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How Long Does An Orion Vape Last

When a person is buying an electronic device especially a vape they want to know how long it would last. Because obviously when a person is investing in something they want to see how well the cost of product matches with it’s worth. In recent times, a tremendous increase in the population of vapers has been observed. There are many questions which arise within the minds of users and one of them is its longevity. In order to tell how long awake will last there are certain factors and features that needs to be considered to answer it correctly. It’s not so simple and therefore it has to be broken down into several aspects. A person has to consider the battery life, pod longevity, coil durability and lifespan of the e-cigarette itself to answer it. In this comprehensive guide we will explore all of these factors to make sure you have a clear understanding of how long in Orion vape will last.

Battery Life

battery life

Among some of the critical features and factors of an e-cigarette, battery life is an important one. It is because of the fact that it determines how long a person can use it between different charges. It shows how much of the charge a device will store and how long it will run on it. These waves difficulty come with an inbuilt battery based on lithium ion and has a capacity that ranges between 950 mAh to 1500 mAh. E cigarettes of this capacity might last even for the next day if it is being used by moderate users. 

It also depends on the battery degradation where charging reduces battery’s capacity overtime. Usually it is seen that after 300 to 500 cycles of recharge users experience a noticeable decrease in how long their device battery lasts between charges. Another important factor is the usage pattern of an individual if the device is being frequently used at higher wattages than the battery will be drained faster as compared to the lower wattages. A person with proper charging habits also influences the battery life. When a person over charges they device and keeps it connected with the charger the device over charges and then drains relatively faster than usual. 

Pod Longevity 

pod longevity

The Orion vape comes with a pod which is replaceable. It’s a refillable tank and its longevity depends on many factors. For instance, it depends on the consumption of e-liquid, coil durability, flavour degradation and many more. The pod holds around 2 ML of liquid but how long it stays inside it depends on the habits of a user. If they are frequent and heavy vapers, it won’t last much long. But the same amount of liquid stays much longer for occasional users. There is a finite lifespan for the coil of an e-cigarette. Usually, a coil lasts from want to weeks depending on the e liquid bridges being used and the frequency of vaping habits. There are many other factors that we are out a coil for instance the high vegetable glycerin quantity in the e-liquids. 

A user will notice that their pod or coil needs replacement when they face a burnt taste in their mouth. When a person starts to use their device, the coil gets used in a similar fashion and the flavour intensity gets reduced with time. If you take care of your device in a proper manner then you can extend the life of your vape. You have to make sure that you are cleaning the contacts regularly and there is no residual build up on them. 

Coil Durability 

The heating element of an e-cigarette is the coil. It is considered as the heart of this device. The vaping experience is influenced by the durability of coil. When a person or users encounters burning of their coil then the whole pod needs to be replaced. Usually the coil last for a few weeks but a person who is frequently using their device might find that there while needs a replacement more frequently as compared to other occasional users. There are some signs that show that the coil needs replacement for instance there is a burnt taste in the mouth or the device results in reduced vapour production. It is often experienced that a gurgling sound is made when the coil is not functioning properly. 

Lifespan of Device 

lifespan of device

The overall lifespan of Orion vape depends on manufacturers for instance the build quality of the model along with the vaping habits of its user. Usually these devices are known for the robust build quality and they are made with stainless steel or zinc alloys that are quite durable in nature. The most frequently a person use if your device the faster the experience the components being worn out. However, Orion vape has been built especially for those who are heavy users. It has been mentioned earlier that regular maintenance is crucial no matter what. You have to make sure that you are cleaning the contacts and avoiding all other wearing out habits which will ultimately contribute to its longevity. 

Tips for Users

You have to store your device in cool and dry place by making sure that it is not indirect contact with the sunlight. It should be stored in normal temperatures and should not be exposed to extremely hot and cold environments. You have to clean the contacts regularly by using rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. It’s important that you keep an eye on your weapon habits because if you are to having on it it will ultimately decrease the longevity of your device. Another important factor is that you always have to use high quality liquids no matter what and follow manufacturer guidelines. 


When it comes to the longevity of an Orion vape, you have to consider manufacturers like the battery life, durability of coil and maintenance. User must understand all these factors and should always follow best practices which will ultimately increase the lifespan of their device. You cannot consistently be heavy on your device by frequently weeping through it over charging it and overfilling it while expecting it to remain in perfect condition. All though it has been designed to be a long lasting device but still a person has to follow certain precautionary measures for preventing issues from arising in future.

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How To Fix Your Orion Bar Vape

With time, people are now moving towards cleaner alternatives of traditional smoking. In recent times vaping has come out as a popular option for them. It offers a cleaner and often more enjoyable experience for its users. There are many e-cigarette devices available in the market but people prefer a device which is well regarded in its features. Therefore Orion Bar Vape is popular as a great option. Its users know it for its reliability and performance. However every user must always keep this on their mind that any electronic device can face and they can encounter problems with it anytime irrespective of the fact that how well the brand is known by people. Similarly the Orion vape can also encounter issues at any time which disturbs the vaping experience. In this comprehensive guide you will learn about some basic issues and common problems which occur with this device and we will provide a detailed solution for you to get back on your vaping smoothly without further delay. 

Understand Your Device

understand your device

There are many people out there who buy a certain product and starts using it without much interest about the specific features and functions. It’s important to understand and learn about your device before you use it so that when you encounter certain problem you would know whether it is fixable or not. You cannot troubleshoot without knowing your device. Therefore before you move towards fixing the problem it is important that you understand the basic components of your device. When you buy an Orion vape it includes certain components like the pod or cartridge along with a battery, coil, mouthpiece and LED indicator. 

Each device needs is the battery to power it. As the is cigarette has he liquid in it, therefore there should be a container for it and cartridge serves the purpose. A person cannot in heel and easies until and unless it is heated to create vapours and the heating coil do that. The status of the device is indicated by the LED indicators installed in it. 

Common Issues with Orion Vape

common ssues with orion vape

There are many common issues that can rise up with time but one of the most frequently encountered problem by the users is their device not turning up. Is problem can be trouble shooted by checking the battery, cleaning the contacts or resetting the device. Device cannot function properly unless it has a sufficient battery therefore you have to make sure that your device is fully charge. If it is not then you have to connect it to a charger and let it charge for some time. The minimum time you need to give it is 30 minutes however the time varies depending on the model you are using. However when you start to recharge it and the LED indicator does not light up, it could be a sign that there is some sort of issue with the charging port. 

If you encounter that problem then you need to clean the contacts. Sometimes it happens that the battery contact get dirty or corroded with time. As a result it prevent the device from turning up. But you can resolve this issue by scrubbing the contacts with a cotton swap that has been dubbed in rubbing alcohol. You have to be gentle with the contacts because if you are to hard you made damage them. If any damage occurs to the contacts the device won’t work because they will be a gap and no connection between the battery and the pod. However if cleaning of the contacts does not help you can think about resetting your device. You can do that by the reset function that has been provided in your model. But you have to see and take guidance from the user manual that has been provided with the device and follow the instructions careful. 

Week Vapour Production

week vapour production

Another common issue that can arise with this device is that you will see no vapour production. You have to check the e liquid and see whether it is sufficient for the device or not. Sometimes when you run your fault within empty tank it damages the coil and you face week vapor or no vapor at all. You have to inspect the coil if there is sufficient in liquid in your pod and see whether your coil is in good condition or it has been worn out with time. If you feel a burnt taste in your mouth, then it’s important that you move on towards replace in the coil with the new one. Sometimes the air flow can be blocked which can result in reduced vapour production and you have to remove the pod and clean the air flow holes to unblock it. 

E-liquid Leakage

Liquid is leaking it could be a mess your frustrating problem. You can fix that by checking the pod and insurance that each of the compartment is secularly attached to one another. You also have to make sure that there is no physical damage to the device. You can avoid overfilling which can also reduce this problem from occuring. 

Burnt Taste

Sometimes people complain about having a burnt taste of their vape in their mouth. It occurs because of the burnt coil or wattage settings. You can avoid that by priming the coil and saturating the week for sufficient amount of time. You can also avoid that by checking the wattage settings and using only the lower ones to prevent this problem from occurring. 


Just like any other device, Orion vape can also encounter problems. But you don’t have to worry about that because each problem has a solution. There are some common issues that occur with it and has simple troubleshooting methods to resolve them. Some of the issues include device not turning up, weak or no vapour, e-liquid leakage, and burnt taste in mouth. A user can get guidance from here and apply it accordingly to resolve what they have encountered with their device.

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How to Refill Orion Disposable Vape; Learning the Right Way

The name disposable vapes means that these cannot be refilled. However, users are quite innovative and they want to experience new things with their gadgets. Disposable vapes like the Orion vape have gained popularity because of the convenience which it provides for their users. These devices are prefilled with liquid and are not meant to be used again and again as they are built for a single use. But many of the users want to explore different ways through which they can reduce the wastage and make their vaping journey more cost effective. They can make it a reality if they learn how to refill their existing device which will extend its lifespan. In this comprehensive guide we will learn about the steps which can be followed to refill an Orion disposable vape. You will find tips, tools and the safety precautions that are required to ensure the process is smooth and seamless. Let’s read to know more about it! 

Understanding an Orion Vape

understanding an orion vape

Before you disassemble a device it’s important that you learn about it and about its compartments. Before delving into the refilling process, it’s important that you learn about the parts of an Orion disposable vape. It consists of a mouthpiece which is the starting part or the main part through which a user inhales the vapour, the second part is the e-liquid reservoir which is the container that holds the e-juice in it, there has to be a heating element to heat up the e-juice and it is the coil that vaporises it, the fourth part is the battery that provides the power for device, and the last or the fifth component is the air flow system that allows air to mix with the vapour. All these compartments come together and combine to complete an Orion vape. 

Equipments Required

equipments required

Refilling a disposable vape is not something which is preferred and it could be tricky that’s why users have to be cautious about it. You need certain tools to refill it and these include a small flattened screwdriver, e liquid, paper towel, a dropper, and gloves. 

Steps of Refilling Process

steps of refilling process

In order to refill up vape, you have to remove the mouthpiece and in order to do that, you can use the screwdriver to gently do it. You have to be careful while doing it and you do not have to apply too much force because it will end up damaging the device. After you have removed the mouth piece, now you will be able to see the coil and the liquid reservoir. 

Once the mouthpiece has been removed you can now easily access the e-liquid reservoir. Usually these reservoirs are sealed with the rubber plug or a silicon plug in order to prevent any leakages. You have to remove this plug using the same screwdriver but again you have to be cautious about the force that you are applying because it will damage the reservoir if you are too hard on it. 

Now you have to come to the e-liquid that you have chosen for refilling. It has to be of your choice, but you have to make sure it is the right type for your vape. Not all liquids go well with any vape. Some have a higher VG ratio, whereas others have a higher PG ratio. You can refill this liquid or transfer it into the reservoir by using the dropper. You have to make sure that you do not overfill the reservoir because it will cost potential risk for your device and you may face leakages. You only have to fill about 80 to 90% of the reservoir’s capacity and you have to leave some space for the silicon plug. 

After you have filled the reservoir and placed the rubber plug securely, you can now move to the reassembling process. Put each compartment where it was before you disassembled it. You have to leave the coil soaked in your e-liquid for a few minutes before you start vaping again. It’s a crucial step because if the coil is not properly saturated with the liquid it will lead to dry hits and it can also lead to damage where the coil is burnt out and give the burn taste in your mouth. 

Once a few minutes have passed, you can now test the device by taking a few gentle puffs. If you feel the taste or flavour is burnt then you need to give more time to your device for your coil to prime completely. However if the taste is normal then the refilling process has been successful and now you can use your device. 

Safety Precautions

safety precautions

As you refill the wave you have to follow certain safety precautions, and these include; a clean and safe space for your work so that the e-liquid that you are using is not contaminated. Secondly you have to use gloves so that the e-liquid does not touch your bare hands. Thirdly you have to avoid overfilling because it can lead to leakages and damage to devices. Once you have refilled your device you have to dispose of the remaining e-liquid that you prepared along with the e-liquid residue that you have attained from your reservoir.


Even though Orion disposable vapes are not designed for refilling, they can still be managed for reused which can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for many users. The process of doing so involves removing the mouthpiece, accessing and filling the e-liquid reservoir, and then reassembling the device again. There are many tools used for this and these include a small flathead screwdriver, syringe, and e-liquid. Users have to follow safety precautions, like working in a clean area and avoiding overfilling because it’s all essential. Even though it’s a great way of enjoying your vape for a longer time but it may void warranties and carries a risk of device damage.

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What is in Orion Vape; A Complete Guide For Yo

No matter whether a person is a vaper or not, sometimes a curiosity arises where they want to know what is inside a vape. They want to learn about the compartment and the components within. They want to know how it all comes together to make it function at the end. Among the many brands that are available in the market Orion wave stands out among them as the most popular one. The reason is its advanced technology, sleek design and user friendly system that offer customizable settings for them. It’s a great option for those that want to enjoy a personal touch to their vaping journey. In this comprehensive guide we will delve into what is inside an Orion vape and we will examine its components along with the ingredients that are usually present in its liquid. We will explore the technology behind it and also the potential health implications which it causes for its users. All these factors need to be considered by people, especially the users in order to make them understand the implications and consequences associated with it. It will help them in making an informed decision about things that are directly influencing and impacting their overall health. 

A Brief Introduction to Orion Vapes

a brief introduction to orion vapes

Orion vape was developed by Lost Vape Company. They are known for their innovation in the vaping industry. When it comes to the Orion vape, they launched a series where different models have been introduced such as the Orion DNA go, Orion Q and Orion Plus. All these models have been designed to cater different preferences of users. Some need to enjoy their favourite flavour efficiently and they would go with a normal Orion Q that has preset power settings. But there are users who want to feel a touch of their personal preference when it comes to their vaping journey and for them models such as Orion DNA Go has been introduced. These devices are portable, and compact that helps in enhancing the user experience because they are efficient. 

Components of Orion Vapes

components of orion vapes

And Orion vape has a pod cartridge, a coil, a battery, a chipset, and a dip tip in it. All these components combine to make a complete device and each component has its own function. For instance the cartridge is actually the tank that stores the liquid in it. It’s a crucial component because without it the e-juice would have nowhere to go and the vape cannot function. Orion vapes are refillable because they are the pod systems and they also have different resistance options. It allows the user to choose between a DTL and MTL vaping style. The e-juice alone cannot produce the vapour and it needs to be heated up which comes from the coil.  Coil is the heating element that turns the e-juice into a vapour that can be inhaled by the user. Orion vapes use high quality coils that are usually made from good quality raw materials such as stainless steel and kanthal. The coil needs a battery for it to start the heating process and that energy comes from the inbuilt rechargeable battery.  Orion vapes have batteries that range from 950 mAh and above. 

Different models like Orion DNA Go and Orion Plus has DNA Go chipset in them. They are popular for it because it’s an advanced chipset system that allows customizable setting such as precise control over power settings and temperature regulations. The chipset is also important for safety and protection purposes as it helps in preventing over charge and short circuits. The fifth and an important component of the Orion vape is the drip tip which is also known as the mouthpiece. It is from where the user inhales the vapour which is produced within. 

Orion Vape and E-liquid 

An Orion vape no matter how great the quality is cannot function unless and until it has an e-liquid inside. The e-liquid is made up of many ingredients and the most important 4 main components of an e-juice includes; PG which is also known as Propylene Glycol. It’s a colourless and odourless component in liquid form which functions as the carrier for nicotine and flavouring. In comparison to PG another component which is called the vegetable glycerine or VG is a thicker and sweeter liquid. It gives the density to an e-juice and is responsible for the clouds or vapour that are produced while vaping. Nicotine is an optional ingredient. Some people are addicted whereas others skip it and just vape to enjoy the flavouring. 

The fourth and the most important ingredient of an e-juice is the flavouring. These are actually the food grade additives that are used in the e-juice. Some people like to keep it simple like menthol or tobacco whereas others need more complex flavour such as a combination of fruit, desert or beverages. Orion vape offers a wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from. 



There are many features in an Orion vape that makes it compelling and one of them is the replay mode. It allows user to capture and replicate their favourite puff where this mode ensures that they receive a consistent performance throughout their vaping session. Boost mode is another feature that allows the user to increase the initial power output where the coil is heated faster and more vapour is produced. The DNA go chipset provides security features where the devices is not overheated and is protected against short circuits. These devices are popular for their customisable settings that offer a personal touch for users. 


Orion Vape is a renowned vaping devices series that are popular for their advanced technology, sleek design, and customizable settings. They have components in them and these include include the pod cartridge, coil, battery, chipset, and drip tip. All these are essential for its operation. The e-liquid in them have many components as well and it typically contains propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavourings. The DNA GO chipset is what gives it the unique touch and provides features like Replay Mode, Boost Mode, and safety protections. While vaping is generally less harmful than smoking, it still poses risks such as nicotine addiction and potential respiratory issues. It is important to keep them in mind while vaping.

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How Many Hits Does An Orion Vape Have

In the past decades people were interested and enthusiastic about smoking traditional cigarettes. But with time and advancements, people became aware of the hazards associated with traditional smoking. With that their mindsets changed and they began to search for healthy alternatives. Vape became a popular alternative to it. There are many devices available which have been created to suit different preferences of users. Not everyone is interested in flavour and not all are looking for alternatives. Some just want to enjoy the vaping experience itself. When it comes to vaping devices there are many options available in the market and among them Orion is a well known brand which is popular for its innovative designs and reliable performance. But when users look towards it for usage, they often think about a simple question which is how many hits will they get from an Orion vape. In order to answer it there are many factors that need to be considered. Some of these factors include the specific model of the vape along with the e-liquid which is being used and the vaping habits of a user. In this comprehensive guide all these factors will be discussed to make sure you have your answer, let’s read!

Understanding Orion Vape

understanding orion vape

Lost vape is the company that produced Orion vapes. These vapes are popular for their advanced technology and their specific sleek design. They launched many models but the most popular ones are the Orion DNA Go and the Orion Q. Vapes are of different kinds depending on the systems which are being used within them. These two vapes are the pod systems which mean that they have e-liquid filled replaceable pods within them. But when it comes to the number of hits which they provide, the difference in technology and functionality between these models influences it. 

Orion DNA Go 

orion dna go

The Orion DNA Go is a model that has been equipped with a DNA go chipset, due to this it allows the user to customise their settings by using the Escribe software. Among the settings which can be controlled includes the wattage settings, temperature control and the number of puffs that a user can get within a certain limit. When a person is able to control the number of puff which they can receive, then the number of hits that an Orion vape gives to each user will vary accordingly. It’s a highly efficient model that has been developed by Lost Vape Company and it can provide a consistent vaping experience for users. 

Orion Q

orion q

Orion Q is another model that has been developed and is considered as a more straight forward model compared to the previous one which is DNA Go. It does not provide customizable settings for the users and that is why they offer a consistent power output where the number of hits per device is more predictable as compared to other models. 

Factors Affecting Number of Puffs

There are many factors that affect the number of puffs that a user can get from any device and these include pod capacity, consumption of e liquid, power settings, habit of vaper, and the type of e liquid which is being used in it. When it comes to the pod capacity and then e liquid consumption, it must be kept in mind that both of these models have a pod with 2 ML capacity. On average that level of e liquid provides up to 300 to 400 hits per device. But this is not an actual number because it varies depending on the habits of a user. Because when it comes to DNA Go the settings are customisable and people can get longer hits which lead to gradual decrease in the e liquid capacity leading to fewer puffs per device. It depends on the consumption rate of e liquid which is directly dependent on the power settings and the type of e liquid which is being used. 

If a person has Orion DNA Go, it will use more e-juice as compared to other models because of the higher power settings which reduces the number of hits a person can get from that device. In comparison to that when a lower power setting is used by a user it will conserve the liquid and the number of puffs will be increased. The Orion Q has a fixed power output where the consumption rate is not dependent on the power setting and it makes it quite easier for a user to predict about the hits which they can get from it.

The way you use your device changes everything for instance when it comes to the vaping habits of a person, if they are used to taking longer and more frequent puffs then the e liquid will be depleted faster. Another factor that influences it includes the vegetable glycerine and PG ratio of the liquid. When the VG content is higher in any liquid then the hits that are produced will have more density but the number of them will be reduced. Less vapour can be produced with a higher PG content e juice but there will be more hits per device. 

Estimating Hits per Device 

As these Orion vape models have a 2 ML pod capacity, the average puff consumption of the e-juice will be 0.006 ml. By that we can estimate that we will get around 333 hits for the device. A user can maximise the number of hits by adjusting their power settings and monitoring the e liquid levels. They should also focus on cleaning and maintaining their device along with choosing the right e liquid and also paying attention to their vaping habits.


In conclusion, we can say that determining how many hits an Orion vape provides depends on many factors and these include the specific model, vaping habits of a person, and the type of e-liquid which is being used. The Orion DNA Go and Orion Q are among the popular models from Lost Vape and offer unique features. The DNA Go offers customizable settings which affects the number of puffs because it is directly associated with e-liquid consumption, while the Orion Q provides a more consistent output. On average we can say that both of these have a 2 ML pod capacity which typically offer around 300 to 400 hits per device. However, this number can vary based on power settings, the VG/PG ratio of the e-liquid and individual usage patterns.

