Mini Nectar Collector Kit


Mini Nectar Collector Kit with Quartz and Titanium Tip with Variable Size



If you enjoy dabbing and want something to carry around when you are outside in your car or in a party, a mini nectar collector kit is the best option to go for. They are now a big thing in portable accessories to invest in, due to their efficacy, convenience of cleaning, and enjoyment factor.

This Mini Nectar Collector is small and portable, making it ideal for wax use. As opposed to a dab rig or an oil rig, this cool mini kit is a new trendy way to smoke concentrates. Nectar Collectors are unique among smoking accessories as they function in a totally different way. They evaporate but are not vaporizers; portable but not hand pipes; you can use water but are not water pipes or bubblers. However, it’s not as harsh as a water bong, but it’s a really smooth experience. Smoking your concentrate using this low-cost nectar collector for dabs feels like drinking booze.

It’s convenient to carry around when you’re on the road and need a quick dabbing tool. The quality of these dab rigs is excellent, with very durable glass and a solid build. No matter what kind of smoker you are, you will be more than delighted with your purchase.

This piece, made of high-quality glass, delivers smooth and strong hits without compromising flavor. Use this nectar collector dry or wet to soften the impact of your hits.


  • Titanium nail
  • 100% Quartz tip
  • Mouthpiece drip tip
  • Water bong glass section
  • Glass dish

What You’ll Receive

  • All five glass pieces included in the specifications
  • 1 transportable nectar collector cast box

How to Use The Mini Nectar Collector

To use a Nectar Collector, first heat the tip with your butane dab torch until it is nearly red hot. If you want a low-temp dab, you should wait 7-10 seconds for the tip to cool down. Then, on a heat-resistant surface, place your concentration. You can also use a glass container if you have one. Finally, inhale by gently pressing the tip of the Nectar Collector on your oil or wax. That’s all there is to it.

Additional information

Additional information