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how to sweeten e juice learning tips and tricks feature image

How To Sweeten E-juice; Learning Tips And Tricks

People have different preferences. Some people want simple classical taste whereas others require a twist. They need sweet flavors while they get the nicotine hits. For them, even the fruity flavors aren’t sweet enough. Because the naturally made e-juices have natural extracts that make them sweet but not too much. For those who crave a bit more sweetness, they often wonder how to sweeten e-juice. In this comprehensive guide, people can find different ways how to do it the easier way. You can do it by changing the PG and VG ratios or you can add additional sweeteners. Let’s learn all about them!

How To Sweeten E-juice; What Makes An E-juice Sweet?

how to sweeten e juice what makes an e juice sweet

An e-juice has many components and is made up of base ingredients like VG which is vegetable glycerin and PG which is propylene glycol. The base ingredients are also responsible for giving the e-juice a sweet flavor. When the ratio of PG is increased, it alter the flavor intensity and therefore also enhances the sweet flavor but it’s actually the VG which imparts sweetness to the e-juice. It works like a sweetener. When their quantity is increased, they not only increase the sweetness but also gives the smoother experience for the vapers. 

Many e-juices have an additional sweetener. They usually contain sucralose and ethyl maltose. When these are added, they provide an extra sweetness to the flavor. People sometimes want a dessert based e-juice and when they inhale it, they also want the sweetness in their vapor. In order to cater these types of preferences, an additional sweetener is required and these can serve the purpose. Sucralose has no calories in it and adds a sweetness similar to the table sugar. However, ethyl maltose has a cotton like taste to it. 

It’s not just these components that impart sweetness, but many other substances like the flavoring and the nicotine also determines it. When flavorings which are either fruit or dessert based are added, they can be artificial or natural that contributes to the sweet flavor. When a fruit extract is added, they are natural, therefore they also have sweetness in them. When they are added, they add sweetness to the e-juice. Dessert based flavors like caramel and vanilla also add rich sweetness to it. 

It’s quite strange that the nicotine itself isn’t sweet but when it is added, it alters the flavor as the perceived taste gets sweeter due to its presence. It is often reported by vapers that when they used an e-juice which had nicotine in it, there was a subtle sweetness to the overall flavor profile which they experienced. If someone likes a subtle sweetness, they can simply go for a fruit based e-juice which has no added sweeteners in them because they will still give the same effect. 

Ways To Increase Sweetness

ways to increase sweetness

Many ways can be adopted to impart sweetness to your e-juice. Although the base ingredients play significant role in the sweetness of an e-juice but an additional sweetener like sucralose and ethyl maltose can be added to impart an extra sweetness to it. These are added in small quantities with an aim to serve the purpose without overpowering the flavors. As natural flavorings have their own sweetness, for instance, if a strawberry extract is being used, then it will have its own sweetness in it. 

When it is added to the e-juice, it will impart sweetness to the overall flavor profile. So, if the flavor concentrations are altered then it can help in amplifying the sweet taste. It has been mentioned earlier that VG content works as a natural sweetener in e-juice. When the ratio of PG and VG are adjusted with an increased level of VG in it, the sweetness will increase. It also leads to a smoother experience. If someone wants a sweet e-juice, they should opt for the sweeter flavors like fruit flavors. Nicotine when adjusted properly also enhances the sweetness, when a high nic salt or a higher nicotine e-juice is used, it will make the puffs more sweeter in taste. 

How Sweetness Affects E-juice Efficiency

how sweetness affects e juice efficiency

Sweet e-juices taste delicious but they affect the efficiency of a vaping device. When additional sweeteners are added, they usually caramelized when the coil is heated. They buildup on the coil and hence makes the coil wear out faster than expected. The gunk reduces the capacity of vaping device to produce dense vapors. It reduces the overall vapor production too. When such buildup is created, it leads to replacement issues and additional costs. The wick needs to be saturated in e-juice but oversaturation and under saturation can cause problems. Sweeteners make the e-juice thick and hence lead to wicking problems. When the vaping device isn’t properly wicked, it can lead to dry hits which cause throat irritation. 

DIY Sweet E-juice Method

diy sweet e juice method


Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene Glycol


Usually, the ratio of PG to VG is 70 to 30 percent, but it can be adjusted to enhance the flavor. As we need a sweeter e-juice and VG is responsible for being the sweetener, we can increase its ratio from 30 to 40 percent. The rest of the ingredients will be added accordingly. For instance, if someone prefers nicotine and flavorings, they will measure it and add as per their requirements.  


Vape e-juices are not always sweet in taste. It depends on the flavor and the amount of VG present in them. You can increase the sweetness of your e-juice by adjusting the ratio of ingredients. For instance, when VG is increased, it also increases the sweetness. Apart from that, artificial sweeteners like sucralose and ethyl maltose can be added. Even a higher nicotine content contributes to the sweetness. If natural fruit or dessert extracts are used, they also add sweet touch. If someone wants to increase.the sweetness, they can increase the normal VG ratio from 30 to 40 percent. 

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how long is e juice good for a complete guide for you

How Long is E-juice Good For; A Complete Guide For You

People who vape constantly do not have to worry about the expiry of their e-juice. However, there are people, who vape occasionally. For them, the expiration date of their vape e-liquid matters a lot. If they have vaped for once and now they want to keep their device aside, they might wonder how long is e-juice good for use. The answer isn’t so simple as it involves many factors which needs to be considered to decide whether the e-juice is useable or not. Let’s learn from the basics to the tips to increase its longevity!

How Long is E-juice Good For; What is an e-juice?

how long is e juice good for what is an e juice

In a cigarette, there’s a dry content which is tightly packed inside. It has various substances but all are burned down to produce the smoke which is inhaled by users. However, the scenario with vaping devices is different. It doesn’t burn the content inside but rather heats it up. It’s not in dried up form, it’s the liquid which is preferred as the e-juice or the e-liquid. It has various components just like a cigarette. 

For instance, it has nicotine, flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. All these differ in ratios but the ingredients list is usually the same in all. When these substances are heated, they function just like any other liquid and evaporate to form vapor. These are inhaled by users. The harmful effects aren’t the same because unlike cigarettes, the vape e-juice doesn’t burn and doesn’t have the toxins which act as carcinogens. 

