Terp Pen Boundless


Boundless Technology takes on portable wax concentrate consumption and applies an age-old art to new technology. Presenting the Terp Pen Boundless, this dab pen is made for easy and straightforward vaping sessions for those who like to take hits directly from their concentrate jars. The Terp Pen Boundless offers versatile means of wax consumption suited for the above-average consumer. It’s used as a nectar collector which means that it’s unlike other dab pens that require the conventional means or reloading.

The Terp Pen Boundless can be used by hitting straight from the container or from a dab mat. There are three different ways how to use it but we’ll get to that later. The Boundless Pen boasts an unparalleled form factor making it the ideal dab pen for people who are always on the go. It is just slightly bigger than the average pen, this small and compact build makes the Terp Pen Boundless easily concealable and transportable. Basically, you can put it anywhere you can put a pen, you can throw it inside your pocket or in your bag; many of today’s backpacks are built with pen holders – even the ones designed to carry expensive tech. It’s the ideal dab pen for people who like to keep their vaporizers along with their tech stuff like their laptops, smartphones, productivity tablets, cameras, drones, and other gadgetry you use to create content, to study, or for work. Because of its small and sleek dimensions, the Terp Pen Boundless won’t mess around your gadgets. Now you can carry a dab pen inside a bag where you keep your tech stuff and not be afraid of getting any of them dented. It’s just built to be conveniently carried almost anywhere you go.

Furthermore, the Terp Pen Boundless is also made durable. Boundless Technology made sure that they use only the best raw materials the industry can offer. The Terp Pen Boundless itself is made from high-quality medical-grade stainless steel which makes it ideal for use with the vaporization of your favorite wax concentrates. You’ll never have to be afraid of producing toxic by-products because it was made using raw materials that were designed and engineered not to react chemically to heat. The coils are also made from high-grade ceramic which is best used for extracts. Ceramic is an inert mineral that’s best suited for wax concentrate vaporization.
So, if you’re on the fence for a high-quality dab pen you can take anywhere you go, make sure to check out Boundless Technology’s latest offering for wax concentrate vaporization. Get yourself a Terp Pen Boundless and see the difference.




The Terp Pen Boundless can be used in three different ways; one would be vaping straight from your wax concentrate container or on a dab mat. By placing the ceramic coils straight to your container, you can enjoy large hits at around 8 – 10-second pulls from the vaping pen. By placing it straight on the dab mat or on the concentrate jar, you can enjoy larger loads – the likes you cannot place in the chamber of a vape pen. Plus, see and observe the amount of wax being consumed and its reaction to heat as it is being vaporized. This makes for a great aesthetic display for those who like a stunning visual experience when vaping extracts and wax concentrates.

Another way to use it is to hit the concentrates from a dab tool. You can cut a small portion of your concentrates and allow your coils to gently touch the wax while it sticks to the dab tool. By doing so, you can consume small doses of concentrates for a more efficient method. You don’t have to bend over the table which is best for people experiencing back pains who rely on wax concentrates as a means to get medicated and to manage pain and inflammation. Another way to use the Terp Pen similar to this method is to place the wax concentrates directly on the coils. Using a dab tool to scoop your wax concentrates and placing them directly on the coils is great for people who like to conserve their wax concentrates. This method is perfect for micro-dosing and allows you to take in small amounts of wax concentrates without wasting them.

The Terp Pen Boundless is a versatile nectar collector-style dabber for people with different vaping preferences. Whether you’re a heavy or a light consumer, there’s always a way for you to use the Terp Pen Boundless.


The Terp Pen Boundless is a draw activated dab pen which means that it has no buttons and is activated only by using your breath. All you need to do is to inhale from the mouthpiece and this triggers the heating element powering the coils. There’s no need to set it up or to press a button to perform different combinations to unlock it. All you need to do is to pull from the mouthpiece and you’re good to go. Having no physical buttons also help in traveling since it cannot be accidentally activated inside your bag or inside your pockets. This won’t cause anything inside your bag to explode or to catch fire. This also helps conserve the battery since it stays idle when not in use. It heats up really fast giving you almost on-demand results when you vape.

The Pen has a magnetic cap which means that you can easily and conveniently remove and replace the cap without spending too much time twisting it. The cap prevents particles of hair and dust from getting in the components for people who like to keep their dab pens inside their pockets for long periods of time. The Terp Pen Boundless is equipped with a 10-second automatic shutdown feature as a means of safety measure.

There’s no other dab pen as packed and as well-made as the Terp Pen Boundless. Make sure to grab yours now!


  • 1 x Terp Pen Boundless
  • 1 x Ceramic Coil
  • 1 x Multi-Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide