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How To Make CBD Vape Juice

How To Make CBD Vape Juice; A Complete Guide

Before moving toward how to make CBD vape juice, it’s necessary to understand what CBD stands for. Cannabidiol or what is commonly referred to as CBD is an active ingredient that is found in cannabis. It’s a crucial compound of marijuana that is extracted from marijuana-related species which is called the hemp plant.

As we are now familiar with what CBD is, now it’s time to move forward toward how to make CBD vape juice. Whether a user is an expert or a beginner, if they have sufficient knowledge regarding CBD extract and how to DIY CBD juice at home, they can make something incredible for their experience. Let’s find out more about it!

How To Make CBD Vape Juice; What is a CBD extract?

The process through which CBD is extracted from its plant has many ways. When we talk about CBD vape juice, then CBD is required in its isolated form or what we call a pure extract free from all impurities. These impurities include any other organic compound which can be present along with it such as cannabinoids.

Once the CBD is extracted as an isolate, it can be injected directly into the vape juice. CBD vape juice is different from CBD oil which contains oil as a carrier. However, in CBD juice, vegetable glycerin or PG is used. They serve as the carrier and also help in thinning out the entire vape juice for a better vapor experience. Some people add other components as well and these include flavorings and terpenes.

How To Make CBD Vape Juice; The Ingredients

The final product and its quality depend on the type of ingredients used for its formation. When you require a high-quality experience, it is advised to use high-quality raw materials as well. Some of the ingredients which will be needed to make the CBD vape juice include:

1. Vegetable Glycerin

The main ingredient or component for making CBD juice is vegetable glycerin. It’s also called sugar alcohol. How it is extracted is also an interesting thing to know. When the plant oils are heated, they result in separate portions of various ingredients that include fatty acid compounds and glycerin. VG is responsible for those thick vapor clouds that are formed when a user is vaping. It has much less to do with the flavor and throat hit.

2. Propylene Glycol

Apart from VG, it’s another carrier that can be utilized. Comparatively, its capability to carry flavor is more and takes a better part in delivering more hits to the throat. But a con is that it produces less dense vapors in e-cigarettes than a VG.

3. CBD Extract

After a carrier, the next thing you need is a CBD extract. It should be an isolate or a shot that is particularly developed for vaping purposes. However, it’s necessary to calculate the amount of CBD concentration before adding it to the e-juice.

4. Terpenes

The natural flavors and the aroma which serve as the foundation for any flavoring to build up are provided by the terpenes. They act as the undertone of any flavor which will be added up.

5. Flavoring

The variety of flavorings that are available in the market is quite broad in range. These are developed either from natural sources or artificial ones. However, when CBD vape juice is being used then the flavorings added must not be based on oil.

How To Make CBD Vape Juice; The Method

The method of making CBD juice at home isn’t tough. However, some steps must be carefully followed. The first step is to use a syringe for measuring 15 ml of PG and adding it into a beaker. It will act as the carrier for everything. If you are a beginner then the ratio of PG to VG should be 70:30. It will be fine for use.

The next step is to add CBD isolate. A 500 mg quantity must be measured and then it can be added to the PG or the carrier. The lid should be placed to cover and it should be mixed until all the components are dissolved. The VG can be added to the substrate only after the CBD isolate is completely dissolved into it. 7 ml of VG would be enough for a PG to VG ratio of 70:30 percent.

Once you have dissolved everything, you can now transfer it to an air-tight container for storage. Steeping is a good choice if you are interested in building an enhanced flavor of your vape juice. However, it can also be used right away. It is advised to use a dark and cool space for storing the jar as it increases its shelf life.

How To Make CBD Vape Juice; Benefits of CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice is quite popular these days but it’s expensive which causes a real problem for vapers. It’s the products that are used for its making which make it costly. An example of such a component is CBD. When it’s being used, it’s required in isolated form or what we call pure form. So, this makes CBD vape juice expensive.

However, when it’s made at home then it becomes quite cost-effective and also provides complete control over what a vaper wants to experience. DIY CBD vape juice is an ideal option because a person can use the flavor, carrier, and concentration of CBD of their own choice.


CBD vape juice is increasingly becoming popular these days but is quite expensive to afford. However, making it at home by following a few simple steps makes it quite cost-effective and much cheaper than the one purchased from the market. All you need is VG, PG, terpenes (only if you want), CBD isolate, and flavorings.

You need the correct measurements to add to the vape juice and voila you are good to go! However, as the quality of the final product depends on the concentration and quality of raw materials used, it’s important to choose and measure with proper consideration.