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Yocan Hive Vaporizer



  • Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Oil Atomizer
  • Magnetic Connection
  • 650mah Battery
  • Micro-USB Charging
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If you’re constantly on the run, the Yocan Hive Vaporizer is a great choice. It’s a covert and easy-to-use tool. Reloading is much easier because to the magnetic connection. Small and lightweight, it can be taken practically anywhere and won’t impede your everyday activities, but it will actually improve your quality of life and productivity by enabling you to take fast doses of your preferred herbal extracts.

The Yocan Hive, like most e-cigarette batteries, is activated by pressing five buttons simultaneously. The atomizer can also be turned off by pressing the power button five times. The Yocan Hive is a breeze to use and there is no learning curve whatsoever when it comes to vaping with it.

The top of the atomizer may be unscrewed to add essential oil to the reservoir. Incorporate your chosen materials into the container, but don’t overfill it. Allow for overflow once the top cover is in place. Once the atomizer is in the battery, you can begin to vape. A splash shield prevents spit backs while using the wax atomizer, which loads similarly.


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