Types of E-juice

types of e juice

Many different variations of e-juice are available in the market however, there are few major categories. These include freebase Nicotine e-juice which has nicotine in its pure form. It’s the most common type used by people and has the capacity to offer great nicotine hits. The next one is the Nicotine salt e-juice which has high nicotine content but gives a smooth vaping experience. 

It doesn’t produce throat hits and is a popular option among people who use vaping devices. CBD e-juice has cannabidiol which is a plant extract. It is known to have potential health benefits and also provides a feeling of relaxation. The fourth type is the flavored e-juice, as people do not prefer simple or classic flavors, they need something more. Therefore, many different flavors have been introduced in the e-juice which include fruit, beverage, dessert and combination of these. It has been introduced to make sure everyone gets something of their choice and it caters their preferences. 

Expiry of an E-juice

expiry of an e juice

Like everything, an e-juice cannot be bought and stored to be use for long periods of time. In simple words, when it has been purchased, it should be used within 2 years time. Different factors are involved in deciding the expiry date and these include the nicotine content, flavor, base ingredients, and storage conditions. All these factors influence the shelf life and if any of these are disturbed, they will surely degrade the e-juice contents. 

If your e-juice has nicotine, as some e-juices do not have it, then it will degrade over time. It oxidizes and have a shelf life of 2 years, only if it is stored in proper conditions. Many other things also change, for instance, the flavoring inside will lose its taste and will eventually become unpleasant if it is stored more than 2 years or it is exposed to sunlight and moisture. 

The major ingredients like the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin lose their integrity if the conditions aren’t good but when they are appropriate, they will last for indefinite periods of time. It is advised that the e-juice should always be stored in optimum conditions like they should not be exposed to any heat source like sunlight. Heat, sunlight, and air or moisture, all these things reduce the shelf life and accelerate the process of degradation. 

Side Effects of Using Expired E-juice

side effects of using expired e juice

As any ingredient can expire overtime due to many unexpected reasons, and if the e-juice is used then it can lead to various potential side effects. As the flavoring and nicotine expires, it can lead to an altered flavor in mouth. It becomes unpleasant and unusable. Just like cigarettes, when the cigarettes are stored for longer periods of time, they lose their nicotine effectiveness, similar thing happens to e-juices. They lose their nicotine potency and doesn’t satisfy the cravings. 

When the vaping is performed with an expired e-juice, it often leads to throat hits and causes discomfort for the users. In worse scenarios, when the substances are oxidized, they become potential health risks as they can lead to allergic reactions and irritations. When the base ingredients are destroyed, the efficiency of an e-juice to create vapors is lost too. It leads to reduction in vapor production and hence the density of each puff is gone. It doesn’t satisfy users. 

Tips To Increase E-juice Shelf Life

e juice quality thin vs thick consistency

If a user keeps various factors in check, they can surely increase the longevity of their e-juice. It is advised that they keep their e-juice bottles in a cool and dark place. The containers should be airtight so they aren’t exposed to air and the temperature should remain between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. When a bottle has a bigger headspace, it increases its oxygen carrying capacity. The headspace should be be less so that the oxygen exposure can be minimized. 


Sometimes people buy expensive vaping e-juices and they also do not vape constantly. They are the occasional vapers and hence worry about their e-juice losing its efficiency. They wonder how long is their e-juice good for use and in order to explain that, it’s important many factors are considered. Usually the e-juice is good for 2 years if stored properly but if they are exposed to moisture, air, heat, sunlight and extreme temperatures then the components inside like the base ingredients, nicotine and flavorings will lose their integrity. Proper storage can increase the longevity.

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what is tobacco free nicotine feature image

What is Tobacco Free-Nicotine?

What is tobacco-free nicotine? Have you ever heard about it? Nicotine that is synthetic or free of tobacco is not a recent development. It is made as a liquid, which is how vaping products incorporate it. Due to its growing usage in vaping or e-cigarette products, it is becoming more and more popular these days. Nicotine is naturally present in tobacco plants.

The majority of tobacco products, such as cigars, cigarettes, hookahs, and even e-cigarette vape juice, contain nicotine that is derived from tobacco plants. Many manufacturers of vape products now use synthetic nicotine. Understanding what tobacco-free nicotine (TFN) is, how it differs from nicotine derived from tobacco (TDN), whether it is addictive, and how it affects your physical and mental health is vital. You can find all the information you need about synthetic nicotine in this blog.

What is tobacco-free Nicotine?

what is tobacco free nicotine

Tobacco free nicotine, contrary to what some might think, is still nicotine. However, it’s not derived from tobacco leaves. This type of nicotine is created in a laboratory setting, ensuring a high purity level. It’s chemically identical to the nicotine found in tobacco plants but without the tar, carcinogens, and other harmful compounds typically associated with tobacco.

The process of creating tobacco free nicotine involves a complex biochemical process. Scientists replicate the nicotine compound in a controlled environment, ensuring that the end product is free from tobacco’s impurities. This scientific advancement is significant because it allows for nicotine use without the direct health risks associated with tobacco leaf combustion.

Why It’s Gaining Popularity?

The appeal of tobacco free nicotine lies in its cleaner profile. For those who wish to continue using nicotine without the added risks of tobacco, this offers a compelling alternative. It’s particularly attractive for individuals who are trying to quit smoking but still need the nicotine fix to ease the transition.

Benefits and Considerations

benefits and considerations

What is tobacco free nicotine? Health Implications

One of the most significant benefits of tobacco free nicotine is the potential reduction in health risks. While nicotine, in any form, is addictive and carries its own set of risks, the absence of tobacco could reduce the likelihood of developing tobacco-related illnesses, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and chronic bronchitis.

The Addiction Factor

It’s crucial to understand that tobacco free nicotine is still addictive. Nicotine is a substance that can create dependency, regardless of its source. Users should be aware of this and consider their usage carefully, especially if they are using nicotine as a tool for quitting smoking.

Environmental and Ethical Impact

Traditional tobacco farming has long been associated with environmental and ethical issues, including deforestation, pesticide use, and labor concerns. Tobacco-free nicotine, synthesized in a lab, addresses these issues, offering a more environmentally friendly and ethically responsible choice.