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How To Fix a Burnt Orion Vape; A Complete Guide

People have shifted from traditional smoking to vaping. Because of this emerging trend, various e-cigarettes have been introduced into the market. Each has its own specific features and benefits. For instance Orion vape stands out among the others for its advanced features and sleek design. However it is important to consider that like any other electronic device this vaping equipment can also face various technical issues. The most common issue which is experienced by different vapers is a burnt taste in their mouth. When users experience this issue, it is frustrating. However there are many ways through which a person can learn how to fix it. It’s an issue that is fixable with some basic troubleshooting and maintenance. In this comprehensive guide we will learn about the different steps which we can take to resolve this issue. 

Understanding the Burnt Taste

understanding the burnt taste

When a person experiences the burnt taste of their vape in their mouth it is important that they learn why this is happening in the first place. There are many reasons behind it however not every reason or any reason could be possible in your case. That is exactly why it is important to learn each reason before deciding upon anything. The common reason due to which this burnt flavour usually occurs is the drying of the wick inside the coil of the vape. The wick becomes dry and then burns out leading to this burnt taste and flavour in mouth. 

There are many reasons that lead to this issue and among these include sufficient e-liquid, chain vaping, high voltage and old coil. There should be enough and sufficient e-liquid within a vape to keep the wicks saturated if this becomes lower than a certain level then it leads to dry hits. It is often advised that a person must not take quick hits within a short span of time because this will not give the wick enough time to absorb more liquid from the vape and ultimately it will become dry. This process is known as chain vaping. Another reason that leads to this issue is using high wattage settings. When a high wattage is used it becomes to hot for the coil which causes it to burn out more quickly than ever. When the coil is burnt out it leads to that burnt flavour and taste in the mouth. Sometimes nothing happens and it is just the coil itself that wears out with time. The coils have a limited lifespan after which they become old and they have to be replaced with the new one for the vape to function properly. All these reasons lead to that burnt flavour of Orion vape in a users mouth. 

Step by Step Guide to Fix a burnt Orion Vape

step by step guide to fix a burnt orion vape

Refilling the E-liquid

As it has been mentioned in the reasons above that when the e-liquid becomes lower than a certain level it leads to dry wicks, therefore it is important to check and refill the liquid if it is therefore it is important to check and refill the liquid if it is therefore it is important to check and refill the liquid if it is empty. It is considered as the first step in resolving this burnt taste of Orion vape in your mouth. In order to do that you have to inspect the tank by opening the Orion vape and checking the level of e-liquid. If it is low you have to refill it by using the right e-juice. You have to make sure that you refill it with the correct type of e-liquid for your device because some liquids cannot be used with any vaping device especially the high vegetable glycerine blends are too thick and they are not usable with any device. They clog up the device and wear out the coils. 

Coil Priming 

The coil has to be primed in order to avoid dry hits. In order to do that you have to drip e-liquid into the coil. Before you take the new coil and install it into your vape, you have to drip a few drops of that liquid directly on to the wick. After you have primed the coil, you don’t have to take the puff directly unless and until you refill the tank and the coil gets submerged into it. You can leave the device for up to 10 to 20 minutes in order to make sure that the insides are completely saturated with liquid. 

Adjusting Wattage Settings

adjusting wattage settings

You have to make sure that the wattage setting you are using is adjusted accordingly. If you are not using the right one then the coil will be burnt out. Therefore you must refer to the coil specifications and check the recommendations which are usually printed on the device. You have to ensure that the wattage settings you have chosen is set within this range and you must always start with the lower level and you can later on increase the wattage settings.


Dealing with a burnt taste and flavour while vaping with your Orion vape can be frustrating at times but it’s quite a common issue and it can be resolved with proper troubleshooting. In order to do that, you have to understand the reasons behind the burnt taste. The reasons could be anything from insufficient e-liquid, chain vaping, high wattage settings, to an old coil. When a user gets proper guidance and follows the steps outlined in this guide which includes refilling the e-liquid, priming the coil, and adjusting the wattage settings they can easily restore their Orion vape to optimal performance. Regular maintenance is also crucial along with proper and mindful usage which will ensure a better vaping experience, free from the unpleasant burnt flavour. With these tips, users can enjoy the advanced features and sleek design of their Orion vape without any hitches.

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How is Battery Life on Orion Lost Vape

Do you have Orion vape with you or do you want to know how is battery life on Orion Lost vape before you buy it? If yes then this comprehensive guide is for you. It will guide you about what Orion vape has special in it along with the battery life it provides for its users. Even though there are many vapes available in the market today but users need customisable experience for them. They want to feel connected to their vape and want to enjoy their vaping journey. Some people need some basic features like their favourite flavour and a good battery life but what if they get everything in single way? Orion Lost vape is something like that. It has been made and designed considering the needs of their users who prefer to have advanced features along with all the basic features of a single vape. Let’s read to know more about its battery life!

How is Battery Life on Orion Lost Vape; A Brief Introduction of Orion Lost Vape

how is battery life on orion lost vape a brief introduction of orion lost vape

Lost Vape is the company that introduced Orion bar vape into the market. It’s a disposable vape that has two percent nicotine in it. It also provides up to 7500 puffs for users. It also has some advanced features like air flow control that can be used for MTL and also for restricted lung hits. The battery capacity is 650 mAh. It’s a great option for those who prefer to have long sessions. It also has many flavours to cater the needs of different users. Before you dive into the details of how Orion vape works and how much battery it provides for its users you should learn some basics about this one. 

