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PuffCo The Peak Pro Kit – Black



  • Wireless charging available 
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Type C connection 
  • Auto sleep function 
  • 4 pre-programmed heat settings are available 
  • Water capacity is doubled
  • Large ceramic chamber
  • Real-time temperature control 

Here we have the latest product by PuffCo which is PuffCo The Peak Pro Kit. Peak vaporizers feature a silent dome percolator for deep cooling and humidification. By balancing hybrid heating with an advanced water filter and precise heat control, the company maintains the optimal balance between the unit’s high performance and the bright, rich taste of concentrated vapors.

The market greeted the novelty with applause, bringing to life a wave of remakes from competing brands, after which a new promising direction was firmly established in the vape industry – electronic bongs for concentrates.

Much attention is paid to design: the original visual design and user-friendly interface provide a spectacular presentation of progressive technologies. The result of the joint work of engineers and designers under the leadership of the brand’s permanent director and ideological inspirer, Roger Wolodarsky, was a wide range of evaporators as part of the basic series and special editions.

The Peak Lighting line features dynamic LED lighting to accompany puffs with an exciting light show. At the same time, the limited edition delights aesthetes with a rich color palette and interesting color combinations.

When assembling working chambers and air ducts, the company fundamentally does not use glue, plastic, and fibers, so steam purity, even in the earliest Puffco models, is excessive. With Puffco Peak, you will discover the pure flavor of Jha’s gifts, free from impurities – and no more compromises!

The Puffco Peak concentrate evaporator is a device with a claim to exclusivity. Hence, it is worth recommending it to those willing to spend about 300-400 dollars on a purchase and about a third of the additional components. For the ergonomic tilt of the bubbler, the developers have sacrificed the flask’s capacity, so someone may need a custom nozzle that holds more water to cool the vapor.

In addition, the tricked-out unit from the limited edition is hardly suitable for a beginner. Although the Pufko Peak vaporizer is not prone to whims and handling, it requires experience and pumped self-control skills.

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