Making the Switch – Things You Need to Know

making the switch things you need to know
  • Evaluate Your Options

If you’re contemplating a switch to tobacco free nicotine, it’s important to evaluate your options thoroughly. Consider the reasons for your switch, whether it’s for health, environmental, or ethical reasons, and weigh them against the potential risks associated with continued nicotine use.

  • Product Variety and Availability

The market for tobacco free nicotine is growing, with a variety of products available, including e-liquids, gums, and patches. When choosing a product, looking for reputable brands prioritizing quality and safety is essential.

  • Transitioning from Traditional Products

Transitioning from traditional tobacco products to tobacco free nicotine can be a significant change. It may require a period of adjustment as you find the right product and dosage that works for you. Be patient with yourself during this transition and seek support if needed.

Types of Tobacco-Free Nicotine Products

types of tobacco free nicotine products

Tobacco free nicotine has paved the way for a variety of innovative products. Each type caters to different preferences and needs, making it easier for individuals to find a suitable alternative to traditional tobacco products. 

Here’s a look at some of the popular types of tobacco free nicotine products:

E-Liquids for Vaping

E-liquids, also known as vape juices, are popular among vapers. These liquids are used in electronic cigarettes or vape pens. Tobacco-free nicotine e-liquids come in various flavors and strengths, allowing users to customize their vaping experience.

What is tobacco-free nicotine? Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are small, tobacco-free packets that you place between your gum and lip. They don’t require spitting and are discreet, making them a convenient option for on-the-go use. These pouches release nicotine slowly, providing a sustained experience.

Nicotine Gums

Nicotine gum is a popular choice for those looking to quit smoking. It’s a straightforward way to get your nicotine fix without vaping or smoking. The gum releases nicotine as you chew, helping to curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine Lozenges

Similar to nicotine gum, lozenges are small, candy-like products that dissolve in your mouth, releasing nicotine. They are discreet, easy to use, and come in various flavors, making them a favored choice for many looking to reduce or quit smoking.

What is tobacco-free nicotine? Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are applied to the skin and deliver a steady amount of nicotine over some time. They are ideal for those who prefer a low-maintenance approach to nicotine replacement therapy.

Each of these products offers a unique way to consume nicotine without the harmful effects of tobacco. Whether you prefer the act of vaping, the discreteness of pouches and tablets, or the steady release from patches and gums, there’s a tobacco free nicotine product that can meet your needs.


In understanding what is tobacco free nicotine, it’s clear that it offers a potentially safer alternative for vapers and smokers. While it’s not a completely risk-free solution, it represents a significant step forward in reducing the health hazards associated with traditional tobacco products.

If you’re interested in exploring tobacco-free nicotine options, The Broadway Smoke Shop is a great place to start. They offer a wide range of products, helping you make a healthier choice in your nicotine consumption. Remember, every step towards a healthier lifestyle counts, and exploring tobacco-free nicotine could be a significant part of your journey.


How does tobacco free nicotine differ from regular nicotine?

Tobacco free nicotine is chemically identical to regular nicotine but is synthesized in a lab rather than extracted from tobacco plants. This process eliminates the tar, carcinogens, and other harmful byproducts typically found in tobacco.

Is tobacco free nicotine safer than traditional tobacco?

While not risk-free, tobacco free nicotine eliminates many of the harmful substances found in tobacco, potentially making it a safer alternative.

Can tobacco free nicotine help me quit smoking?

Tobacco free nicotine can be a tool in quitting smoking, as it provides the nicotine fix without tobacco. However, it’s still addictive, and users should approach it with caution.

Are there different types of tobacco free nicotine products?

Yes, there are various products available, including e-liquids, gums, and patches, catering to different preferences and needs.

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al fakher flavors all you need to know guide

Al Fakher Flavors – All You Need to Know Guide

Renowned in the hookah community, Al Fakher is a beacon of quality and diversity, offering various flavors that cater to every palate. From timeless classics to innovative blends, this journey through Al Fakher’s offerings promises to be a delightful exploration for new and seasoned enthusiasts. Let’s unravel the allure of Al Fakher flavors and discover why it is a celebrated name among hookah aficionados worldwide.

The Roots of Al Fakher

the roots of al fakher

Ever wondered how Al Fakher became a household name in the hookah world? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Al Fakher was established in the United Arab Emirates, and over the years, it has grown to become one of the leading brands in hookah tobacco. What started as a small operation has become a global phenomenon known for its premium quality and exceptional flavor profiles. Al Fakher’s journey is a testament to its commitment to excellence, consistently delivering products that resonate with traditionalists and modern hookah enthusiasts.

So, what’s the secret sauce behind Al Fakher’s irresistible flavors? It’s all about quality and innovation. Al Fakher takes pride in using the finest ingredients to create its wide array of flavors. From the classic mint and rich grape to exotic blends, each flavor is crafted to deliver a unique and satisfying smoking experience. The brand has mastered balancing traditional flavors with contemporary twists, ensuring there’s always something new to try. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned smoker, Al Fakher flavors are designed to delight your senses and elevate your hookah sessions.

6 Delicious Al Fakher Flavors You Should Try

1. Cherry Flavor

cherry flavor

Al Fakher Cherry tastes like those big, juicy cherries you get in the summer. It’s sweet like the ripe fruit, but with a little bit of that tart taste cherries have. It’s delicious if you like things that are sweet but not too sweet. You can smoke it just as it is or mix it with other flavors to make your special blend. Think about mixing it with vanilla or chocolate flavors for a dessert-like experience.

2. Gum Flavor

gum flavor

Al Fakher Gum is all about bringing back those childhood memories with its bubblegum taste. It’s sweet, but in a light and fun way. It doesn’t taste too strong, perfect for something easy and enjoyable. This flavor is great for long smoking sessions because it’s not overpowering. You can also mix it with fruit flavors to add a sweet twist.

3. Lemon with Mint Flavor

lemon with mint flavor

Al Fakher Lemon with Mint is a lively mix. The lemon part is zesty, like squeezing a fresh lemon, and the mint part adds a relaxed, refreshing feel. It’s a great pick-me-up flavor, perfect for a little boost. It’s like a cool, refreshing lemonade on a hot day. If you’re into flavors that are both tangy and fresh, this one’s a winner.

