Puffco Peak


Concentrate consumers rejoice! The days of laborious preparation to dab are long gone, Puffco introduces the new generation of erigs, the Puffco Peak.

The Puffco Peak is designed to perfectly fit your busy yet demanding lifestyle, it features simple and easy operation while providing you top of the line technology for all your smoking needs. The Peak takes you to the pinnacle of dabbing with its state of the art design and high quality materials, it’s designed to bring only the best out of your waxy oil concentrates.

Climb higher highs and get supremely elevated with the new Puffco Peak.

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The Puffco Peak features a triangular design reminiscent of mountain summits soaring high above the sky. The Peak’s triangular pyramid-like stature gives it a stable stance as it is designed to be used and held in with one hand. However, its shape makes it all the more perfect to be used both handheld and even atop your desk. Its stable construction means the Peak remains leveled as long as you put it somewhere flat, now that’s perfect for storage and for upkeep. If you’re like me who loves to keep their stuff neatly stored in a shelf or on a cupboard, then you’ll find it easy to stow the Puffco Peak.


Puffco outfitted the Peak with a ceramic cup nail, the ideal choice for ceramic parts are widely known for their remarkable properties such as resistance to abrasion, elasticity, and tolerance to high temperature. The application of ceramic in this smart rig means that no other substance can migrate to your concentrates while they cook. It also provides even heating of your materials for a more seamless concentrate consumption. The ceramic nail means you’ll get no material build-ups from repetitive heating and cooling, therefore, eliminating the risk of having layers of the material build-up mix and spoil your sessions.

Apart from the ceramic cup, Puffco equipped the Peak with a glass bubbler and a glass carb cap, the glass materials, similar to the ceramic component is heat resistant. The use of glass in smoking is widely known to reduce unwanted flavor in the smoke output in concentrate consumption. The glass bubbler allows increased filtration while the glass carb caps turns the heating element somewhat into a convection oven.

All these components combined brings out the best out of your concentrates, extracting the most lip-smacking flavors and the most intense effects; definitely one of the best vaporizers of 2018.


Daily dabbers are up for some real treat, for those who have a finer and a more delicate taste, the Puffco Peak is designed to satisfy their delicate palates. Whichever you prefer, wax, shatter, budder or oil, the Peak from Puffco will have you enjoying your select materials in seconds.

The Puffco Peak brings out the best flavors and the strongest potency out of the materials you put in, it makes dabbing nothing more than perfect. No hassle, just pure ecstacy. This next generation smart dab rig is the real deal.


  • 1 x Puffco Peak Smart Rig
  • 1 x Glass Carb Cap
  • 1 x Glass Peak Bubbler
  • 1 x Ceramic Cup Nail