Reasons of Popularity 

reasons of popularity

You should know what makes this vape so special for the users. It is there sleek design and advanced features which they offer. It also gives a customizable experience for the user as it gives them control over wattage and power settings. They can control the vapour production as per their choice. So when they use Orion vape, they feel as if it has been designed especially for their needs. That is what every user of any product needs. 

They need to feel their product has been made for them and for their specific needs. That is what Orion vape is famous for. If you do not know the features and specialities of any product how would you be able to decide whether you need it or not. When you think of customisable experience, Orion vape would be a good choice for you because it has everything a user needs in their vape. 

Understanding Battery Capacities and Types

understanding battery capacities and types

In order to tell the battery timing of any device especially the e-cigarettes we have to consider the capacity and the type of battery which is being used in them. For instance in the Orion lost vape, the company uses built in lithium polymer batteries. These are known for their light weight and high energy density which makes them the perfect battery type for a long lasting vaping device. The standard capacity for these devices such as Lost Orion vape is 650 mAh. In order to understand the battery timing, you have to understand the concept of mAh. It’s a unit that measures electric power over time. When the mAh of any battery type is high then the battery timing is considered to be high. 

Lost Orion Vape Battery Timing 

lost orion vape battery timing

As the Lost Orion vape has 650 mAh battery in it, and therefore it offers at decent battery timing for its users. It has 18 ml pre filled juice in it, and when it is fully charged it will last about 5 to 7 days of usage. The battery is enough for this amount of e-juice and it will deplete only when the e-juice has been emptied. The total vaping time which it offers is more than 75 hours. When it is empty then it takes about 45 to 1 hour for a complete charge. 

Factors Affecting Battery Timing 

The battery timing of Orion Lost Vape depends upon many factors and these include the power settings, frequency of use, pod resistance, and user habits. As this vape offers customisable settings and users can change it as per their need therefore the wattage settings range from 10 watt to 40 watt. If the user is using a higher wattage, the battery will drain more quickly. The frequency with which the users vape also matters, if they use it frequently the battery will not last much. Some of the habits such as longer puffs and the frequency of puff also affect the battery life. If they take frequent puffs and longer ones, the battery will drain drastically. 


Orion Lost Vape offers many benefits for its users. It has advanced features that give customizable feeling to the users. They can control some of the settings such as wattage. It also comes in different flavors to cater the needs of different users. If we talk about the battery timing of it, we have to consider the mAh which is the unit of electric power. The mAh which this vape offers is 650. Although it might not sound so much but it is enough for the 18 ml e-juice that comes pre-filled in it. It lasts for about 5 to 7 days and has a battery timing that goes above 75 hours. If you talk about how much it takes to get completely charged then it is 45 to 1 hour. If someone is interested in buying a vape that has all the advanced features along with good battery timing then Orion vape is a good choice.

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How To Refill A Disposable Vape; A Complete Guide

Disposable vapes are popular and as time passes people are now moving towards DIYs related to them. If you are running out of e-juice, you can refill it but you have to follow some basic steps. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to refill a disposable vape at the comfort of your home. Let’s read!

How To Refill A Disposable Vape; is it possible?

how to refill a disposable vape is it possible

When you buy a vape and you have known the vape to be disposable, you are forced to think that it cannot be refilled and you have to discard it once it gets empty. But that’s not the case in many vapes. Sometimes, the disposable vapes are built to be refilled and reused. You can surely use the ones again and again if they have been designed and developed in such a way. 

However, you must know that not every disposable vape can be refilled but there are some infact many that can be. You can save your money by doing that but you need some patience too. You have to follow the right technique. 

Equipment You Need 

equipment you need

If you want to refill your disposable vape, you can only do that when you have the right equipments. You need to gather some like the e-juice which you need your disposable vape to be filled with along with tweezers or a screwdriver to open up your disposable vape. You also need some paper towels to clean the spillage which might occur during the process and fot precise filling, you need a syringe or a dropper. 

Safety First 

safety first

You might be too excited for your disposable vape to be refilled by you but you cannot overlook the risks associated with it. As its an electronic device you have to be careful when you are disassembling and reassembling it. If you do it the wrong way, the whole device might explode and it could be highly dangerous for you. Therefore, as the battery is involved, you have to consider safety first. You have to make sure you approach the device with clean and dry hands. It also helps in preventing the contamination of e-juice which might occur otherwise. 

Step by Step Guide

step by step guide


When you have to refill a vape, you cannot do so unless you have disassembled it into its initial and separate compartments. As we are refiling a disposable vape which isn’t designed to be refilled, we have to use the tweezer or the screwdriver to get the mouthpiece off of it. You have to carefully remove the mouthpiece and you have to be gentle while doing so that you do not end up damaging any compartment. When you remove the mouthpiece, you will be able to find the cotton along with the coil inside of it. This coil is what heats up the e-juice and produces the vapor. 

Cotton Removal

The cotton that you see inside has to be removed. You have to be careful and gentle with each step because a single mistake can damage the insides of vape. You have to use the tweezer to get the cotton out of it. Once you have removed it, you will be able to see the liquid chamber inside. This is the place which you can use to fill you e-juice with. You have to be careful with the cotton removal because the coil is involved and it can get damaged. If it does, the whole disposable vape will become useless. 