4. Mint Flavor

mint flavor

Al Fakher Mint is all about that fresh, clean mint taste. It’s super refreshing and makes your mouth feel cool. It’s strong enough to enjoy on its own for a bold, minty experience, or you can mix it with other flavors like chocolate or fruit to add a cool, minty touch. It’s a classic choice and a favorite for many because of its clean taste.

5. Orange with Mint Flavor

orange with mint flavor

Al Fakher Orange with Mint combines sweet, juicy orange flavor with a hint of cool mint. The orange part tastes like fresh, ripe oranges, and the mint adds a refreshing, cool twist. It’s like enjoying a chilled, fruity drink on a sunny day. This flavor is perfect if you’re looking for something sweet and refreshing at the same time.

6. Two Apples Flavor

two apples flavor

Al Fakher Two Apples is a mix of sweet red apples and slightly tart green apples with a spicy licorice flavor. It’s one of those flavors everyone seems to like because it has a little bit of everything: sweet, tart, and spicy. It’s a great choice if you’re just starting with hookah or looking for a flavor that’s a sure hit with everyone.

How to Choose the Right Al Fakher Flavor?

Picking the perfect Al Fakher flavor for your hookah session can be fun. Here are some simple tips to help you choose the right one based on what you like and the kind of mood or occasion you’re in for:

  • Think About What You Like to Eat or Drink

If you love eating or drinking certain things, you’ll also enjoy those flavors in your hookah. For example, if you’re a fan of citrusy drinks, try Al Fakher’s Lemon with Mint. Love eating apples? Go for the Two Apples flavor.

  • Match the Flavor with Your Mood

Your mood can decide the best flavor. An excellent and refreshing flavor like Mint might be perfect if you’re feeling relaxed and just want to chill. But if you’re in a lively, party mood, go for something fun like the Gum flavor.

  • Consider the Time of Day

Just like how you might drink coffee in the morning and tea in the evening, the time of day can help you pick a flavor. Bright, fruity flavors like Orange with Mint are great for daytime, while richer flavors like Cherry might be better for an evening session.

  • Think About the Season 

Some flavors just feel right at certain times of the year. A refreshing Lemon with Mint can be perfect on a hot summer day, while a warm and spicy flavor like Two Apples can feel cozy in the cooler months.

  • Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to combine flavors to create your own unique blend. For example, you can combine a fruity flavor with something like Mint to get the best of both worlds.

  • Experiment

The best way to find your favorite is to try different ones. Try a new flavor or combination each time you have a hookah session. You might be surprised by what you like the most.

Remember, choosing a flavor is all about what makes you happy and suits the moment. So, explore the different Al Fakher flavors to find your perfect match!


Whether you’re new to hookah or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new and exciting to try. From the refreshing zing of Lemon with Mint to the classic comfort of Two Apples, each flavor has its unique charm. Remember, the best part about hookah smoking is finding the flavors that speak to you. So, don’t be shy about mixing it up, trying something new, and most importantly, having fun with it!

We’d love to hear from you! What’s your go-to Al Fakher flavor? Or have you tried a mix that’s just out-of-this-world amazing? Drop your favorites and your flavor adventures in the comments. Let’s share our experiences and maybe find our next favorite flavor based on each other’s recommendations.

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why am i getting e juice in my mouth reasons behind it

Why Am I Getting E-juice In My Mouth; Reasons Behind It

Vaping is great unless a person gets e-juice in their mouth. It makes the entire experience unpleasant and really destroys the mood. People want to get the great nicotine hits but end up wondering why am I getting e-juice in my mouth. There can be many reasons for it and in order to solve this problem it’s important to find the real cause behind it. Let’s learn more about these different reasons to see which could be the reason in your case! 

Why Am I Getting E-juice In My Mouth; Understanding e-juice and its purpose

why am i getting e juice in my mouth whats an e juice

The vape uses an e-liquid which is also referred to as the e-juice. It’s the key component in a vaping device. It has everything that a vape needs to form the vapor including flavoring, nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. Before discussing why someone is getting e-juice in their mouth, it’s important they learn all about e-juice in the first place. For instance, not all e-juice liquids have nicotine content in them. 

Some of them are free from it because people do not want to inhale nicotine but want to enjoy vaping. So they prefer a nicotine free e-juice and it serves their purpose. They are also available in a variety of flavors from which people can choose from like a simple menthol, fruity, beverage and dessert-inspired flavors. These cater to all the different and diverse preferences of users. 

Common Causes: Leaking and oversaturation

It’s an unpleasant experience to get e-juice in your mouth as you vape. There are many causes for it and among the common ones, leaking and oversaturation is included. When a person gets e-juice in their mouth, it occurs when the vape assembly isn’t at place. The seal might not be tight of broken and the components might be lose. Leaking occurs when the e-juice leaves the tank and makes its way up to the mouthpiece. 

It not only gives an unpleasant situation along with a mess but it is also dangerous as users are exposed to higher risks of ingesting the e-juice. Another factor which leads to it might be the oversaturation of coil. If it is flooded with e-juice, then it might lead to leakages. It’s important that a user keeps their device in check. By that, it means that they should always make sure the components of their vaping device are all in place and the seal isn’t worn out. 

Incorrect Usage: Inhaling technique and wattage settings

incorrect usage inhaling technique and wattage setting

When the person doesn’t really know how to inhale properly, they make the mistake of inhaling e-juice with their puffs. They draw too deep and with such power that it draw the e-juice with it. It can even make them choke and cause potential hazards for users. It’s just the wrong way of doing it and must always be done with proper caution to avoid an unfortunate incident. However, it’s also the high wattage settings which produce thick vapors. Beginners do not know much about it and they have to do a lot of spitting and popping which increases the chances of getting an e-juice during vaping. 

Device Maintenance: Cleaning and coil replacement

device maintenance cleaning and coil replacement

If the vaping device is regularly cleaned and is maintained in condition, it reduces the chances of e-juice leakage. For instance, when the coil is kept in check and all the components are cleaned to put back in place, it reduces their chance of getting clogged and worn out. Hence, it reduces the chances of getting e-juice in mouth because there won’t be any oversaturation or worn-out seals which can make the e-juice leave its tank. 

