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Seahorse Lookah



  • Fast heating up
  • Compatible with all 510 cartridges
  • Portable and compatible with bongs
  • 1 Device, Multiple uses.

Unlike ceramic coils, Lookah Seahorsuses quartz coils for the finest flavor. You may also use the Lookah seahorse to inhale e-juice through it, as it is a 510-compatible device. Lookah Seahorse refills allow you to smoke from both the mouthpiece and the cartridge tip of the pen.

Spare quartz coils for such Lookah Seahorse are available in our online headshop. Rechargable batteries power the devices. The Lookah Seahorse is a breeze to operate; simply press the power button five times to turn it on, then choose your preferred setting of temperature from the menu that appears. Using the heated tip, apply a small amount of the essence and inhale.

The quartz tip will last longer if all the contents are burned off completely after every dab. The quartz or ceramic point can be damaged if cleaned with a brush or other liquids or solvents.39.99


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