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Honey Drip Dab Tool



  • Unique Design
  • Glass tool
  • Heat Resistant
  • Easy to use
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This stunning Honey Drip Dab Tool will be of great use for connoisseurs. Extracts of cannabis can be difficult to work with due to their viscous nature. Any dabbing session would be incomplete without the use of a dabber. Using a dab tool like this one, you may safely transfer your dabs from their container to the hot nail while dabbing. A dab application helps you to accurately measure and administer dabs so that you don’t produce a sticky residue and that your hands stay far away from a heated nail.

To avoid melting or degradation while in touch with a hot nail, a dab tool must be heat-resistant. A scoop or blade on one end helps with concentrate management, but rounded glass is wonderful for sticky forms like living resin and sugar because of the flat surface. As an added bonus, glass tools are ideal for those who have a pricey piece of fine glass that they don’t want to scuff or scratch with their metal tools.

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