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How To Get Vape Juice Out of Clothes

How To Get Vape Juice Out of Clothes; The Best Tips

When you are a vaper and often buy e-liquids for your use; it’s quite common to have some of them spilled on your clothes. Now the issue is to address the problem of how to get vape juice out of clothes. It gets spilled because it is contained within bottles that can be purchased directly by users for their use. When they try to transfer the e-liquid into the tank of their e-cigarette, it gets spilled and might even cover the clothes they are wearing.

It’s not always about spilling while transferring, sometimes it does occur that the e-cigarette might be leaking and it would hit directly your clothes. When it comes to taking it out, some of the users panic because the dress they are wearing is either light in color or even not, it’s their favorite dress. So, how can a person save their favorite dress from throwing away by learning how to get vape juice out of clothes? Let’s find out how!

How To Get Vape Juice Out of Clothes; Don’t Rub Immediately

When something gets spilled on our clothes, the first reaction of any person is they start to rub the area where it has been spilled. The issue would not resolve by doing this, instead it. worsen by it. Why does it happen?

Well, when something gets inside the clothing, when it gets rubbed, it will penetrate the threads even farther than they are. So, it is advised not to rub the area to avoid this from happening. Instead, the person should use any of the below-suggested methods to remove this stain from clothing.

How To Get Vape Juice Out of Clothes; Using Simple Water

When you cannot find anything near you at the time, then using simple water for this purpose would be enough. The method is to remove your clothes and put them directly under the cold water. The cold water will stop the further penetration of vape juice inside the clothing.

The fibers absorb the stain and the cold water will stop this process. However, it is also advised to use hot water too. The hot water will do the opposite as the steam within it will cause the components of e-juice to evaporate from clothing. So, whatever is available, the person can use it as per their choice.

How To Get Vape Juice Out of Clothes; Using Dish Washer

Sometimes it happens that a stain does not go away whether a person has used cold or hot water. When you look, there is a mild stain still setting down on your clothes, then there might be the need to use something else other than just simple water. The mild dishwashing liquid soap would serve the purpose.

Now some people might think about using a detergent instead and not a dishwasher. Well, in that case, the e-juice spill is highly an oil-based substance. To remove it, the detergent isn’t enough. Therefore, it is advised to use a dishwasher that contains various components with the capacity to remove propylene glycol from the clothes.

There are two ways of doing so, either by using a clean soft cloth or by using a soft bristle toothbrush. For using a cloth, it must be soaked in water and then the liquid soap would be put over it and then the stained area will be rinsed. Not too harshly,  a slight movement of hand would be enough.

For using a brush, the brush must be soaked in water and just like the previous method, the dishwasher would be dropped over it to rub the stained area. Doing it would remove the stain if the fabric material isn’t too hard or absorbing.

How To Get Vape Juice Out of Clothes; Using Vinegar

When you are dealing with white clothes and the stain isn’t going away even after using the above-mentioned methods. An easier way is to use vinegar instead. The vinegar would resolve the base components and the stain would be removed.

However, this can only be applied to white clothes otherwise it will damage the color. For this purpose, a wet cloth should be used and some vinegar must be poured over it. Rinsing the stain with it will remove it.

How To Get Vape Juice Out of Clothes; Using Bleach

Sometimes the stains are quite stubborn when it comes to white clothes and might not go away with the mild acidity of the vinegar. For that purpose, bleach is recommended to be used. As the bleach is quite harsh on clothes and largely affects the color; it must only be used on white clothes. The beaching agents work faster than any other method but once again, it must be reminded that this process is only for white clothes.

The bleaching agents no matter what kind can be used just like the way the vinegar is used. The cloth must be soaked in water and a few drops of bleaching agent will be poured over it. Once done, the desired area will be rubbed with it and later on must be washed with clean water. This will help in eliminating any kind of stain which might have occurred due to the spilling of e-juice.


Vaping requires the use of e-juice. Sometimes when the user is adding it to their vape tank, it gets spilled on their clothes. It might destroy their favorite dress. To eliminate this issue from happening, it is advised to use any suggested methods in the above section. It includes using cold or hot water, using dishwashing liquid soap, vinegar, or lastly bleach.

Some people worry about losing their clothes and think about how to get vape juice out of their clothes. Therefore, various methods are available which can be used as per the requirements of the user. It depends and varies on the availability of agents, the severity of the stain, and the quality of the fabric. No matter what, it’s still possible to remove it.