It also increases the shelf life and longevity of a vaping device because the components are cleaned. There isn’t any buildup of residues which can clog the airflow or other areas. People can either keep their devices clean through proper maintenance or they can otherwise invest in disposable vapes which can be discarded after use. It eliminates the need of regular cleaning and hence makes the overall experience much easier for all. 

E-Juice Quality: Thin vs thick consistency

e juice quality thin vs thick consistency

The entire vaping experience is dependant upon the quality of e-juice which is being used. For instance, when a person uses a thin e-juice, it has more chances of getting splattered and reaching all the way up to the mouthpiece from which it is easily inhaled. However, if the devices uses a thick e-juice, the scenario becomes different. Thick juices adhere to their tank and coil reducing the chances of leakage. 

They also produce smooth vapors which are easily inhaled and do not get ingested by users. It’s better to use thick e-juices by looking at the ingredients and the ratios which is being used. A thick e-juice has more vegetable glycerin or VG ratio as compared to thin e-juices with more propylene glycol (PG) ratio. They do not spill so easily and produces dense vapor as well. They make the entire vaping experience more joyful for the users. Many other factors may be involved like over filling of tanks but these can be minimized by changing the habits. 


Users sometimes get e-juice while vaping and it could be due to many reasons like leakage, over saturation of coil, worn out coil, displacement of components, incorrect inhaling technique, wattage settings, poor device maintenance with poor cleaning, and thin e-juice which leads to spilling. All these different factors are responsible for such unpleasant vaping experience but they all can be resolved when proper care is applied.

Do not draw to hard on your vape, use a thick e-juice consistency, keep your device checked and clean it regularly along with low wattage settings to make sure the vapor density isn’t too much. All these things can help minimize the issue to great extent and if you still think, it’s not solving the issue for you, a disposable vape will. Try and make things much more easier for yourself.

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how long does vape smoke stay in the air all you need to know

How Long Does Vape Smoke Stay In The Air; All You Need To Know

When a person vapes in an area, they release their smoke and it gets really hard for people to breath. Especially in congested areas, the smoke doesn’t go away so easily. Sometimes people wonder how long does vape smoke stay in the air after they have smoked. If the place has no ventilation, the air won’t cross, so the smoke would last for long. However, it’s not so simple, many other factors are involved in this. Each when combined together significantly impacts the dispersion of vape smoke in an area. Let’s learn more about these in detail now!

How Long Does Vape Smoke Stay In The Air; What is Vape Smoke?

how long does vape smoke stay in the what is vape smoke

Just like cigarettes, when someone vapes, they inhale it. But unlike cigarettes, the content within a vape isn’t burned. It has an e-liquid inside which is heated and it produces vapor. This dense vapor is inhaled by users. The e-liquid has various components like the nicotine, flavoring, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. All these when heated, produce a very dense flavorful vapor which has the essence of all components. 

People inhale it but when they also exhale, the smoke gets spread in their surroundings. It is this smoke which makes the non vapers uncomfortable in the area. Some people do not like vaping and when they enter into a place which is filled with its smoke, they get extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes when they might not be uncomfortable but still, they will be inhaling it unconsciously and it can be harmful for them. It became popular as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes but it also has its own adverse affects which cannot be ignored. 

Factors Affecting The Dispersion

factors affecting the dispersion

Many different factors are involved when it comes to the dispersion of vape smoke. However, the most crucial one is the airflow. It’s actually the airflow in an area that decide how far the vape smoke will travel and how much time will it take. 

Impact of ventilation on vape smoke dispersion

impact of ventilation on vape smoke dispersion

Ventilation has a direct relation to the dispersion of vape smoke within indoor establishments. If a person vapes in enclosed area and it has proper ventilation, it will reduce the lingering of smoke and will make it easier for people who reside there. It also reduces their exposure to harmful components of vape smoke and hence reduces their chances of developing health complications. Along with the presence of ventilation, the direction and placement of the airflow matters a lot. 

Wind and Direction

wind and direction

When someone smokes in an open area, the vape smoke is quickly dispersed off because wind plays a major role. When wind is present, it takes the smoke away far more quickly than an indoor establishment with ventilation. It takes time. The direction of wind is also important because it should be away from the origin and not towards it. When a person vapes outdoor, the people around them are not affected because the smoke isn’t constricted within an area, rather it leaves it creating a safe, smoke free space for breathing.

Temperature and Humidity 

Temperature has a role in smoke dispersion too. When the temperature of an area is high, it causes the smoke to rise up from the ground. The smoke quickly rises up and hence disperses quickly too. However, if the temperatures are low, it won’t allow the smoke to rise up and hence it will linger on longer than expected. Apart from temperature, the humidity of an area also influences the dispersion. If there is more moisture in the air, it leads to slow dispersion rate. Similarly, if there is low humidity, it will increase the rate of smoke dispersion.

Device Settings

Not each vape creates a very dense vapor. It varies from one device to another. If the cloud isn’t so dense, it will disperse off quickly. Different factors are involved in this case, for instance, the device settings influence the density of smoke created by a vaping device. Device settings like the wattage and the e-liquid quality alters the vapor production too. 

If a vaping device has large coil and greater power output, it will create dense clouds. Therefore, the vape smoke created by the larger devices take more time to disperse off as compared to the smoke produced by small devices. All these factors influence the type of vapor which is produced, how it will affect the people around and how long will it take to move away from it. 

Health Complications

health complications

When a person vapes, they expose themselves to a higher rate of developing various diseases. For instance, when they vape, they inhale a lot of toxins and hence they can get respiratory illnesses like coughing, shortness of breath and many more. It doesn’t stop there as people can also get cardiovascular diseases, their immune system and mental health is also adversely affected which not only develop depression and anxiety in them but also affects their cognitive abilities.


Vape smoke is a serious concern for people especially the non vapers. They are passively inhaling the smoke and it has more harmful effects. The vape e-liquid contains a lot substances and when they get heated they produce smoke. It is inhaled by vapers and gives them the hit. But it is extremely dangerous and uncomfortable for those who do not vape and have to sit in those areas.

