Pokemon Grinder


Pokemon Grinder Features:

  • 2 Piece Grinder
  • Red Ball Artwork
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The Pokemon grinder has 3 pieces designed and built sturdy to crush any dry herb. The lids have 2 powerful magnets committed to close the lids and grind. There sharp aluminum grinder on both sides. Under the grinder, there is a sieve to separate the crushed herbs from their residue.

Despite its toy-like appearance, the grinder is fully functional and well-built. It resembles a Pokémon ball. The Pokeball’s interior is made of sturdy aluminum with sharp grinders. Twist and open the central lid to reveal a stainless steel kef catcher. You can get clean and ultra-fine powders from ground herbs thanks to the Micro size sieve filters.

You can carry crushed herbs inside the grinder when you are moving around and smoke anywhere you want. It is also easy to clean as the kef catcher is removable. You can wash the Pokeball grinder in the dishwasher.

The Pokémon grinder for dabs is a creative and cool grinder that gets the job done. Also, it is a collectible piece. If you are a Pokémon fan, then it is something you should own or gift to any other fellow anime lover. You can grab this fun grinder in our broadway smoke shop for the cheapest price, so buy now.

How to use a pokemon grinder for herbs?

A Pokémon grinder functions in the same way as any other dry herb grinder. All you have to do is fill the grinder with dried herbs and close the lids. Because of the built-in magnets, the lids are really secure. Now, turn the grinder clockwise and anticlockwise. After a few left and right twists, the crushed herbs are ready to smoke.

Why buy a pokemon grinder?

  • Creative and fun design with intended productivity
  • Effortless and finely crushed dry herbs in every use
  • Get fresh and odorless
  • It’s easy to clean and less hustle
  • Does not look like a cheap product
  • Magnets work well
  • A very well thought gift to any Pokemon lover