Dab Cap V3


  • The best DabCap yet.
  • Safe up to 550°F
  • Improved Design: Compatible with nearly any vape pen, pod system, flower vape, and water-pipe!
  • Anti-Static Coating: Repelling dust and hair, your DabCap will naturally stay clean.
  • Indestructible: Made from premium, heat resistant food-grade silicone, the DabCap is near indestructible!


Dab Cap V3 universal vape to bong adapter is the recent Dab Cap launch of the original. Its upgraded design and material quality are easy to use and cost-effective. This version 3 Dab Cap fits any cartridge or vaporizer mouthpiece perfectly to create an airtight seal. Attach any water pipe joint with its tip end as the dab tool provides a universal connection to tapered, round-tip, or flat-tipped mouthpieces. Now you can enjoy the smooth hits of a vape pen with your favorite water pipe with the coolest and cheapest Dab cap.

The Best DabCap Features:

Improved Design – Re-engineered to fit any Pens or Handheld Vaporizers. Variety of New Colors to choose from.

Indestructible Materials – Made from premium, heat-resistant food-grade silicone. Up to 550°F temperature-resistant Dab Cap body will maintain the quality and tastes of your vapor.

Universal Compatibility – Nearly any vape pen, flower vape, water pipe, dry herb vaporizer, and pre-filled cartridge. Pod system such as the pax era, apollo 710, stiiizy, juul vaporizer fits perfectly including any joint size of male & female gender water pipe. Also works with Pod Based Oil Vaporizers and has openings for tapered and round-tip mouthpieces.

Easy & Clean – Anti-Static dust and hair Repelling treatment keep your Dab Cap will stay clean even if it drops off your hand. Also makes it easy to clean if needed and keeps your vapor fresh.

User Experience – As a fully Universal vape to bong adapter, it is compact and easy to carry anywhere. It is one of the best wax vape accessories at the most affordable price.  With super filtration and a range of color choices, it further enhances your swag and vaping experience.