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How To Add Nicotine To Vape Juice

How To Add Nicotine To Vape Juice; The Best Guide

Nicotine is a stimulant drug that is found in cigarettes and other tobacco products such as e-cigarettes. Therefore how to add nicotine to vape juice is concern for all vapers. When it is vaped, it can give the user a buzz and make them feel more alert. Nicotine is also an addictive substance, so it is important to be careful when adding it to vape juice.

There are a few different ways to add nicotine to vape juice. One way is to purchase nicotine concentrate, which is a liquid that contains nicotine in high concentrations. This can be added to vape juice at home, but it is important to be careful when handling it, as it is highly poisonous.

Another way to add nicotine to vape juice is to purchase nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are made up of nicotine and other chemicals that make them less harsh when vaped. They are also less addictive than regular nicotine. Nicotine salts can be purchased online or at vape shops. It is important to note that nicotine can be harmful to the body, so it is important to use it in moderation.

How To Add Nicotine To Vape Juice; The Nicotine Shots

Nic shots is the term commonly used for nicotine shots which can be added to vape juice. These are a nicotine mixture of an e-liquid. It can be either propylene glycol PG-based or vegetable glycerin VG based. These shots come in a 10 ml container or bottle which are available in a wide variety of ratios that the users can purchase as per their choice and requirements.

It is purchased based on the type of e-liquids which are being used by the consumer. For example, if a high vegetable glycerin-based e-liquid is being used then to avoid thinning of the e-juice, the user must purchase and use a VG-based nicotine shot for their e-cigarette.

There are multiple nicotine shots are available in the market which is capable of changing the flavor of an e-juice with their fizzy qualities. Usually, the nicotine shots come with the strength of 18 mg which is diluted by the user in their refill tanks so the concentration which seems like a lot isn’t actually that high in reality. But in order to learn how to add nicotine to vape juice, all these facts must be known.

How To Add Nicotine To Vape Juice; PG Based Nicotine

PG or propylene glycol-based nicotine shots are the most common ones purchased by customers. The nicotine volumes are as high as 100mg/ml. The benefit of using this base is that it does not alter the flavor of an e-juice as lesser amounts are used and also increases the shelf life of the e-juice.

A PG-based nicotine shot doesn’t freeze but it is highly recommended to avoid contacting it with heat to avoid accidents. When a user wants value for the money they have spent, these nicotine shots are the best option.

How To Add Nicotine To Vape Juice; VG based Nicotine

When users are interested in denser vape clouds, they will purchase a VG-based nicotine shot. These shots aren’t quite a good option to be used as a component for a DIY experiment by users. The shelf life of the nicotine base will be less than the PG-based one and is only used when a high VG e-liquid is being used. It’s usually preferred by people who are into doublers.

How To Add Nicotine To Vape Juice; The Doubler

As restrictions come into play, many countries like Australia do not allow the sale and purchase of products with nicotine in them such as e-liquids containing nicotine. So to deal with this situation, a doubler has been introduced in the market. In this matter, a shot that contains a doubler will be filled only halfway through. It is because the remaining it can be filled with nicotine shots by the users.

Usually, if a person vapes with a ratio of 3 mg per ml. Then to make a doubler for a 30 ml bottle with 15 ml in it, they would be needing 15 ml of 6mg per ml of a nicotine liquid for it. When a 30 ml e-liquid tank will be made with this calculation then it will be containing 30 ml of 3mg per ml of a flavored e-liquid.

How To Add Nicotine To Vape Juice; The Mixing of Nicotine in Vape Juice

To add the nicotine shot into an e-juice, the desired amount can be poured into it by removing the cap. The shortfalls have sufficient space for the addition of nicotine up to 3 mg of as they contain 0 mg of it in their e-liquid. For example, if a bottle of 60 ml is present then it will be containing an e-liquid of 50 ml with 0 nicotine content in it with a space of 10 ml remaining for its addition.

When an 18 mg nicotine shot is added to it then a 60 ml final bottle is made which contains 3 mg e-liquid in it. Sometimes user prefers a higher concentration of nicotine in their vape, and for strengthening it more nic shots can be added but it will require a bigger tank and would alter the flavor to some extent too.

Once the nic shots and an e-juice have been mixed, it is advised to put the cap back and shake well before use. It disperses the nicotine within equally. Once it has been shaken well enough, it can be used right away for vaping.


Nicotine preferences vary from one individual to another. Some might prefer their vape without it, and some might need a bit of nicotine hit however some people require higher doses of it too. No matter what, there comes a time when people need to add nicotine shots into their vape juices as per their requirements.

Nicotine shots are available in the market with a variety of VG and PG ratios which can be purchased by the users as per their choice. They can get the one they want, add them to their e-juice, shake it well as described above, and enjoy their experience!