor move constantly, it leads to enhanced flavor and the pull is minimized.

Dab Rigs under $50; The Best 5 Dab Rigs

Although the dabbers are interested in finding perfect dab rigs for use, the search is difficult. They cost around 400 dollars but spending that much over a dab rig is a waste of money as multiple ones cost less than 50 dollars. The broad range of dab rigs makes the entire process lengthy and draining but a carefully selected shortlist would make it easier for the users to choose from it. Here are 5 best dab rigs under $50 that can serve the purpose:

1. Terp Tube Lil Chugger

A dab rig that costs around $49.99 is Terp Tube Lil Chugger. When it comes to the best one to choose among these 5 shortlisted ones, the Lil Chugger by Terp Tube is at the top of the list. It has many features to outstanding the rest and these include its clean suction and reduced pull drag which it gives to its users. They have multiple colors and are comparatively smaller in size.

2. Hive Rig

The Hive Rig costs around $29.99 only. It’s even smaller than the Lil Chugger as it was 5” but this Hive Rig is around 4”. It gets hot when it’s used but there’s nothing to worry about as it’s due to its smaller size. A dab rig that provides clean suction with flavorful vapor is worth the price.

3. Terp Tube Fat Bottom Rig

After the 4″ and 5″ dab rigs mentioned above, comes the 7″ tall Terp Tube Fat Bottom Rig which has a wide base and costs around $49.99. As the base is quite wide, it’s less prone to accidents and the mouthpiece is curved. It’s a small thoughtful design that sits perfectly on a tabletop.

4. Terp Tube Full Colour Handbell

Just like the Terp Tube Fat Bottom Rig, there’s another one that costs about $49.99 and measures the same about 7″. The difference between the fat bottom rig and the full-color handbell is that it’s a straight tube as compared to the curved mouthpiece of the fat bottom rig. The opaque blue or green shade gives it a unique touch. This straight design provides cool hits for dabbers and the flavors are also great. The raw materials used to develop it are high-quality glass which makes it the perfect fit for the dabbing experience.

5. Terp Tube Coloured Lil Beaker

The Lil Beaker, as the name suggests has a smaller multi-slit down stem that measures around 3”. The length is about 6″ and the mouthpiece is a straight tube. It’s a good choice to make under $50.

The above-mentioned list focuses on providing dab rigs under $50 with the features of expensive ones. Although there’s nothing special that a 400-dollar dab rig provides, unlike the ones under $50. They all are similar. Still, the choice to make out of all the available ones in the market is quite tough and a user needs some guidance regarding it.

Dab Rigs under $50; Why the Dab Rigs are Expensive?

The dab rigs are expensive and what makes them costly is the way they are built. Their performance, design, and crafting add up to its final cost. A lot of work is put into its manufacturing to make sure the functionality is supreme with high-quality materials used. If the glass used isn’t thick or the design isn’t fine, the product would not lead to a fine experience. To make sure the user gets the best of their extract or concentrate by focusing on the quality of dab rigs.


Dab rigs come in different shapes and sizes. The prices are way too high although there isn’t much difference between the cheaper ones and the expensive ones. Dabbers are in search of dab rigs under $50 and the enlisted ones serve the purpose. Lil Chugger is by far the best one among them. All of these cost from 29.99 to 49.99 dollars.

A person can choose what seems better to them as all the mentioned ones are under $50. However some of them are straight, some of them are curved with wide bottoms and some of them have opaque colors. They are distinct from each other in many ways but they all provide similar tasteful flavors and cool hits to their users. So, any dabber can now enjoy dabbing at low costs!