The dispersion of vape smoke depends on various factors such as the ventilation, direction of airflow, wind, temperature, humidity and even the device settings. All these factors when combined together significantly impact the vape smoke and its persistence in an area. If all these things are in proper place, it will help in mitigation the risks associated with passive inhalation of vape smoke.

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how old do you have to be to buy a vape a complete guid

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy A Vape; A Complete Guide

Vaping seems like an easy task, but not everyone is permitted to do it. It comes with age restrictions. A teenager cannot just go to a store and buy something. So, if anyone is interested in vaping and wondering how old do you have to be to buy a vape, then you have to learn all the different aspects associated with it. Let’s learn more about them in detail!

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy A Vape; Is It Age Restricted?

how old do you have to
be to buy a vape is it age restricted

If we look at vaping, it isn’t healthy. It’s not as harmful as smoking, but it’s still not something that can be suggested to a teenager or a young individual to make a part of their lifestyle. Due to the harmful effects it has on people, all individuals cannot do it. There are certain age restrictions to make sure children or young people do not get access to it. The restrictions are different for different areas but still, there is a hurdle everywhere when it comes to purchasing a pod. 

The age which decides whether a person is eligible to buy vape is determined by national regulations. Each country has its own age restriction; for instance, in USA, an individual cannot buy a pod or a cigarette unless they are 18 years of age. The law varies among states too. Some states do not allow the purchase and use of vapes until the person reaches 21 years of age. It helps in mitigating the health risks which could otherwise rise due to the use of such things. 

It’s also important that people acknowledge the necessity of compliance because if they don’t, they will have to face penalties for violation. It’s a better strategy to always remain informed about the laws and regulations. It’s essential not just for consumers but also for the sellers. If they sell their products to an underage individual, they will have to face the legal consequences.

Reasons Behind Age Restriction

reasons behind age restriction

If a person is not allowed, they are restricted for some good cause. There are multiple reasons behind which including health concerns. Vape juices have nicotine in them. The quantity of content could be less or high but it is mostly present, and it’s an addictive substance. As young people have a developing brain, the nicotine present in vapes has detrimental effect on it. When the vaping device is not easily accessible, it helps minimize the potential health risks associated with its usage. 

Restrictions help prevent individuals from becoming an addict. As the nicotine is addictive, it can make youngsters depend on it. Therefore, these restrictions serve as a major hurdle and reduce the likelihood of such incidents. When people see others vaping, they get under peer pressure to try it. But these restrictions help save them from it. 

Public health depends on many factors, and one is to avoid potential harmful substances. Vaping is one of them, too. Therefore, when these things are restricted, public health gets improved, and there are less health care associated costs. 

Effects of Vaping on Underage Individuals

effects of vaping on underage individuals

Vaping is popular among underage individuals, but the effects which it causes are deteriorating. The first side effect is on their brains. It affects the development as it has a significant negative impact on the attention, memory processing, learning and cognitive abilities of a person. 

The chemicals of e-liquid are harmful for the lungs. They cause irritation and lead to various respiratory diseases. People often report shortness of breath and coughing. All these factors when combined, makes vaping an extremely dangerous option for youngsters, as it poses great threat to the physical and mental health. 

Permissible Age For Purchase and Usage

permissible age for purchase and usage

In United States, as mentioned earlier, the permissible age is 21. Individuals before this age cannot buy or use vaping devices. However, in United Kingdom, the age to use it is 18 and in Canada, you have to be atleast 19 to use or purchase it. The age restrictions within the states of Canada vary and it’s important that you check the regulations of the state you reside in. 

Regulations are different even about the use of e-liquids depending on the content of nicotine which is present in it if you are within Australia. The legal age for purchasing and using vapes in New Zealand and EU is 18. These regulations are different for different countries, therefore, it’s always important to check it before you go for it.


Vaping is fun but it’s also dangerous. Especially for youngsters. If they start vaping from a very young age, it will have negative impact on their overall health. It leads to damage of their brain, lungs and causes a lot more health problems. Restrictions have been imposed by different countries regarding the usage of vapes. People cannot purchase vaping devices unless they are of specific age.

For some countries the age requirement is as less as 18 whereas others require the age of 21 to become eligible for purchasing vapes. The regulations are not essential only for the consumers but they are equally important for the sellers too. People need to learn about the regulations of their area as these differ not only among countries but also between states. 

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why is my esco bar not hitting all you need to know

Why is My Esco Bar Not Hitting; All You Need To Know

The Esco Bar is a great vaping device, but only when it hits the right. The device can only provide optimum performance when it’s taken care of. If a user wonders why is my Esco Bar not hitting up, then there are many reasons that could be responsible for it. Users can look for them one after the other which will help them find the real cause. Let’s learn more about these!

Why is My Esco Bar Not Hitting; What’s Happening?

why is my esco bar not hitting whats happening

When a user complains that their Esco Bar isn’t hitting up, it means that when they inhale through their device, it does not produce vapor. When a device is activated and when we use it, it produces vapors that are inhaled by us. 

But if the Esco Bar is not activated, it will not produce the required vapors. This is what is referred to as the “not hitting up”. There are multiple reasons why this happens and a close inspection could help us find the real cause. 

Does it Happen To All Esco Bar Models?

does it happen to all esco bar models

Such issues can actually happen to any vaping device. It’s not limited to just an Esco Bar. However, it does happen to be true that some brands and series are more prevalent in it as compared to others. Some models face this issue more often than others. However, the occurrence varies among individual devices. 

In Esco Bar, it happens just like any other vaping device, and many reasons are responsible for it. It usually happens because of a user error. Some people report this issue with their Esco Bar whereas others are fine with their devices. They do not encounter such issues. It is different for all users and hence varies as per the user experience. It depends a lot on how a person uses their device and how well they are aware of the correct usage.

Reasons Behind It

reasons behind it

Checking The Basics

checking the basics

Before a user complains to the manufacturer or customer service, some steps must be taken that can help resolve this issue. For instance, the basics must be inspected first. 