E-juice Filling 

The chamber you see has to be filled with the e-juice of your choice. You cannot pour the e-juice directly over the chamber. Instead you will have to use the syringe or the dropper to carefully shift the e-juice from the bottle into the chamber. You have to fill it slowly to avoid spillage and overfilling. If you are planning on overfilling it to make sure it lasts longer, you have to think again because its not the right decision. If you overfill it, you won’t be able to get the right flavor because it will be poor performance with leakages. Usually, if you fill it up to 1 to 2 ml, it will be more than enough. 


Once you are satisfied with the filling, you can now reassemble the parts back into their place to make it one whole piece again. You have to carefully place the cotton wick in its place. While doing so, you have to make sure that the cotton wick is properly aligned and it completely covers the chamber as it did in its original place before it was taken out. You can now cover the mouthpiece again and it will be ready to go. 


When the coil is dry and isn’t saturated in e-juice, it leads to dry hits that are irritating for users. In order to avoid that, you have to prime your coil. For that, you need to let the coil saturate in the e-juice. You have to give some time to vape for the e-juice to completely cover the coil and merge into it. If you don’t do that, the first experience with your refilled vape will be bad. 


The final step is to test and see whether your vape is working fine or not. You have to take a few puffs to decide and to answer that question. If you think that there isn’t enough vapor production or the flavor you are experiencing is quite off, you have to disassemble the vape once again. It’s done to inspect the insides and to see if the coil is saturated and the cotton wick is in place. 


You have the disposable vape with you but you are now running out of e-juice. Can you refill it? Yes you can because some are made to be refilled. You need to use a screwdriver to open the mouthpiece and then you have to take out the cotton wick to fill the e-juice in chamber with a dropper. Be slow and ne patient with the process because if you don’t, you would not be able to receive the desired results. You cannot refill the disposable vape again and again that has not be designed in that way because once their battery is gone, you cannot recharge it. 

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What is A Disposable Vape; A Comprehensive Guide For You

Previously people were so obsessed with smoking traditional cigarettes. As times change, people’s interest also change. People are now more concerned about their health. Some even want to quit there traditional smoking habits. So they are now looking towards more or less healthier alternatives. Vaping has now become popular among the healthier options. People think that they can shift to vaping to quit their smoking habits. People find it easier in transitioning from smoking to vaping to curb their nicotine cravings. However some people still do not know what is a disposable vape. In this comprehensive guide you will learn all about the disposable vapes in today’s world. Let’s read to know more about them!

What is A Disposable Vape; Defining A Disposable Vape 

what is a disposable vape defining a disposable vape

Unlike a traditional cigarette a disposable vape is an e-cigarette. As the name suggests, it is disposable in nature. By that it means that it has been built for a single use purpose and has to be discarded once it is empty. You do not have to maintain or a clean or refill it to be used again. You can buy a new one with a new flavour and enjoy a broad range of flavours available in the market. They have been built to provide convenience and efficiency to its users. People do not smoke other harmful substances like tar and toxins mostly the carcinogens that are usually present in the traditional cigarettes when they shift to vaping. That is why e-cigarettes are considered healthier option as compared to cigarettes. 

Components of A Disposable Vape 

components of a disposable vape

A disposable vape has different parts of components. It has battery, an e-liquid cartridge, atomizer and a mouth piece. We need something to power the device and battery provides that power. As the disposable vapes have to be discarded off therefore the battery cannot be recharged. 



Disposable vapes are available in a broad range of flavours. These have been made to cater the needs of different users. Some prefer fruity flavours whereas others need more basic or fresh flavours like menthol or mint. Therefore a broad range of flavours are available so that users can choose as per their preference. With time and advancements the people need change in their favours too as their tastes are changing. Now they need a mixture of fruits and desserts and even beverages. Therefore as you enter into a vape market you see a broad range of flavours that you didn’t even imagine exist. Everyone has their own taste therefore they must choose only the one they think they can enjoy. If you are new to vaping, you can shift from one flavor to another as you are using a disposable vape so you can always choose to get a new flavor when you go out to buy another one. 

How Disposable Vapes Work 

how disposable vapes work

Unlike traditional cigarettes they do not burn the components inside. Instead they heat up the liquid they carry and vaporize it. The vapour which is created is inhaled by the users. Some vapes have a switch or a button to activate them. Others only need a puff to activate. They have a draw activated mechanism. Once the vape is activated, it will start heating up the E liquid by it will start heating up the E liquid using the coil inside. The coil is actually the heating element which heats up the liquid. They became popular because there convenient and easy to use. Their simplicity is what attracts the users. 

Benefits of Disposable Vapes

The first and the most important benefit which the disposable vapes provide is their convenience to users. Unlike the refillable and rechargeable vapes, the disposable vapes do not require any maintenance. They are ready to be used out of the package once they have been bought by the user. The users do not have to worry about their maintenance because they have to be discarded once they have been emptied. The second benefit is there portability. They are small, compact and lightweight which the users can carry anywhere they go. They can be put inside the pockets or the handbags. 

You do not have to worry about assembling them before using as they have to be activated on a single draw and you will enjoy the vaping journey on your own. Apart from that they also provide a wide range of variety in flavours. If you want a simple basic menthol flavor you will get it however if you are interested in fruity or dessert based flavours you will find them too. Another attractive feature or benefit which they provide is their cost effectiveness  for the users. They are cheaper and they can be replaced with change in taste. For instance if a user is fed up of using the same flavour of mint, they can shift to fruity flavours as the process is much cheaper. 


