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  • Made of Acrylic
  • Long-term Usage
  • Fashionable Appearance
  • Easy to Carry
  • 8x Magnifying
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Maintaining the freshness of your food and preventing odors from escaping are two of the benefits of using a light-up jar with LED light made of BPA-free heavy-duty plastic. Acrylic is a more durable and safer substance. It’s been shown in studies that using this method keeps the flavors in the container.

Light Up Your Items & 8 times Magnifying: Our R&D staff placed an LED light inside to ensure that the item within the stash flask is clean so that you can see it clearly. Switch on by pressing the button three times; to turn it off, hold the button down for a long time. The 8x Magnifying Lens lid, on the other hand, allows users to see incredible detail.

For your convenience, we’ve provided an included USB charging cable that doesn’t require a separate battery; please consider charging it and then use it. Scent leaking isn’t an issue because it’s lightweight and portable. It’s a good idea to keep your favorite meals in an inconspicuous and portable storage container like this one.

You can also buy WD-40 Stash Can from our store.


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