A user should check the battery of their Esco Bar to see if it’s charged or not. If it has less battery, the problem might be due to this. Charging it will resolve the issue. However, if the battery is worn out and cannot be charged, it needs a replacement. 

Lose Connections

Another thing that might be the cause is poor connection. The connections between tank, coil, and battery might be lost, which is leading to this problem. 

Worn Out Coil

worn out coil

Once both of these factors are in check, the next step is to look for the coil. A faulty coil can have a significant impact on the overall performance of an Esco Bar. If the coil is lose, you need to make a proper connection. But if the connections are worn out, meaning the loosening cannot be corrected, it’s time to get a new coil. 

Another reason could be the coil being burnt out. You have to see if your coil is in normal condition or not because if the coil is burnt, it leads to a reduction in vapor production. The taste of the e-liquid changes too where it becomes unpleasant or darkens in color.

E-liquid Quality and Quantity

The e-liquid inside your Esco Bar can alter the vapor production and, hence, lead to your Esco Bar not hitting up. For instance, if the quantity of e-liquid is low, it can be the reason because if the liquid isn’t sufficient, it can create problems. If the e-liquid’s quality is affected, it can influence its performance too. For example, if the E-liquid is expired or it is of low quality, it can ultimately lead to a vape that doesn’t hit up. 

Blocked Airflow

If the airflow of an Esco Bar is blocked, it can lead to many problems. It can make a user draw hard on their vape. It also leads to unpleasant taste, gurgling sounds, and diminished vapor production. Cleaning the airflow vents can solve this issue. 

Ways To Avoid It; Prevention

ways to avoid it prevention

Some tips can help in maintaining the proper performance of your Esco Bar. If you maintain regular cleaning, it can help prevent such unfortunate events from happening. The coil, vents and tank must be regularly cleaned to avoid build-up. The vape should also be stored in a proper place free from moisture and sun exposure. It helps maintain the integrity of the device. 

Ensure the e-liquid is always adequate by refilling your tank again. It’s also important that you use a high-quality e-liquid. The most important thing that can help prevent dry hits and a vape not hitting up is proper priming. The wick should be properly submerged and saturated in the e-liquid. Apart from that, it’s also important that you should follow the manual guidelines which are provided with the device.


Esco Bar sometimes cannot hit up and it can be due to various reasons. It can be due to loose connection, a burnt coil, low battery, low quality or quantity of e-liquid and blocked airflow. A user has to look for all these things and they will surely find the reason which is causing the problem. All these can be resolved with the right strategy. However, there are certain things which can be done to avoid it. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help. Take care of your device to make sure it lasts longer than an average vaping device. Things last when you take care of them!

How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; Exploring Indicators

how do you know when your esco bar is empty a complete guide

How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; A Complete Guide

Vaping is for fun, but it turns into a habit for people. If people are vaping to get nicotine hits, it’s not easier to deal with the cravings if your vape is empty. How do you know when your Esco Bar is empty? Well, there are many indicators that can be observed to see if the vape is already empty or near it.

It might be frustrating to run out of your favorite flavor, so there are multiple signs available to avoid it. In this comprehensive guide, identification of an empty Esco Bar, signs of low battery, LED light behavior, testing the device, refilling, and maintenance tips will be provided. All these things can help prevent this consequence. Let’s learn more about it!

How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; What’s an Esco Bar?

how do you know when your esco bar is empty whats an esco bar

Just like any other vaping device, an Esco Bar is a popular vape series. It was introduced in the market to provide convenience with class. It looks stunningly beautiful and, at the same time provides smooth nicotine hits with great taste. The flavor isn’t compromised. It has an inbuilt battery capacity that ranges up to 1100 mAh.

It has different models that provide varying specifications; some can be recharged, whereas others need to be discarded. It’s a popular choice among users because the flavor they provide is not comparable to the ones available in the market, and apart from that, their long-lasting batteries make them ahead of others too. All these features make them the perfect option to invest in. 

How To Identify an Empty Esco Bar

how to identify an empty esco bar

How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; When the Esco Bar is empty, how will a user know? There are different indicators that can tell that. For instance, when the e-juice is about to end, the vapor production will get less and the taste due to dry hits will be unpleasant. If someone is using an Esco Bar 2500, the battery in it is 650 mAh. It works just fine for the e-juice quantity in them. 

However, some models like the Esco Bar 5000 and Escobar 6000 require a recharge. They do not come with a USB cable or charger but a standard phone charger can serve the purpose. Dry hits can be caused by low battery. When there isn’t enough power to heat the coil properly, the vape will produce dry hits. These few things could be an indicator of an empty Esco Bar.

Signs of Low Battery

signs of low battery

Esco Bar has quickly become a popular disposable vape device but like any other electronic device, its battery does become low, and it’s important that users recognize the signs of a low battery. Esco Bar is famous for their perfect flavor but if the battery isn’t sufficient then the flavor intensity will be affected. It’s one of the key signs of a low battery. 

Apart from that, the vapor production will also be affected because as mentioned earlier, if there is not enough power, the mesh coil inside won’t be heated properly and it will result in inconsistent vapor production. Users will experience that the flavor and the draw when they inhale are becoming weaker. Another sign to look out for is the change in flashing lights. When the user draws, the light will be dimming or fading more quickly than expected. It’s a sign that the battery is running low and the user needs either a recharge or a replacement. 

Indicator Light Behavior

indicator light behavior

How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; The Esco Bar has an LED indicator that shows the status of the device. Sometimes it shows the battery level, and sometimes it shows the e-juice is about to end. The LED behavior varies with the Esco Bar model. If the flashlight is blinking, it shows that the battery or the e-juice is empty.

The LED indicator provides information about the current condition of the device. Usually, the LED light is solid when the device has a full battery. If the light flickers frequently, the battery level is dropping and the device needs a recharge. However, as mentioned earlier, not all devices have it and not all show the same behavior. 

Testing The Device

testing the device

When you think the device has been fully charged, or you have refilled it with e-liquid, you can test the device. Vapor production will be back to normal after a charge or refill. When a person draws on their device, they will experience the same flavor and vapor density as they did in the beginning. However, if the device, after charging, still shows signs of a low battery, like the blinking of the LED light or insufficient vapor production, then there might be a technical issue. Other associated factors that might lead to such issues include a worn-out coil.