Disposable vapes are now in trend because they are convenient and easy to be used. Unlike traditional cigarettes they are much healthier as they do not have carcinogens in them. They have different compartments like battery, atomizer and mouthpiece. They are compact and convenient for users. If users get bored with their flavours they can also shift to a new one as it is cost effective. The process of shifting to a new one is much cheaper as compared to the maintenance of a regular vape. They are portable so people can take them anywhere as it fits in their bag or pocket. When it comes to shifting towards a healthier option vaping is a good choice. It only provides nicotine with flavourings instead of the 50 carcinogens that are present in traditional cigarettes. Shift to vaping and enjoy the journey of smooth nicotine hits.

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How To Clean Your Vape Coil; A Complete Guide For You

If you keep on using your vape without worrying about your coil and its hygiene, what will happen? Yes! You are thinking the right thing. It will not only wear out your coil but can also lead to many health issues. Cleaning your vape coil is necessary for many reasons. In most of the cases it is shown that not cleaning vape coils arises issues like a different and burnt taste and flavour of vape. On the other hand, cleaning your coil at least once a month is necessary to make sure there aren’t any residual build-ups inside. If you are a heavy vape user, it is highly suggested that you should make sure to clean it once a week and check it daily if it needs any further or frequent cleaning. If you do not care about its cleaning, it may lead to hygienic problems and your device might face issues too. It can burn your coil and you will have to get a new replacement. But many people do not know how to clean your vape coil and they require guidance, in this comprehensive guide, you will learn all that you need to make sure your vape coil is clean. Let’s read!

How To Clean Your Vape Coil; Deep Cleansing with Alcohol 

how to clean your vape coil deep cleansing with alcohol

In some cases, like the vape devices that are frequently used for longer sessions, their coils need deep cleaning as it has been mentioned earlier. For such purposes rubbing alcohol is used. You have to submerge your coil in vinegar or rubbing alcohol. You have to leave it for sometime so that it starts to degrade its residues. After soaking for hours, you will observe that your coil is now clean. You have to make sure it’s completely dried before you place it back into your vape. Not drying your coil completely will result in serious incidents as it was dipped in alcohol and is a fire catching substance. You need to make sure coil is dried completely for your safety. As we talk of safety, a wet coil may lead to explosion too. It can also face malfunctioning. Besides that, a wet coil may end up in corrosion as it had moisture in it which was not dried up. The moisture will react and lead to corrosion on coil and other parts eventually. It will reduce the longevity of device. 

Dry Burning

dry burning

What if you are out of alcohol? Some users are allergic to alcohol as well. For such people dry burning is a very effective method which they can use to clean their vape coil. Dry burning is what helps to clean the coil completely. First, you have to heat your coil at a high temperature. Make sure it turns completely red. This will help in burning of residues on the coil. Once you think the junk and dirt has left the coil you can top the fire on the device. Now you have to wait for it to return to normal temperature before you can gently place the coil back from where it was removed. Beware not to heat coil for way too long. Heating coil for too long may damage the coil. It will lose its structure and may not work properly. If you heat it that way and put it back in device, it will end up not giving best results.

Ultrasonic Vape Coil Cleaner 

ultrasonic vape coil cleaner

In stores, there are many devices available for cleaning the coils of vape. Ultrasonic cleaner is a device used for that purpose. These devices come with vape solutions specifically designed for such jobs. You have to start off with removing parts of vape, you have to make sure to be gentle. Do not damage any part of it. First, rinse coil normally with running water. Now, fill the ultrasonic device with the liquid that is specifically made for this purpose. A small amount of dish wash soap liquid can be added too. This will help in better cleaning and enhance the process. Now place the coil in that device and leave it there for it to clean. The ultrasonic waves may make some bubbles in liquid. It is a sign that the coil is being cleaned. After completing this cycle make sure to rinse again. Now dry with soft cloth and be careful because it can also damage the coil if it’s done so fast. Make sure to rinse the container too and remove leftover residue from it. Place the coil back into the vape. 

Benefits of Coil Cleaning

benefits of coil cleaning

You can enjoy many benefits by cleaning your vape coil such as having an enhanced flavour. A dirty coil fills up with dirt and doesn’t let the flavour feel the same way as it used to be. With cleaning your coil, you won’t need coil replacements on monthly basis. Cleaning your vape coils increases their life span accordingly. You might skip a day or a week without cleaning and you won’t face a problem. There won’t be any build-up gunk problems. There will be enhanced battery life. It won’t take much effort for puffs and less battery will be used. Clean coils run smoothly, and give excellent vaping experience. There are people who have faced issues of device heating up mainly because of not cleaning coils. 

Disadvantages of Not Cleaning Vape Coil

disadvantages of not cleaning vape coil

Not cleaning your vape coil from time to time may end up in harsh throat hits and may also lead to damage of your lungs. The coils are filled with gunk that leads to an increase in its maintenance. Dirty coils also cause impaired airflows and affect the flavour. This might end up in serious malfunctioning of device along with health issues. It can also damage your device and it might catch fire eventually. You will face difficulty in tasting e-juice present in your device as all you will receive is a burn taste in mouth. 


In conclusion, there are many ways to clean your coils such as dry burning and alcohol soaking etc. These methods are essential for deep cleaning of coils and also give a longer battery life as well as device life. There is less risk of malfunctioning with regular cleaning. It helps in saving money by avoiding coil replacements. There are devices present for cleaning purposes too like ultrasonic cleaners. Cleaning method depends varies from person to person and from device to device. If someone is heavy vape user, they might need more cleaning than others. Cleaning coils improves everything about vape device and also gives a huge financial benefit to user as well.

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