Refill Options

refill options

Esco Bar has different specifications. Not all come with refill options. But some models do have it, not only in terms of e-juice but also in terms of their batteries. The types that are not discarded upon emptying require a refill. For instance, when an Esco Bar 6000 gets empty, it can be recharged by using a standard charger. 

Maintenance Tips

How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; It’s important to take care of your vaping device. If it has been through several vaping sessions, you need to recharge it. If you feel the e-juice is about to end, you need to refill it. However, cleaning and maintenance are necessary to achieve the same results. If proper cleaning is not being performed and the device is being overcharged, the coil will wear out. These things need to be considered to avoid these unfortunate things from happening.


How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; Esco Bar devices are suitable for long vaping sessions, but they might get empty. They can run out of e-juice or the battery. In order to see if it’s empty, there are multiple signs, like reduced vapor production, an unpleasant flavor, and the blinking of the LED light. Sometimes the LED is not present, but if it is, then the LED behavior will indicate the current status of the device. Cleaning and proper maintenance, like normal charging and avoiding an overcharge, will increase the longevity of the device.

Why is my Elf Bar not Hitting but Lighting Up? A Complete Guide

how many hits does an elf bar have a complete guide

How Many Hits does an Elf Bar Have? A Complete Guide

Have you heard so much about elf bars’ popularity that you cannot wait to try them? The market is filled with a wide variety of elf bar flavors and styles, each with a varying puff count. How many hits does an elf bar have? You are curious about it, and you want to know which one to select that suits your vaping habit. Elf Bar is a versatile disposable vape brand with a lower puff count of 600 and a higher puff count of 5000, such as the BC5000 and BC5000 Ultra.

The elf bar is an excellent choice for both new and experienced vapers. If you are new to vaping, you can choose the Elf Bar 600 and experiment with its various flavors. For heavy smokers, Elf Bar has a variety of exotic flavors in BC5000 for a long and uninterrupted vaping journey. Let us discover how many hits an elf bar has and how long each elf bar lasts.

What does Puff Count Mean?

Puff count is the standard unit of measurement for disposable vapes. For this reason, an estimated puff count will be included in the advertising for each disposable vape. The number of times you draw, inhale, or make a hit on your vaping device is known as the puff count. An elf bar BC5000, for example, has approximately 5000 puffs, while an elf bar 600 has approximately 600 puffs.

Puff count is just an estimate that depends on a number of factors; it is not a precise number. It varies slightly depending on your vaping habit. You will get fewer puffs than the estimated number if you take long hits during your vaping session. If you make light hits, you will receive roughly the same amount of puff count. 

What is a Casual and a Heavy Vaper?

Heavy vapers are those who vape more frequently and use high-nicotine-strength vape juice to satisfy their cravings. A study found that vapers who use their devices heavily produce 300 hits a day, while light users produce 50 hits, or roughly three hits every hour. An average vaper lies somewhere in between them. One can determine with clarity whether they belong in the heavy, average, or casual vaping categories from the definition given above. People can quickly determine which elf-bar vaporizer size best fits their requirements.

How Many Hits does an Elf Bar Have?

how many hits does an elf bar have

Elf Bar Vapes has introduced a number of vape styles with different lifespans. A prefilled e-liquid cartridge sufficient for a certain number of hits is included with every particular elf-bar vaping device. Let us discuss some of them for better understanding.

How Many Hits does an Elf Bar 600 Have?

The Elf Bar 600 is a simple and small cylinder vape that holds two milliliters of vape juice and a pre-charged battery. It comes in a variety of flavors and provides up to 600 puffs of pure and smooth flavors. Given its small size, heavy users can get two days’ worth of use out of it, while casual users can get twelve. Its battery is not rechargeable, so when you are done with it, throw it away and buy a new one.

How Many Hits does an Elf Bar BC3500 Have?

how many hits does an elf bar bc5000 have

Elf Bar BC3500 is a disposable vape with 10.5 ml of vape juice and a rechargeable battery capacity of 650 mAh. It is also available in different delectable flavors. Elf Bar BC3500 offers you approximately 3500 strong hits bursting with flavors. When vaping frequently, it is sufficient for 12 days, but for less frequent users, it is sufficient for 70 days.

How Many Hits does an Elf Bar BC5000 Have?

The Elf Bar BC5000 is a popular vaping pod among enthusiasts due to its large capacity cartridge that can hold 13 ml of prefilled vape juice. The Elf bar BC5000 provides you with 5000 puffs of exotic flavors, which is sufficient for 100 days for light users and 17 days for heavy users. The same holds true for the CR5000, TE5000, and BC5000 Ultra elf bars.

Factors Affecting Puff Count

factors affecting puff count

The number printed on the vape device next to the elf bar indicates an approximate amount of puff. To determine the puff count, manufacturers of vape pens simulate a puff test using equipment to determine the approximate amount of time the device will last until the liquid runs out. This estimation is not the same for every vaper. The quantity of vaping one does each day, the size of the puff, the device’s accessibility, and the kind of vape juice one uses are all major factors affecting puff count.

Whether you are a heavy, moderate, or occasional vaper will determine how long an elf bar will last you. If you make strong and deep puffs with less break, you will end up with your elf bar early. If you want your elf bar to last longer, use your vaping device for a while and then take a break. Refrain from constantly holding your device to prevent excessive usage. Furthermore, the nicotine strength of the e-liquid determines how many hits an elf bar has. Vaping increases when you use vape juice with low nicotine strength because it cannot satisfy your cravings for nicotine.



How many hits does an elf bar have? While the packaging of an elf bar indicates the approximate number of hits, this number varies amongst vapers. Your elf bar’s longevity depends on a variety of factors, such as your vaping technique, puff size, vape juice strength, and device accessibility.  Elf bars come in an array of designs and dimensions.

People have little trouble determining which elf bar vaporizer size best suits their requirements. After reading this blog, you will be equipped to select an elf bar based on your needs. It is recommended that you charge your elf bar fully before use and store it in a dry location to maintain optimal functioning conditions.

How Do You Know When Your Esco Bar is Empty; Exploring Indicators

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